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  • 20 Excellent Restaurant Marketing Ideas to Market your Restaurant
    20 Excellent Restaurant Marketing Ideas to Market your Restaurant

    Get ready for a full house!

    The restaurant business can be tough at the best of times. Now, when restaurants are struggling to make ends meet due to recurring restrictions, standing out from the crowd is more important than ever. So, how do you market your restaurant locally in order to ramp up business? What is the best online social media strategy for restaurant marketing? And ultimately, how do you bring customers in and increase those food orders? Below we look at 20 creative restaurant marketing ideas that you can integrate into your overall strategy as you work to stay a step ahead of the competition.

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  • The Perfect YouTube Thumbnail Size (+Templates)
    The Perfect YouTube Thumbnail Size (+Templates)

    If you’re asking what the ideas youtube thumbnail size is, you’re probably scanning the web wondering, “How can I increase my Youtube views and subscribers?” Most likely you’ve come to understand that Youtube thumbnails can work magic on increasing your video clicks, engagement, and, ultimately, subscribers.

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  • 25 Best Facebook Tools For 2021
    25 Best Facebook Tools For 2021
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  • 20 Top Marketers Share Their Best Social Media Campaigns
    20 Top Marketers Share Their Best Social Media Campaigns

    Anyone who’s ever tried to generate leads through social media campaigns knows how tough it can be. There are so many factors to take into consideration.

    The launch, the platform, content, SEO, social media marketing tools, your budget. The list goes on…

    Even if you get all this right, your social media campaign could still fall flat on its face.

    Ultimately, you must know exactly what your goals are and create the most effective strategy to accomplish them.

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  • How to use Facebook Instant Experience Ads
    How to use Facebook Instant Experience Ads

    Let’s talk about mobile ads for a minute, shall we? Or more specifically, Facebook mobile ads. Mobile is king for content, so it’s important to think of the ways you can optimize your use of Facebook.

    Ideally, you want to increase conversions and create customer loyalty. To do this effectively, you better take note of Facebook Instant Experience.

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  • Color Theory: The Science and Art of Using Color
    Color Theory: The Science and Art of Using Color

    Color theory is a set of rules that combines creativity and science. Color theory sets the fundamental guidelines around color combinations and harmony. Designers and artists rely on color theory to make the correct choices for their projects but they are not the only ones who use it. Most people unknowingly make everyday decisions based on color theory and color harmony. Understanding the guidelines of color theory can help you in so many areas of life, from your business to your clothes.

    So whether you’ve come to the sudden realization your pants and shirt you’ve been wearing regularly for the past 3 years clash, and look hideous, and your wardrobe needs a serious revamp, or you are looking to design a high-end website or logo for your new business, this article may be of use to you.

    Before we delve deep into the rainbow, and world of color and combinations, it’s important to understand that overuse of color can be detrimental to any design or style if used incorrectly or carelessly. This article will try to steer you in the right direction to minimize the chances of that happening.

    In fact, minimal design is becoming increasingly popular in the online world of design, and using color theory is still as important as ever before in order to get it right. Incorporating minimal design, or minimalistic ux design into your website combined with the right understanding of color theory can result in you hitting the nail of the head and giving delightful experience to any visitor who happens upon your site.

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  • Blog Image 101 - The most effective image tips to help your post stand out
    Blog Image 101 - The most effective image tips to help your post stand out

    Before we go through everything you need to know about blog images, it’s worth taking a look at a brief history of blogging.

    Blogging began to gain popularity during the early noughties and truly exploded with the rise of content marketing. Since then, blogging has completely changed the way we create content and communicate online. Today starting a blog or website is a matter of hours even for complete beginners.

    Originally bloggers were everyday folk who mused, ranted and raved about topics that were important to them. But businesses soon followed suit when they realised the value of sharing their expertise and knowledge. These days, companies who blog receive approximately 97% more inbound links than those who don’t. Blogging businesses also have an average 126% increase in lead generation. The bottom line is: including professional visuals positively affects traffic, responses, and retention. Images also make the blog more memorable and easier to find.

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  • 50 Social Media Marketing Tips to Help Launch Your Business
    50 Social Media Marketing Tips to Help Launch Your Business

    Chances are, that if you’re reading this piece, you are one of the 3.484 billion social media users living in the world today. Given that the estimated total population of the world is about 7.7 billion, that’s a pretty amazing statistic.

    Whether your dealings with social media are purely on a personal basis or you run the social media accounts for a major multinational, social media works the same regardless in that it’s primary purpose is to close the geographical distance between us and create an online connection with those whom we choose to connect with.

    Social media marketing is a relatively new phenomenon when compared to more traditional forms of marketing but it has quickly become a leading focus for business owners of all sizes when it comes to getting their product or service in front of the right set of eyes.

    This is article, we’ve put together all of the best social media tips the internet and its experts have to offer and sectioned them neatly into categories to suit businesses, or indeed individual influencers, of all shapes and sizes.

    From social media tips for beginners to the industry’s hottest trends to look out for in the coming year, with the help of our social media marketing tips, you’re sure to find exactly what you need to get your online presence on the best possible path towards your ultimate social media success.

    So let’s get stuck in!

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  • Crucial Considerations When Drafting a Social Media Content Calendar
    Crucial Considerations When Drafting a Social Media Content Calendar

    There is nothing quite as difficult and time-consuming as trying to come up with showstopping, unique content. What’s can quickly become even more time-consuming is trying to figure out the best strategy to market your content, and how often to release it.

    In hindsight, not many people would have anticipated the reach of social media as a means to effective marketing twenty years ago, but with a current standing of almost 3.5 billion users, it’s safe to say that if you have already, it’s time to re-evaluate your social media marketing strategy.

    Before delving head first into how to plan your content calendar, let’s first take a look at some stats from Impact that will help to contextualize just how effective social media can be to your marketing efforts if you use it correctly.

    • Up to 70% of customers who enjoy your products, or have had a good experience with your brand on social media are likely to recommend you to their friends and followers – 70%!
    • Social media users spend up to 69% of their time on smartphones with most of this time is spent on social media platforms.
    • Visual and video content accounts for up to 80% of all shared content on social media, while most other forms of content are mostly shared on other platforms like email or SMS.
    • Almost 65% of users expect operational customer service from companies on their social media pages.
    • Up to 90% of customers have tried to reach brands through social media at some point!

    The idea behind all these stats is to put things in perspective, as well as to make brands understand that the possibilities on social media are limitless! Which is why planning your content strategy out carefully is crucial if you want to establish online success.

    That’s where the social media marketing calendar comes in.

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  • How to get YouTube Verified in 6 Simple Steps
    design wizard default placeholder

    YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform in the world and in the last 10 years, it has become a good source of profit for new and aspiring video content creators.

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