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  • 11 Elements of Design and How to Use Them
    11 Elements of Design and How to Use Them

    Elements of design are the parts of your work of art that you arrange and craft to create visually pleasing designs. It’s important to be aware of how these basic principles work together to find your way towards stunning designs more easily. 

    Use elements of design principles to guide you and to understand how design works but don’t see them as a strict set of rules. Good design still requires creativity, which means that rules can be bent or broken. 

    Even if you’re not a graphic designer, it’s important to have a good grasp of these principles. Whether you’re creating display ads, a logo for your business, or a sales brochure, create engaging and more impactful graphics that draw customers in by using elements of design.

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  • How to Make a Collage | An Inspirational Guide
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    Have some creative ideas but not sure how to make a collage to express them visually? Our inspirational guide will give you ideas for beautiful collages for any purpose and help you craft stunning designs in Design Wizard. 

    In business, there are several occasions when you want to reach for the collage format to present ideas and products. A well-designed product collage grabs user’s attention on social channels. 

    When brainstorming your brand design, creating a collage can help you arrange your ideas visually. Or you could put images and text together in an easy-to-understand way to represent your business roadmap for the rest of the team.

    Collages are fun to create and make an ideal gift for your loved ones. It’s about displaying your memories in a creative way. You could create a collage of your honeymoon for an anniversary or put together your favorite photos of you and your best friend for a birthday gift.

    Or just get creative and make your own piece of art. There are no limits as you play around with images, icons, text, and colors.

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  • Business Card Size Guide (+10 Business Card Templates)
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    A business card is part of your overall brand. So guiding the business card’s size right is important. There is no one exact answer for the perfect business cards and design are. The perfect business card size depends on your business and how you want to portray yourself. Nowadays it’s okay to stray from the same old same old as far as that traditional rectangular shape. Business cards today often do take a walk on the wild side, in a manner of speaking. Get adventurous. Be bold with your business cards. This is what you give someone by way of a “keepsake” of you; so how do you want them to remember you? Here we offer a business card size guide

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  • Graphic Design Trends: Predictions for 2021
    Graphic Design Trends: Predictions for 2021

    Graphic design trends are always a hot topic at the beginning and end of each year. “What were our favorite graphic design trends of the year just gone?” and “what will they be next year?” It would seem that less is going to be more in 2021. As far as graphic design trends go, many are pointing to the reemergence of the simplistic, the minimalistic, and the understated. While certainly not all graphic trends will follow this path, a number of them definitely will. From color palettes to typography and everything in between, one thing is for sure, the design trend possibilities for the upcoming year really do stretch boundaries in many key ways.

    Why this shift away from bigger and bolder, to quieter and muted? Perhaps because of what the world has gone through and is still going through. People are gravitating toward that which is soothing, that which calms. Design in many ways reacts to life moments. 2020 presented us with one heck of a life moment. And graphic design as a career path is poised to respond accordingly.

    In this upcoming year, graphic design has the opportunity to tell a story. And in telling a story, it can without question bring a sense of reassurance to the world at large. In this article, we will explore 12 graphic design trends that are going to have a major impact in 2021.

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  • Types of Graphic Design: The 8 Most Common
    Types of Graphic Design: The 8 Most Common

    There are many different types of graphic design. This post will aim to highlight 8 of the most common types of graphic design and describe them in detail.

    We live in a visual culture that is now being combined with the technological advances we are seeing today. While there are a number of different types of graphic design, they all have certain elements and components that the graphic designer will try to adhere to. Utilizing good design elements and practices not only enhance web design, marketing materials, mobile app design, and social media posts, but in some cases, graphic design stands as the central focus of such pieces.

    Whether you are doing creative design, corporate design, billboards, digital publishing, or print design, most graphic designers tend to adhere to the 5 key graphic design components. The 8 types of graphic design discussed in this article certainly benefit from the following five elements discussed below.

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  • 25 Examples of Exceptional Packaging Design
    25 Examples of Exceptional Packaging Design

    Package design, exceptional packaging design that is, does two key things: it draws a consumer’s attention to it and ultimately in and of itself, it closes the deal. Certainly, when shopping, a buyer does approach the process with an idea already of what they intend to purchase. However, a unique and attractive package design really can persuade that person otherwise. According to a 2018 survey, it was found that nearly 70% of purchases are in fact influenced by the packaging. This obviously is no small number; which is why design is so critical. 

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  • 50 Important Graphic Design Terms To Learn in 2021
    50 Important Graphic Design Terms To Learn in 2021

    You may think graphic design is a whole new world but in reality, it’s been around for years. It even has developed a language of its own.

    If you’re not in the industry don’t worry, I know these terms may be confusing. For instance, terms like kerning, bowl, creep, and many more might make no sense to you while talking to a designer, but these are the widely used graphic design terms. 

    Whether you are new in the field of graphic design or aspiring to level up your knowledge, this post is going to help you out! Here we have come up with a list of the top 50 commonly used graphic design terms.

    Take a quick look to enhance your graphic design vocabulary

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  • 50 Cool Designs That You Can Easily Personalise
    50 Cool Designs That You Can Easily Personalise

    Creating cool designs with no design experience can be a difficult task. Not many beginners have the midas touch of a graphic design pro.

    However, a great template can make things a whole lot easier for you.

    A template does most of the work for you, so all you’ll have to do is personalise the design.

    That’s why we’ve made a list of 50 cool design templates that you can quickly personalise for a variety of purposes.

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  • Modern Graphic Design | 70 Great Examples
    Modern Graphic Design  70 Great Examples

    Modern graphic design has underwent a substantial amount of change to reach its present day form. In graphic design, old trends disappear, sometimes as quick as they arrive, and new ideas soon take their place. And so the cycle continues.

    That said, modern graphic design takes inspiration from a lot of styles from years gone by. For example, minimalism is still as popular today as it was in its 1960s heyday, but it has taken on new forms.

    Focusing on the 21st century, we’ve taken a look at 70 of the best examples of modern graphic design. We examine how their designers were inspired by modern graphic design trends and look at the way they wove these styles into their work.

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  • Color Theory: The Science and Art of Using Color
    Color Theory: The Science and Art of Using Color

    Color theory is a set of rules that combines creativity and science. Color theory sets the fundamental guidelines around color combinations and harmony. Designers and artists rely on color theory to make the correct choices for their projects but they are not the only ones who use it. Most people unknowingly make everyday decisions based on color theory and color harmony. Understanding the guidelines of color theory can help you in so many areas of life, from your business to your clothes.

    So whether you’ve come to the sudden realization your pants and shirt you’ve been wearing regularly for the past 3 years clash, and look hideous, and your wardrobe needs a serious revamp, or you are looking to design a high-end website or logo for your new business, this article may be of use to you.

    Before we delve deep into the rainbow, and world of color and combinations, it’s important to understand that overuse of color can be detrimental to any design or style if used incorrectly or carelessly. This article will try to steer you in the right direction to minimize the chances of that happening.

    In fact, minimal design is becoming increasingly popular in the online world of design, and using color theory is still as important as ever before in order to get it right. Incorporating minimal design, or minimalistic ux design into your website combined with the right understanding of color theory can result in you hitting the nail of the head and giving delightful experience to any visitor who happens upon your site.

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