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Golden Birthday

A golden age

A golden birthday is a special occasion and only happens once in a lifetime. A golden birthday is also known as a lucky or champagne birthday and happens when you turn the age of the date you were born on. So if you were born on the 25th day of any month, then your golden birthday would be the year you turn 25. Make it extra special with a glittering golden birthday card from Design Wizard. 

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Go for gold

If you or someone close to you is about to celebrate their golden birthday then kick off the celebrations with any of our gorgeous golden birthday card. After all, you only have one chance to celebrate it. You only get one chance to celebrate a golden birthday, so make it a good one. Catchy slogans like “Today I will glitter like gold” and “Every year your lustre grows” are great examples of message you can use on your golden birthday card.

These golden birthday templates can have a variety of uses. Maybe you want to celebrate this day via social media? Or perhaps you want to share your knowledge on the term golden birthday via marketing materials, posters, flyers or templates. There is no end to the uses that you can have with our vivid golden birthday templates. Just hit the resize button to instantly change your canvas size.

A golden opportunity

It probably goes without saying that the optimum color scheme for golden birthday is, gold! But what you decide to pair it with will have a big impact on the finished design. Black and white tends to go really well with gold and enhances the glow of unique metallic hue. 

Luckily for you we have taken the time to create a range of different golden shades that you can use in your golden birthday cards. Gold is not a shy shade so don’t be afraid to use it loud and proud. This precious metal looks super contemporary with bold geometric designs - you will find plenty of these in Design Wizard! But we also have a pack library of gold related photos, images and backgrounds. Take whatever you want and drop them into your card.

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