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Blue Monday

Blue Monday or the third Monday in January is known as the most depressing day of the year. The ominous date was established through a calculation or formula created by psychologist Dr. Cliff Arnall. Dr. Arnall used many factors to calculate the gloomiest day of the year, such as the colder weather, level of debt people might have, and the low motivation levels after Christmas.

It's also the time when winter blues hits many people the hardest, as they realize that it's incredibly hard to keep up the good work on their New Year's resolutions. The formula caused some controversy and since its publication, Dr. Arnall has apologized and is now working on campaigns that promote positivity and good mental health.

Where Did the Concept of Blue Monday Come From?

This controversial holiday or the concept of Blue Monday came into being during a PR stunt by British travel company Sky Travel. Calculating the most depressing day of the year with the help of psychologist Dr. Arnall's formula, the travel company used this to promote booking a summer holiday.

Since then the equation has received a lot of criticism and has been discredited as pseudoscience. The main criticism came from other psychologists, who felt like the concept of Blue Monday turned serious mental health issues into something like a 24-hour depression trivializing depression in the public eye.

Create Your Own Blue Monday Graphics

Despite the controversy, businesses have been using the concept to sell products or services that help their target audience to overcome low moods. The idea is to treat yourself to something nice to combat the gloominess of Blue Monday.

Here's how you can design visuals to promote happy thoughts or give mental health tips to combat the sadness of Blue Monday:

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Step 2: Choose the best of your favorites. When you've got your image ready on the dashboard, adjust the colors and text or add a different background image.

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Combat Low Mood

Instead of focusing on scientific proof of the gloomiest day of the year, look at what you can do to maintain good mental health and combat motivational lows or feelings of worthlessness. Find out what the best daily schedule is for stress management to keep living a healthy life.

Spend time with family and friends to give yourself and others a happiness boost. Go outdoors to increase time spent in the sunshine and your Vitamin D levels.