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  • Top 15 Marketing Trends to Grow Your Business
    Top 15 Marketing Trends to Grow Your Business

    Find out about the latest marketing trends to keep your campaigns on track and explore new ways to grow your business. Find out what you need to brush up on to cater to a growing Gen Z audience, who drive the increasing importance of customer demand on brands to show specific actions on what they contribute to society and the environment.

    In 2022, we’ll continue to see the impact of the pandemic on online shopping, as social media platforms gear up to expand their shopping capabilities. More than ever, understanding your audience is key to delivering on-trend and relevant content. 

    Discover what’s trending and use our insights to review your current marketing strategy. Consider investing in different areas of marketing to keep up with the latest developments and discover how you can grow with the help of technological advances in AI and automation.

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  • How to Make a Commercial on a Budget | A 9-Step Guide
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    Discover how to make a commercial on a budget in 9 cost-effective steps. Explore our guidance and find the type of commercial that best suits your business.

    You don’t necessarily need a huge budget to create a high-quality video that promotes your products or services. If your funds are tight, a clever and simple idea can make you stand out as much as a clip with all the bells and whistles from a production company would. 

    As long as you’re willing to put in the work, you can design a commercial that is unique to your business and doesn’t put too much pressure on your finances. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you on your journey towards a low-budget commercial production that impresses your target audience with its result.

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  • How to Make a Thumbnail for Your Video: 4 Easy Steps
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    Making A Video Thumbnail For Your Video?

    You’ve just created an awesome video and now you’re wondering how to make a thumbnail for your video. We’ve got you!

    Video-sharing platforms like YouTube have long been growing in popularity. But the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed video sharing into a new era. There’s never been a better time to create a YouTube channel. If you want your videos to stand out, you’ll need to understand how to make a great thumbnail and a catchy title.

    People are browsing YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and other platforms much more. While this brings new opportunities for content creators, it doesn’t remedy the major challenge of modern social media: standing out is tough. That’s why the first impressions that thumbnails provide are so important.

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  • The Perfect YouTube Thumbnail Size (+Templates)
    The Perfect YouTube Thumbnail Size (+Templates)

    If you’re asking what the ideas youtube thumbnail size is, you’re probably scanning the web wondering, “How can I increase my Youtube views and subscribers?” Most likely you’ve come to understand that Youtube thumbnails can work magic on increasing your video clicks, engagement, and, ultimately, subscribers.

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  • How To Increase YouTube Subscribers: 15 Ways to Grow Your Audience
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    While Covid-19 continues around the world, people are going online more than ever. When it comes to YouTube, 39.4% of social media users said they would use YouTube “significantly more” if they’re stuck inside as far back as March 2020. Going into 2021, video streaming, including YouTube, are the go-to source of entertainment for millions. Now is one of the best times to be creating a YouTube channel and trying to maximize subscribers. Unsurprisingly, many are wondering how to increase YouTube subscribers. 


    If you’re on YouTube, your opportunities for increasing your subscriber count and subsequent income are immense. But at the same time, your competition has been increasing drastically over the last decade. In July of 2015, 400 hours of video was added to YouTube every single minute. In May of 2019, that figure increased to 500 hours of video per minute.


    Making money on YouTube hasn’t got any easier. As the platform continues the trend towards demonetization, many content creators are shifting towards merchandising, content marketing, and crowdfunding on platforms like Patreon.


    Despite competition and challenges on the platform, a large subscriber count is still a strong asset on YouTube. There are plenty of ways to follow your video content passions and make money on YouTube. You can also increase your subscriber count for free if you follow several steps.


    So, let’s start with how to increase YouTube subscribers.

    How To Get New YouTube Subscribers

    There are many simple ways to increase YouTube subscribers. Most of them are very simple, and many are tedious. But by doing as much of the following as you can, you can maximize your subscriber base.

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  • Video Marketing Guide for Beginners: 2021
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    Regardless of where you are in your marketing strategy or in the life cycle of your company, video marketing absolutely needs to be a part of your game plan. Moving forward, if you stick merely to “what’s worked” in the past, then let’s just say the future isn’t looking all that bright. Video marketing became a mainstay in the realm of marketing strategies in 2020, and it is certain to be even more critical in 2021. 

    The great thing about integrating a video marketing strategy is that you don’t need a ton of skills to get started. Even beginners can implement an effective approach—one that gets your brand noticed. 

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  • How To Create A YouTube Channel: A Beginner's Guide
    How To Create A YouTube Channel: A Beginner's Guide

    The question “How to create a YouTube channel” is often asked on Google – and for good reason. People may want to create a YouTube channel for many different reasons. Whether it’s for your business, organization, or just for fun. creating a channel can take time to get it right.

    Creating a channel is easy to do. Creating an excellent, professionally-looking channel is a little bit more difficult. However, with this guide, you should be up and running with your channel in no time.

    YouTube is a place of exploration, creation, and information. There is a lot of noise out there, both good and bad. With millions of different accounts and hundreds, possibly thousands of other channels competing with your YouTube channel, pulling out all the stops necessary, from channel art to SEO, will benefit you in the long run.

    If you are still unsure of whether or not YouTube is the right move for you, or necessary, you might want to ask around. Unless you’ve been living under a virtual rock you’re going to know how relevant YouTube is to pretty much every industry imaginable. But just in case you have been living under a virtual rock, here are some stats to mull over:

    • On average there are over five billion videos watched on the platform per day.
    • YouTube is the second largest search engine out there (after Google).
    • Around 75% of all US adults use YouTube (far more than do Facebook).

    YouTube is not only engaging and entertaining but is also a great brand builder for businesses and individuals. People have a huge amount of time for videos, as seen in the recent popularity of the video platform TikTok. Now, while TikTok may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it certainly shows people’s preference for video-related content. Creating a YouTube channel is perfect for looking to create videos and needs somewhere to host. YouTube also allows you to embed them elsewhere on the web also using an easy-to-use embed code.

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  • What is the Best Laptop for Video Editing?
    What is the Best Laptop for Video Editing?

    Video editing at your fingertips

    Once upon a time video editing was an endeavor that required some very bulky (not to mention pricey) equipment. You had to have a veritable studio set up in order to get anything that remotely looked professional. Not the case anymore. When it comes to such editing, all you really need now is a decent laptop; as far as the best laptop for video editing: there are many solid choices out there ranging in price from less than $1000 to over 2k.

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  • How to Make a YouTube Intro
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    What is a YouTube intro?

    A YouTube intro is a short clip that appears at the beginning of many YouTube videos. It typically displays info about the channel of the YouTuber who made the video.


    The intro often features an engaging graphic that combines visually appealing text and imagery to coax a viewer into watching more.


    The first few seconds of any YouTube video are vital, and if you don’t make an impression, a viewer may go to another video.

    How to make your own Youtube video

    With Design Wizard, it’s easy to make your very own custom YouTube intro. There are tons of video templates that you can personalize to suit your channel.


    This guide will show you exactly how to create a striking intro in only 7 steps.

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  • Video Editing Tips for Marketing in 10 Huge Industries
    Video editing tips for marketing in 10 huge industries

    When it comes to video marketing, good editing makes a big difference to the content that you create.

    A polished, professional video has a far greater chance of connecting with and engaging your target audience than an unedited alternative.

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