How to Add Text to Images

Using Design Wizard’s text editor, it really is far easier than you probably anticipated. You can up your game and create some truly amazing captioned images. Then simply download your design and you’re good to go!

add text to image in the Design wizard application

1. Upload your image: Easily upload the image you wish to add text to. Simply click the 'upload image' button, browse your device for your file, and upload in seconds. Alternatively, you can select images from a diverse collection of thousands of stock images you can edit and download also.

2. Choose your font style: When it comes to text fonts Design Wizard has a huge selection of online fonts to choose from, ensuring the typography on your image is top quality. Choose a perfect font with our font selector that matches your message. Or perhaps find a font to match your brand. If you cannot find suitable text fonts, don't worry. You can upload your own custom fonts on our platform.

text filters in the Design wizard application

3. Add Your Text: Once you have chosen or uploaded your font, simply add text by selecting the 'add text' tool. Choose from existing text boxes and phrases to make it easy. The drag and drop feature makes it incredibly quick to customize the text as you wish. Increase and decrease the size and adjust the line height to style text on your image just the way you want.

4. Customize your image: Not only can you add customized text to your image, but you can also change the text color and add shapes and visual art to your image, or even a visual watermark. With our editing toolkit, you can overlay shapes on the image and change their opacity and coloring to add that extra bit of style to your image.

5. Download Your image: Now that you have your image looking just the way you want, with added fonts, shapes, colors, and text, it's time to save and download your image.

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Why add text to images?

While a picture paints a thousand words, a picture with added text paints a thousand and one. Adding text to your images helps convey or emphasize a particular message or piece of information.

A good quality photo or image is great, but sometimes you need to add a text layer to give a fuller picture. What can make them even more appealing and eye-catching is using custom colors and to change the typography color to something that sticks out. This is one of the more useful photo effects - especially when it comes to social media posts.

Design wizard app application in the laptop

What can I use these photo editing tools for?

Design Wizard's image editor is perfect for adding text to marketing material for social media campaigns, images for your websites, posters for an event, invitations, birthday cards, or images and pictures for personal use. Take any photo online from our stock photo collection, or upload your own to start editing in minutes.

Simple picture editor for everyone

And with Design Wizard’s tool, you don’t need a degree in design to be able to add text to images. We really have made it incredibly easy for you to produce stunning professional results with our convenient text editor. Simply add your photo effects and then all you need to do is download your image.

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Visual content

Memes and content are hugely popular for a reason. People love to read catchy quotes and sayings especially when they are incorporated into an image; it makes for a popular end result. You can create a more emotional experience. You can make a social or political point more emphatically. Sky’s the limit using our picture and text editor. Create one or several images. You can use either a stock or an original image.

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No Photoshop experience needed

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a design or Photoshop expert to add text to images and other photo effects. Design Wizard's text editor makes it super easy and super fast to create and edit multiple images. Then simply click save image, download your new design with added text and use it wherever you like: Instagram, a website, a banner ad, Facebook, you name it.

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