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Twitch Banner | 24 Templates

Create your own customized twitch offline banner. If you are looking to take your Twitch game to the next level, using customized Twitch banners can make your channel stand out and look the part. With our Offline Twitch banner templates, you can browse through our selection of offline banners to find a template that suits your style. Make your YouTube presence far more dynamic!

Choose the look of the Twitch banner and edit it to show what you want people to see. Perhaps you want to show people your streaming schedule on your Twitch banner. Simply choose a banner template suited to your gaming style, or whatever your streaming content is, and edit it using our easy-to-use Twitch banner maker. Ready to take your YouTube and video gaming to the next level? Our templates and designs will help you do just that.

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Make Creative Twitch Banners

Having your own uniquely designed player twitch banner is important for establishing your own style and brand. Using templates and our banner maker is a great way to do this. As a video player into gaming, your video player background or offline screen acts as your personal brand and image.

Rather than just having a background image, our twitch banner maker and templates allow you to take a step further and create a unique design on your video gaming channel. No need for any graphic design skills as all the hard designing work is done. Simply choose a template close to your style, and edit it to make it your own. Add an image, graphics, text, change fonts, whatever you want to your template, using our banner maker. Video gaming on YouTube has never looked better!

How to create a Twitch banner

With Design Wizard's templates, there is no need for complicated programs such as photoshop when making your twitch banner. All the hard work is done through our professionally designed templates. From adding funky fonts to free video inspired graphics, you can create your twitch banner template in minutes.

When thinking about which templates to choose, consider what type of video channel you have, what sort of YouTube presence you want to establish, and what cover image you want to display. Your twitch banner design is going to be seen by anyone who views your channel and videos when you go offline, so it's important to have it looking exactly the way you want it to.

Good banners combine visually stunning and eye-catching elements that grab the attention of the viewer. Therefore, using colors, fonts and, any fitting images can accompany the important information you want to include about your Twitch account. Shows onlookers that you mean business in your videos when it comes to creating good content and a good cover as you try to grow your channel and viewer numbers. Choose the template that best fits your personality!

Design stunning templates with our Twitch Banner Maker

When editing your templates, think about what you want people to see on your Twitch banner design template. Once you are happy with how the overall template design looks, download your template from the editor and simply upload it to your videos and account. It’s that simple.

Things to include in your Twitch banner1. Your streaming schedule:2. Include your type of content, whether it's gaming or cooking:3. Any social media account:4. Invite them to follow you:

Choosing what to include on your Twitch banner template design comes down to your overall profile and the style of your videos. In general, here are a few things you may want to consider including on your twitch banner template: 

If you don't have times that you regularly stream, and you are serious about Twitch and streaming, you should set aside some regular periods to stream. Include the days and times. This informs people when they are free to see you stream. Having these times in your Twitch banner template is a simple yet effective way of communicating with your audience. you can also provide info about your videos.

This can be portrayed through your custom-made avatar. Ideally, your avatar design should represent whatever it is you stream about and what your videos reprsent. If you stream about movie and film, possibly have your avatar with popcorn, or if you are streaming about food, dress him as a chef.

Add your social media accounts for free so that people can follow your other channels and this helps you to grow your community and share more of your content. Be it YouTube or any other channel. They will also get to see relevant photos and thereby connect more effectively to you.

Reminding people to follow your account, so that the next time you are online, they get notified, can help grow your following and your YouTube community as well. A solid banner with the right information can really make a difference in so many ways you might not have thought about. Again, photos could be really effective here as well.

What is the appropriate size?

The standard and best size for your twitch banner is 1920 x 1080. Make sure your file size is also a max of 10MB and is one of the following formats: GIF, JPG, or PNG file format, as per Twitch's recommendations. Thankfully, all our banners are correctly sized and therefore you won't have to resize. can be downloaded in accepted formats, making it super easy for you to create your twitch banner. It can be a pain to have to go back in and resize. But by using our free editing tools and dynamic gaming maker, you don't need to worry about having to resize anything.

What Your Twitch Banners Say About You

Everyone is unique, which means you need templates that will allow you to be free to flaunt your personal style. Starting with a professionally created banner template via Design Wizard's banner maker really gives you a solid foundation for your design. Gaming is all about individuality, right? While watching video of someone gaming, users want to see their personality. whether on YouTube or some other site, they want to be entertained. What designs will you create? From the fonts you select to the photos you choose to the cover you come up with, our banner maker allows you to be free to express yourself!

A Twitch banner should be personal. A Twitch banner should also be creative and out-of-the-box. Gaming can definitely be outside-of-the-box. Video and all that is associated with it should be fun. What image do you want your Twitch banner to reflect? Will it be a run-of-the-mill kind of cover or will it include designs that get people thinking? Using creative fonts, free graphics, photos and designs will make your cover exciting!