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Ticket Template

Our easy-to-use ticket template editor is perfect for everyone who needs to make tickets quickly.

If you have an upcoming event and need to track who's attending, then you're going to need a ticket template editor. We can't help you with the guest list but we can make sure you don't have to worry about your tickets! All of those in attendance will have a professional ticket with a design that perfectly fits the event. Whether a concert ticket template, a ticket featuring images or even a ticket template you can post online, we have the ideal template for your next ticket project! 

Other Tickets templates

How to make tickets starting with a ticket template?

Our ticket templates are produced by our team of professional graphic designers so all you need to do is select the one that suits your event and then the fun begins.  You can edit template and/or templates that we have and ensure that they are perfect for the event you are hosting. Your ticket design will be inspired by the templates that our team has taken great pains to create!

A Ticket Template Design That Will Stand OutCustomize Your Free Ticket Template

Each event ticket template has been chosen from a wide range of sample tickets to ensure you can then customize it to your target audience in a couple of clicks. Tickets and ticket templates range from those for a concert, a special event, a business conference, you name it; wherever the event venue, we have the perfect ticket template design for you!

Taking our ticket templates and turning them into a unique part of your upcoming event is all about the event details. Whether it's a movie ticket, a support ticket, raffle ticket, parking ticket (even a golden ticket!) having your event name, event address, ticket number, and any other basic information in clear, legible font could be the reason you need to print even more that you thought! And given that you can print in a variety of formats--from pdf tickets to other formats you may require as far as your ticket template goes--we make it easy to get the project at hand done.

Select your color scheme from our color palette, (you can store your brand color scheme here for any future design template too) and upload your company logo to instantly match your own unique brand identity. Your business needs to have a certain look, specific images and photos for example that are representative of your brand. The ticket template you choose can be customized any way you want to ensure that it conforms to your overall business image.

How do I make an event ticket template for my business?

You don't have to! All you need is the information you want to include on your ticket. We've done the rest! The ticket template you select is your starting point--the hard part is all done for you. Your business event tickets will only take minutes to create because of Design Wizard's professionally-created templates.

Hiring a designer to create a personalized ticket from scratch will take time and obviously, money. With our ticket maker and design templates all you have to do is edit the existing text with your own event details. You might even add a photo or specialized images to your templates.

Select the text section you want to edit and a text menu appears. Here you can update the size and font style. We have fonts galore for your tickets. Fonts really can help make your templates look truly unique. Think of documents you've created, the font can really change the overall look dramatically, right? Same with your ticket templates. Fonts make a difference! Also consider changing the weight, alignment and spacing with simple sliders and intuitive buttons.

PDF Based Templates or Any Type of Ticket Template You May Need

Even if you've never designed anything before, you will be a ticket template expert after using our design template. From adding photos to your templates to creating a ticket you could even feature via video, we give you all of the ticket related tools you can use. Need a concert ticket template? No problem, we've got that covered as well!

You can even change the color of the text, maybe the ticket template text you've chosen doesn't pop with your brand color or you just want a bit more pop, then go wild with our color picker and hex up-loader. 

If you're promoting your event on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, you're going to want to grab attention and sell those tickets. Color could be just the key! Also, think about adding a photo or two. Using photos on the ticket face could definitely help draw more attention to a concert ticket template, or any form of ticket you're developing.

What size should a ticket be? We Offer a Variety of Template Sizes

The ticket size really depends on your event and what kind of ticket form you need. Are you creating digital tickets or physical tickets? You want to choose templates that not only fit the event but also represent the format you're after. You might even want to do invitation style tickets for a birthday event. You can even make it card size. Sky's the limit with our menu of ticket choices.

Here's a quick guide that will help you make some decisions on the direction you want your ticket template to take.

Our event ticket template dimensions are 1200 pixels by 628 pixels but we have a magic resize button which will instantly update the canvas to whatever size you wish. This means you can create multiple sizes of the same ticket for different purposes or if you're experimenting with sample tickets. 

People might need tickets for combined services or admin purposes or proof of purchase and so our original ticket templates can be the basis for so many similar designs. 

You want to include a lot more information or assets on your ticket that are not on our original ticket template. We have had requests for things like QR code, a background image, customers’ own cover photos and lots of other ticket descriptions.  

Whatever your needs, our simple drag and drop image editor needs no special instructions, you will find the process simple and smooth. No support ticket required here!

How to print a ticket?

When you are happy with your finished product and have double-checked all the necessary information and customization press Save and your design is safe in your My Designs section. 

To print, just download your ticket in whatever format you need, select from pdf, JPG or SVG. Your event ticket template will then save to your own computer and from here you can print via your home computer or send your tickets to a professional printer. If you go the professional route, ask them prior to printing what bleed marks they recommend first. 

If your ticket is for online purposes only, you can still download in the same way as outlined above but you can also share your ticket directly to your social media. This means you can show off your new ticket to your Facebook friends in seconds.