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  • Effective Advertising Techniques for Small Businesses in 2022
    Effective Advertising Techniques for Small Businesses in 2022

    Discover effective advertising techniques to help grow your small business. To invest your advertising budget wisely, make sure you’re clear about your brand identity and who you’re going to target with your campaigns. 

    Research and narrow down your audience. Particularly as a small business you can’t cater to everyone but need to find your niche. Have clearly defined goals ready to get started on looking at ways how to best advertise to your target audience. Test different techniques to find out what works well for your type of business. 

    Explore our options below to get started on a plan to promote your small business. Learn how to create engaging ad designs in just a few steps with Design Wizard templates. Test and tweak designs quickly to see what works best with your target audience.

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  • Top 15 Marketing Trends to Grow Your Business
    Top 15 Marketing Trends to Grow Your Business

    Find out about the latest marketing trends to keep your campaigns on track and explore new ways to grow your business. Find out what you need to brush up on to cater to a growing Gen Z audience, who drive the increasing importance of customer demand on brands to show specific actions on what they contribute to society and the environment.

    In 2022, we’ll continue to see the impact of the pandemic on online shopping, as social media platforms gear up to expand their shopping capabilities. More than ever, understanding your audience is key to delivering on-trend and relevant content. 

    Discover what’s trending and use our insights to review your current marketing strategy. Consider investing in different areas of marketing to keep up with the latest developments and discover how you can grow with the help of technological advances in AI and automation.

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  • 12 Visual Examples of Brand Guidelines to Fuel Your Inspiration
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    Nailing down brand guidelines for your business is not an easy task. To support your decision-making process, we put together this list of components that make up a brand identity. And to give you a better idea of how to use these for your own business, we added visual examples of how guidelines can be applied.

    Learn how to craft consistent and specific guidelines to ensure you convey your brand messaging correctly across all teams and channels. Show your company’s personality through your logo, color palette, images, typography, voice, and tell your brand story to build trust.

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  • Developing A Unique Brand Identity: The 11-Step Guide
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    Your brand identity is the essence of who you are. Many interchange the word brand with the logo. And while there are some intersections, a logo is merely a symbol of the business. The brand is so much more. When talking about brand identity, we are talking about who you are, what values you stand behind, and what the overall personality of your company is. If you want to learn a little more about branding, check out our blog delves deep into what exactly branding is.

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  • How to Design a Logo in 6 Simple Steps with Design Wizard
    How to Design a Logo in 6 Simple Steps with Design Wizard

    Are you on a mission to define your brand and want it to be recognizably your business? A crucial part of that recognition is your logo. It’s what your customers see first. Understanding how to design a logo is a valuable skill to have. Thankfully, if you want to design a logo yourself, use overly complicated software.

    Usually, a symbol made up of text and images, your brand logo serves as an identification for your customers. It’s like a signature on your products, your website, and your social media. It conveys who you are and what your business does best.

    Hiring a graphic designer is time-consuming and expensive but creating a custom professional logo doesn’t have to be. We show you six simple steps how to design a logo that grabs new customers’ attention, celebrates your uniqueness, and fosters brand loyalty.

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  • Social Media Branding: The Ultimate Guide
    Social Media Branding: The Ultimate Guide

    Your marketing plan should without question have a comprehensive social media branding component. Generating brand awareness and getting your message across to your target audience is becoming more and more about your ability to integrate a social media strategy. And not just any social media strategy, but one that is cohesive and consistent. That is to say, regardless of social media platform, your brand voice and messaging need to align with an overall branding strategy.

    So what does this social media branding strategy look like? It really begins by first defining your brand—all elements of your brand: your voice, your visual identity, your message, and your value proposition. When taken together, all of these things represent your personal brand essence

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