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  • How to Create Facebook Video Ads that Convert with Design Wizard
    How to Create Facebook Video Ads that Convert with Design Wizard

    Explore how you can design Facebook video ads in just a few simple steps with Design Wizard and learn best practices to build a successful campaign. See how easy it can be and get an overview of how to set up your video ads in Ads Manager.

    Facebook keeps hold of its position among the most used social media platforms around the world. This makes it highly likely that a good portion of your target audience has an account providing you with a powerful advertising channel. Facebook has become an efficient advertising tool over the years by offering marketers the ability to fine-tune audiences and show relevant ads to interested customers.

    As more and more businesses have started advertising on the social media network, it’s become harder to stand out. Image ads are often not enough but eye-catching videos are an effective way to stop users from scrolling and hook them in a simple and quick way that entices them to take action. 

    Here’s how you can get started and increase brand awareness and conversions with a Facebook video ad campaign today:

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  • Facebook Marketing in 2021 | A Guide for Your Business Strategy
    Facebook Marketing in 2021  A Guide for Your Business Strategy

    Learn from our Facebook marketing tips and take the plunge into effective social media marketing to grow your business. Browse our expert advice on organic efforts to increase engagement, Facebook ads to boost sales, insights to measure metrics, and tools to help you be more efficient.

    Even though other social media platforms have sprung up over the years, Facebook is still going strong and a profitable opportunity to integrate into your marketing strategy. A good mix of organic and paid efforts should be the foundation of your plan to create campaigns that drive brand awareness and increase return on investment. Keep up to date with trends and algorithm changes and use the data from Insights and Business Manager wisely to tweak your campaigns. 

    If you want to find out if Facebook marketing should be part of your business strategy, check out our guide below.

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  • 101 Amazing Facebook Post Ideas | Business
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    The growth in social media in recent years has spawned many success stories of businesses that were built entirely off the back of a single post on Facebook. Hence, why more and more people are looking for Facebook post ideas for business.

    In the early days, savvy marketers figured out what to post on Facebook and engage with their audience. Whether fun Facebook posts, educational, or entertaining, the platform really made customers feel closer to businesses, helping them find amazing deals and really leveled the playing field for businesses big and small.

    But then as Facebook grew (and more importantly, floated on the stock exchange), they realized what a powerful platform they had created, deciding that if businesses wanted to continue to use Facebook to generate new customers, they would have to be willing to pay to play.

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  • 20 Top Marketers Share Their Best Social Media Campaigns
    20 Top Marketers Share Their Best Social Media Campaigns

    Anyone who’s ever tried to generate leads through social media campaigns knows how tough it can be. There are so many factors to take into consideration.

    The launch, the platform, content, SEO, social media marketing tools, your budget. The list goes on…

    Even if you get all this right, your social media campaign could still fall flat on its face.

    Ultimately, you must know exactly what your goals are and create the most effective strategy to accomplish them.

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