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  • How to Optimize Your Instagram Bio to Boost Your Following
    How to Optimize Your Instagram Bio to Boost Your Following

    Discover how you can turn your average Instagram bio into a top-performing profile for your personal brand or business. In the fast-paced and visual world of the social media platform, it takes creativity and personalization to stand out and show what’s unique about you.

    You only get a small space on your profile and a quick glance from Insta users to convey who you are and what you do. That’s why you need to be clever and creative to make your profile enticing enough for people to want to click that follow button or explore more through a link in your bio.

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  • The Best Fonts for Logos | 53 Great Logo Font Ideas
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    Finding the best fonts for logos can be a tricky task. A font can change the entire look of the logo as the typography you use ultimately determines the personality of your branded logo. There are thousands of fonts out there, but only a select few are a cut above the rest.

    So, what is the best font for a logo you are designing? Through trial and error, you’ll often know that the font is perfect for a logo when you see the finished article, but getting to that stage is sometimes very difficult.

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  • 80 Eye-Catching Color Combinations For 2021
    80 Eye-Catching Color Combinations For 2021 title on colorful puzzle pieces

    Browse our color combinations to step up your creative game and reap the rewards. Knowing what colors go together is a skill in itself and it can have a positive impact on all areas of your life. Once you gain an understanding of what different colors mean and the theory of color, you’ll see how they can influence perceptions. You can then use this to your advantage for personal or business use. 

    If you want to make your audience feel something, color can help to achieve this. It remains the same whether you are choosing colors for a flyer, a photograph, a business card design, and choosing the perfect color combination for a logo or your website. Choosing the right color scheme for your brand or website is as important as selecting the right font for your logo design or ensuring you have a captivating brand name.

    Looking for places to manage your color combinations? Eagle is here to help! Eagle is a desktop productivity tool that enables a powerful organizing system for all types of design files. It can add tagsratings, and even color-search to help you quickly find a specific file or color palette inpiration among thousands without getting lost! Try Eagle and start a new design journey.

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  • 12 Visual Examples of Brand Guidelines to Fuel Your Inspiration
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    Nailing down brand guidelines for your business is not an easy task. To support your decision-making process, we put together this list of components that make up a brand identity. And to give you a better idea of how to use these for your own business, we added visual examples of how guidelines can be applied.

    Learn how to craft consistent and specific guidelines to ensure you convey your brand messaging correctly across all teams and channels. Show your company’s personality through your logo, color palette, images, typography, voice, and tell your brand story to build trust.

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  • Developing A Unique Brand Identity: The 11-Step Guide
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    Your brand identity is the essence of who you are. Many interchange the word brand with the logo. And while there are some intersections, a logo is merely a symbol of the business. The brand is so much more. When talking about brand identity, we are talking about who you are, what values you stand behind, and what the overall personality of your company is. If you want to learn a little more about branding, check out our blog delves deep into what exactly branding is.

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  • How to Create TikTok Ads Like a Pro
    How to Create TikTok Ads Like a Pro

    TikTok was the most downloaded app in 2020, but what is it exactly, why has it become so popular, and how can you create TikTok ads like a pro for your business? 

    TikTok is a social media app for creating and sharing videos with the community. It evolved out of Musical.ly, which was acquired by ByteDance in 2017, and a year later turned into the application we know today.

    Users can select sound effects and music snippets from a vast library, add filters to short clips of them dancing and lip-syncing, or engage with other users and perform a duet via a response video.

    The creative and comedic freedom TikTok provides as well as the online space it opened to cheer us all up, when we were confined to our homes, quickly made the app incredibly popular last year. 

    One of their popularity secrets is TikTok’s unique algorithm that curates content for the discovery feed or For You page. It’s geared towards showing you videos around a topic that you’d frequently watch and makes connections between different videos that the same users look at.

    Another key to TikTok’s huge following is the viral videos and trends they produce with dance challenges and their audio system. Any song that users upload can be used and lip-synched by anyone else in the community creating endless possibilities for video content.

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  • How to Design a Logo in 6 Simple Steps with Design Wizard
    How to Design a Logo in 6 Simple Steps with Design Wizard

    Are you on a mission to define your brand and want it to be recognizably your business? A crucial part of that recognition is your logo. It’s what your customers see first. Understanding how to design a logo is a valuable skill to have. Thankfully, if you want to design a logo yourself, use overly complicated software.

    Usually, a symbol made up of text and images, your brand logo serves as an identification for your customers. It’s like a signature on your products, your website, and your social media. It conveys who you are and what your business does best.

    Hiring a graphic designer is time-consuming and expensive but creating a custom professional logo doesn’t have to be. We show you six simple steps how to design a logo that grabs new customers’ attention, celebrates your uniqueness, and fosters brand loyalty.

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  • 15 Brilliant Beer Logo Ideas for Your Beer & Brewery
    15 Brilliant Beer Logo Ideas for Your Beer & Brewery

    Beer logos are the face of your beer and brewery. Having a logo that matches your beer is crucial to developing your brand and speaking to your audience. In this post, we will take you through various beer logo ideas that can help you craft a crafty logo for your brewery.

    The history of beer is almost as long as the history of civilisation. Knowing that beer is one of the oldest drinks produced by humans, there’s little surprise that beer art is old as well. People have enjoyed cold beers and cosy breweries for thousands of years. But in the modern half-trillion dollar global beer market, standing out is important. Now beer production is thriving, beer logos have become incredibly important.

    If you run a microbrewery or just a generally young beer business, your logo is the first impression for would-be drinkers. If you’re making craft beer, you’re offering a specialty item requiring a specialty logo. The only issue is that while craft beer is special, it’s no longer unique.

    Just as crafting tasty beers has become an art, so has the branding of beers. A brewery will usually put a lot of time and consideration into not only what the beer will taste like, but what the beer will look like. Have a visually appealing beer on offer is half the battle. The other half is creating a tasty beer that people will come back for.

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  • The Importance of Brand Awareness: Strategies for 2021
    The Importance of Brand Awareness: Strategies for 2021
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  • Restaurant Branding Ideas: Your Go-to Guide
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    There are around 15 million restaurants in the world, hence, restaurant branding is a must! But there are also plenty of other establishments that serve food as well. As you can imagine, the variety of restaurants, even in your local area, is quite large. Customers have more options than ever about where they will go to eat out. So, why would they choose YOUR restaurant?

    There are obvious reasons why some restaurants do better than others. Good food at reasonable prices is always a must for restaurants. But plenty of restaurants that serve great food go bankrupt.

    Some restaurants make food that isn’t exceptional. Yet they manage to succeed and become the chains and franchises that customers continue going to for years. What is their secret?

    The key is your restaurant’s brand. The brand a restaurant creates for itself can take it places that its owners never thought possible. In today’s hyper-competitive world, you need to take good care of your restaurant’s brand just to be noticed.

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