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Ever wished of having a magical wand to delete background from your images without having the trouble of going through long and tedious hours of editing the image manually in paid softwares? Well your wish has come true with our Background remover tool.

This tool helps you remove background from any image by easily cutting out the main object from its background. All you have to do is just upload the image or drop a file from your system and our powerful AI will remove the background from the image for free in a moment and now you can download the image for free without any hassle. You can then use the object in the image to design cards and add beautiful graphics.

How to Remove Background From Image with Design Wizard in 4 simple steps?

  1. Open the Background remover tool in Design Wizard:

    Screenshot of page with girl in red sportswear
  2. Upload an Image from your system by clicking on ‘Choose A Photo’:

    Upload an Img from your system
  3. Once the Image is uploaded, Design Wizard with its cutting edge technology and advanced AI system produces unparalleled outcomes after erasing the background online. These photos look real as if they were edited by a Professional:

    Screenshot of page with pic of a puppy
  4. Finally, Download the background erased image and use it for further designing:

    Screenshot of page with pic of a puppy

Advantages of Using Design Wizard’s Online Background Remover Tool?

Zero spendings: NO CHARGES whatsoever! Make backgrounds transparent or remove the background from an image with our background removal tool for free! That means ZERO spends on graphic designer and Paid Apps.

Save Time: Removing Background from Images is a tedious task and easily takes up hours even for skilled Professionals.

Need more tools?

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