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Nauru Independence Day

Nauru Independence Day is celebrated on 31st January, the island country of Nauru in Micronesia northeast of Australia. On this day, the Nauruans commemorate declaring independence from England in 1968.

Before that Nauru was controlled by Australia, New Zealand, England, and Japan during World War II, who were all interested in the island because of the natural resources like the phosphate reserves that were found there. The pacific island offers the natural beauty expected from an Oceanic country in the form of a coral reef and white sand beaches.

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The Independent Nation of Nauru

Due to its geographical position not many people know about the independent nation. Formerly known for its phosphate mining, the island is now facing several economic issues after the precious natural resource was depleted in 2006.

Nauruan citizens enjoy a hot and very humid climate all year round. The proximity to the equator and the ocean also means that Nauru is going through a monsoon season between November and February.

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