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Easily Edit and Download Your Report Card Template

Whether you're heading back to school after summer, or simply starting a new school term - being organized from the get-go with report card templates that you can tweak to your own needs is a great first step. Each report card template is designed with both teacher, parent and student in mind.

Report cards are an important document for all teachers. They help sum up a student's progress and can help them move toward a higher standard of quality work. Whether it’s high school, home school, middle school, or grade level, having the right report card that is customized to the teacher's needs can make things a lot easier.

Choose a report card template for Grading

Our templates are designed to facilitate all your grading and reporting needs. Whether you need to grade by subject or by semester, and choose your template accordingly. Each report card template is laid out in a clear manner to make it easy for any teacher to create clear and concise reports.

Download and print your customized report card

If you need to customize your re card template to include your school or students' names, it can be easily done with our drag and drop editor. Simply find a report cart that fits your needs, select an element to edit, input text, change color, add a logo or school emblem, and save and download. It's that simple.

Report card templates for Primary Schools, & Secondary Schools.

No matter what school or level of education you need a report card for, our templates are suited to for all ages, and types of education. While primary and secondary schools are most likely the most common use of our report card templates, our templates are equally suitable for language colleges, and universities depending on the subject being reported. If you need additional features or information on your report cards, it's easy to add whatever you need.

What are the Benefits of Using Report Card Templates?

While many teachers and educators opt to simply include grades at the top of a paper or exam, tot up the score at the end of a term or year, and grade their students like that, there can be many benefits to giving a more detailed breakdown on their results.

Each report card has a comment section to include additional information about a particular bit of information around a grade or subject. This gives the teacher, or educator the chance to expand on a grade or subject for parents to better interpret their kid's performance at school.

Any good educational program and teacher should focus on measuring and improving each of their students. That's why report cards not only useful for the parents to understand their kid's performance, are also such a critical step for the teacher in determining a student's skill level and progression over time. Having a report card template that has all the necessary information to do so is a great place to start.

Writing reports takes time. Any teacher will tell you it is one of the most time-consuming tasks. Having a set report card template to guide your reports makes it easy to be efficient with time when writing them.

If you are teaching and grading multiple classes at a time, it can be very easy to get lost in all the corrections, exams, and students. That's why using a different report card template for different classes can be an excellent way to differentiate between students and classes. Having a color-coded system where each class is easily identifiable by color can help save time and confusion.