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Google Display-Anzeigen

Google Display-Anzeigen, die die Aufmerksamkeit der Menschen erregen

Google Display Ads are the tenacious image advertizements that pop up on many websites. As with everything else Google related, its influence is far and wide. Their display network reaches over 90% of global internet users and is accessible on over 2 million sites. That's why Design Wizard has created a superb selection of templates to help you make one.

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Maximieren Sie die Wirkung Ihrer Anzeige

Eine überraschende Statistik ist, dass fast 68 % der Anzeigen im Display-Netzwerk von Google textbasiert sind, obwohl Image-Anzeigen durchweg eine bessere Leistung erbringen und zu deutlich höheren Klickraten führen als ihre reinen Text-Pendants.

One of the most effective ways to maximize your Google display ad is to adopt the re-marketing approach. Re-marketing uses cookies on your website to tag website visitors and enable your ads to follow non-converting visitors around the web as they go about their daily business. Genius eh?

But this means that your image advert has to be super compelling; you want to entice users back to your website and not make them run away for good. There are many different shapes and sizes of Google display image ads to choose from, but the most popular three are Leaderboard (728px x 90px), Skyscraper (120px by 600px) and Square (250px by 250px).

Die verschiedenen Arten von Google Display-Anzeigen

Das Leaderboard-Format ist besonders effektiv, da es am Anfang der Seite hervorgehoben wird und buchstäblich einen größeren Bereich abzudecken scheint. Viele Unternehmen bevorzugen diese Form auch, weil der Blick des Lesers auf natürliche Weise von links nach rechts gelenkt wird und so sichergestellt wird, dass die Google Display-Anzeige vollständig gelesen wird.

Skyscraper Google display ads can lead to significant click-throughs as they deliver a memorable visual impact and appear more unique than other sizes. They also follow the natural scroll direction of the internet. It's so important that the message of the skyscraper Google display ad does not get lost. Call to Actions (CTAs) are the buttons that encourage your audience to do something such as CLICK HERE or SIGN UP NOW. CTAs should be in a prominent position and written in a big, bold font.

Google display ads make it cool to be square, but don’t let the standard shape discourage you. Square ads allow for a lot of design creativity, like perfect symmetry. Ensure that the typography is clear, concise and legible. Avoid all busy and slender scripts and make sure that the font pt (size) is large enough to read, even when viewed as a thumbnail.

So gestalten Sie Google Display-Anzeigen in 4 einfachen Schritten

1. Select your Google Display Ads template from over 17.000 ready-made templates.

2. Select one of more than 1.200.000 images or upload your own image.

3. Ändern Sie die Farbe und den Text Ihrer eigenen Markenbotschaft mithilfe von über 100 neuen Schriftarten.

4. Share or download your own brand new Google Display Ad.