How to Add a Logo to Video

Design Wizard makes it easy to personalize that video file or video clip. The more exposure your logo gets, the more brand awareness is front and center.

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Step 1: Upload your video clip. Simply click on the video editor, select ‘Upload’ and browse through your computer/device files for the video clip you want to customize with your logo. Don’t have a specific video? Not a problem, we have a library to choose from! There is a filter to let you narrow the available field of potential clips. You can then check them out through the video previews.

Step 2: Upload your Custom Logo Image. Select “Add image” from the toolbar on the left-hand side. Next, choose the personal or company logo from your device. Again, there is an opportunity to adjust the logo to better suit your video and thereby really make it pop once it’s uploaded.

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Step 3: You can drag and drop the logo watermark onto the screen wherever you’d like it positioned in terms of the video timeline. In terms of logo overlay, think about what will best complement the video as a whole and where on the timeline you want it to be placed. Your custom logo can appear on the screen for as long or as short a time as you deem appropriate. You can adjust the logo layer timing using the timeline tool.

Step 4: Watch your video preview to make sure the end product is what you want. And then just download the video file and use it wherever you need. You can also share your video via Facebook, Instagram, your website, virtually anywhere you want.

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Video Editing Made Easy

Design Wizard’s video editing tools make fast work of any project. You aren’t spending hours laboring over the technical details. And you don’t have to be an editing expert to get it right. Simply upload your content ensuring video quality is good and customize accordingly. Or if you opt to use one of our professionally produced videos, you can use the filter to more conveniently select the ideal clip. It’s about representing your brand in a professional and memorable manner.

Many people and companies overlook a simple detail like a logo watermark. So when you add a logo to a video, you gain a competitive edge.

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A Video Editing Program Anyone Can Use

Literally anyone can take their video processing game to the next level with the resources Design Wizard offers. You don’t need super expensive video software; our tools give you a budget-friendly way to produce stunning results.

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Your Uploaded Video Will Look Amazing

On social media especially, users will automatically know that the video content is yours when they see it imprinted with your custom logo. You even have the opportunity to add text, custom graphics, and other such designs. This really is professional video editing made super easy.

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