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Imágenes de encabezado de blog

Diseñe imágenes de encabezado de blog llamativas

It might be stating the obvious, but a high standard of writing is the single most important factor when creating compelling blogs. However, a way with words is not the be all and end all. How a blog is presented and promoted has a huge impact on its success. With Design Wizard, you can create beautiful blog header designs that will set you and your writing apart from the crowd.

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Un aspecto importante de un encabezado de blog design is that they contain the blog title. But, whether your blog header design is type-centric, illustrative, realistic, abstract or minimalist should be down to the style of the author or brand.

One popular blog header design trend is hand-drawn style illustrations. We have thousands of graphics, patterned backgrounds, borders and frames that will suit every type of blog, from sweet and feminine to bold, clean and contemporary. Combining illustrations with realistic photographs can also give amazing results.

Wallpaper style blog header designs look brilliant as backdrops for text. You can add vignettes and colored panels and then adjust their opacity to make sure that the words pop. For more inspiration, browse through our professionally-curated templates and choose one that you can put your stamp on.

El auge de los blogueros

Es casi imposible dar una cifra exacta de cuántos blogs activos hay en Internet. Pero no deje que el mercado abarrotado lo abrume, hay mucho espacio en Internet para blogs relevantes y bien escritos.

We have a wide variety of different fonts to choose from and this number is growing every week. For a blog header design, the words should be clear and easy to read. If your brand will benefit from a swirly cursive then just make sure that it is legible. A sensible rule is to balance a fancy font with a simpler one for the rest of the text.

¿Cómo diseñar diseños de cabecera de blog en 4 sencillos pasos?

1. Seleccione el fondo del encabezado de su blog entre más de 15 000 plantillas listas para usar.

2. Seleccione una de más de 1.200.000 imágenes o cargue su propia imagen.

3. Cambie el color y el texto de su propio mensaje de marca utilizando más de 100 fuentes nuevas.

4. Comparta o descargue su propio diseño de encabezado de blog completamente nuevo.