Geometric Shapes and Patterns

Geometric designs are one of the most visually appealing forms in graphic design terms. They can appear in a wide variety of styles and fulfill a huge range of roles.

This blog post tells you everything you need to know about these designs and shows you how to create your own unique piece.

However, before we get into how you can create designs, it’s important to know exactly what they are.

At its core, design is based on shapes. Geometric shapes design – with circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, and many other shapes often combine to form beautifully intricate patterns. Even if you only use a few shapes in your design, there are so many possibilities as to what you can create. 

They have first used thousands of years ago in the art of many ancient civilizations, and it is their unique ability to stand the test of time that sets them apart.

When to Use Geometric Patterns

Geometric Patterns - Image

Geometric patterns can be both artistic and functional pieces of branding for businesses. They can be used to complement existing designs or to create new designs entirely.

There is no right or wrong time to use these, as they are often highly adaptable and can fit in well alongside a number of styles. There are few design styles that capture an audience’s attention as easily as a great piece of design.

Trends in 2021

Geometric patterns remain popular since 2019. Go check the biggest design trends of 2019, that will give you a lot of ideas and you will understand how they had worked before. Over the past few years, we’ve seen such geometric designs used in social media posts, posters, business cards, logos, ads, artwork, book covers, and much more.

Some of the most popular geometric trends this year have been intersecting shapes, black and white designs, abstract designs, and honeycomb-style designs.

The Many Ways That You Can Implement These Designs

This list of 70 designs will show you the huge variety of options you have when creating geometric patterns.

From geometric logos and typography to experimental geometric distortion, our list covers everything you need to know on the subject.

70 Great Examples of Geometric Design

Go Monochrome

Simple, clear-cut patterns in designs can work well in black and white. They can look great when they’re colorful, but you can also create a design that is detailed and intricate when you go monochrome.

Take this design for example, where the use of contrast is complemented by the angular shapes. Black and white design have a classy and refined appearance.

Customize Your Business Cards

Take care of business by adding some geometric patterns to your business card. Business cards should always be memorable, and an interesting design with geometric patterns is sure to capture the attention of potential customers.

In this design, bright colors are added to the composition to make it stand out even more.

Use Gradients

Spheres With Gradient Color Fills for Geometric Designs - How to accentuate geometric shapes and add depth to the image - Image

Floating circles in this design are accentuated by a smooth gradient. Blue, yellow and red effortlessly merge, contributing to a mesmerizing appearance.

The gradients in the circles are complemented by a rich purple background that adds depth to the image.

Combine with Photos

Combine photography with these designs to create spellbinding effects. Go beyond the photograph by adding a new layer of geometric patterns.

Old photos can be modernized by adding a variety of shapes to them. In this image, the beautiful scenery is enhanced by the addition of geometric design.


The Memphis design style has been around for quite some time now, but it remains a fashionable choice. Blending art deco, pop art, kitsch, and many other styles, Memphis has a truly distinctive look.

As can be seen in this image, repeated shapes and wavy lines are used to create a Memphis design.

Geometric Logos

Geometric elements have always been popular in logo design, with the style offering companies a way to form a unique brand image and identity. Many logos will utilize geometric shapes like squares, triangles, circles, or rectangles in their design.

Some iconic brand logos, such as those of FedEx, Adidas, Mitsubishi, and Audi, use geometry to great effect.

Experiment with Asymmetry

Asymmetry Geometric Designs With Pink and Purple Shapes. Text: Move out of your own comfort zome. Asymmetry, Abstraction, Not Perfection - Asymmetrical elements in design - Image

Not all designs have to be symmetrical. Leap and use asymmetrical designs that differ across the board. Clever use of asymmetry is seen in this design, where shapes are moved to one side to create a striking look.

The pink and purple colors in the design work well on the white background and make the design even more striking.

Symbols and Emojis

Geometric patterns can be used to great effect to create symbols and emojis for a variety of purposes.

This triangle with rounded edges doubles as a cute watermelon emoji that adds some fun and laughter to the design.

Make a Collage Design

Collage of colors with deer head design - A combination of geometric patterns and collages - Image

Create a stunning geometric collage by combining different shapes and colors. This technique can be seen in this design, where the college is placed over the silhouette of a stag.

The color combination is very well chosen and enhances the overall design.

Complement an Image

Use geometric patterns to complement an image by aligning it with the subject of the image. In this design, we see a woman with her arms folded over.

The downward-facing triangle in the design fits in well with this pose, intersecting perfectly with the position of the woman’s arms. The bright colors contribute to a vivid design that really stands out.

Diamonds Design

Sparkling diamonds form a vibrant pattern in this image. These diamonds are supported by a stunning rainbow gradient that really makes the design stand out.

Diamonds are a very flexible geometric element that you can use in a wide variety of designs.


Yellow and white geometric design - Diagonal geometric patterns in design - Image

Create a clear path for the eye to follow with a diagonal geometric pattern. Diagonals lead the eye up and across the design.

Lines and triangular patterns are commonly used to create this style. Diagonal designs look great with multiple colors or in black and white.


Customize your design using a wave pattern as your background. The wave style adds a fluid, laid-back element to any design. It almost feels like the background is in motion.

In this Gatsby-themed invitation, the gold-coloured waves add a touch of class to the design.

Mix Patterns

Black, white and yellow mixed geometric pesigns - Mixing geometric patterns in design - Image

Create beautiful designs by combining different types of geometric patterns. In this mesmerizing design, a variety of shapes are used to make a striking piece.

A vertical quadrilateral intersects the design and displays all of the text, while a zig-zag pattern forms the background.

Outlined Shapes as a Background

Use geometric patterns of shapes in outline form to create an intriguing border for your design.

In this eye-catching turquoise design, the white outlines of triangles are placed together to form an even larger triangle.

Simple Shapes

Simple, bold, geometric shapes are key to getting across your message clearly. Designers often use simple circles, semi-circles, rectangles, and squares to create a clean, energetic look in their design.

The stacked red semi-circles in this design stand out against the white background to create an eye-catching image.

Create Images

With some time and effort, you can create pictures using geometric shapes. Look at the work of some famous graphic designers for inspiration, many of whom create images by combining small shapes.

These smaller shapes often appear very different to each other and the contrasting effect results in an overall design that has a striking effect. In this design, a unicorn is created using white triangles.

Make Shapes

happy Valentines message with heard shape and geometric design overlay - Create new shapes from shapes - Image

Using shapes to create new shapes is a staple of geometric design. Create patterns with shapes that form a different shape, like in this geometric heart design.

Triangles are usually a good choice for this type of design. Red is used to make the design more eye-catching.


Layer your image with geometric shapes to create a design with depth. The collection of shapes help to hold the focus of anyone who views the piece.

In this design, a black and white image is revealed through a series of parallel rectangles.

Be Bold

Rugby poster with green and orange geometric designs - Bold colors and shapes in geometric design - Image

Geometric shapes can be bold and stand out. A bright color like orange is used to attract attention to this design.

Green and white are added to this color scheme and contribute to what is a very striking design.

Repeating Shapes

Blue poster with orange and purple cross designs - Create visually pleasing patterns with geometric shapes - Image

Make visually appealing geometric patterns by repeating shapes across your design.

Here we see multiple squares tessellating to form an intriguing design. Four squares connect to form plus symbols, which are also connected to each other.


Pixelated Geometric Designs for Discor Party Event - Pixel style design - Image

Pixels are technology’s geometric patterns and we look at these patterns every time we turn on our phone or laptop.

While they might not be the most elaborate type of patterns you can use, it’s still possible to create thoughtfully constructed pieces with a pixelated style. Purple is used to make this pixel style design bright and energetic.


A polygon is any shape that is formed by only lines and has no curved edges. Squares and triangles are the most common polygons, but the group also includes hexagons, quadrilaterals and octagons.

Colorful Minimalism

Colourful Minimalism Geometric Designs - Characteristics of colorful minimalism - Image

The designer creates a simplistic and stark minimal design with the simple use of shape and color. The text in the design appears handwritten, adding to the simple look.

There is a lot of white space in the design, but it works well alongside the soft pink lettering.

Powerful Portraits

Black and white recruitment poster reading "We Want You" - Creating portraits from geometric shapes - Image

Designers can create powerful portraits using geometric shapes and gradients. Each shape in the design fulfills an important role in creating the finished piece.

All of these shapes are thin triangles that effortlessly work together to form the whole.

Less is More

Minimal geometric design poster with lines and circle shapes - The positive effect of reducing the number of unnecessary elements - Image

Less is more is no cliche when it comes to graphic design. More often than not, cutting down on unnecessary elements in your design can have a positive impact. The benefits of this mantra can be seen in this design, where simple elements are given prominence.

The black circle in the design is used as the centrepiece and the alignment of the text complements the other elements.

Repeated Motifs

Cycling poster with man with bicycle helmet on head wearing sunglasses. Text: Cycling Makes Worries Disapear - The appeal of repeating motifs - Image

Recognizable patterns or shapes are what branding really is. That’s why repeated motifs can be so alluring to a designer looking to make a recognizable brand image. Designers create recognizable branding using repeated motifs. Patterns that are different, but thematically similar, are used to form a consistent brand image.

In this design, segments of the larger shapes are used to form other elements of the piece.

Rewind to the 90s

Rewind to the 90s Geometric Designs - Using classic colour combinations associated with the specific era - Image

This 90s inspired design is created using some eye-catching geometric patterns.

The color on display here really makes the design. Classic colour combinations associated with the era are used here, including mixtures of vivid purples, yellows, oranges, and greens.

Make it Trippy

Cyber Monday Poster With Black Background and Trippy Geometric Designs - Trippy design style - Image

Your designs don’t have to be as safe as their precise origins would suggest. Shapes can be warped and twisted to form designs that jump off the screen.

Experiment with a trippy look to draw people in. Some designers add animation to these designs to maximise their impact.


Greeting card with the title 'Mom! Congrats on the baby!' and two origami birds in the background - Origami Geometric Design - Image

Origami is an impressive art form in its own right, and when it’s blended with geometric patterns, it creates a stunning look.

Triangles of different shapes and sizes are used to form the body of the bird and they are shaded appropriately to create a more realistic 3D appearance.


Birthday invitation Using Geometric Patterns and Clipart - The important role of lines in geometric design - Image

A line on its own appears to be very basic, but when they are placed together, they can form a superb piece of design.

Experiment with the width of each line to alter the appearance of your design.

Page Decoration

Invitation with Geometric Designs and Patterns - Geometric design in page decoration - Image

Geometric design can be used as subtle decoration for pages, both online and offline. Here the design helps create a vibrant, consistent theme for the page.

Geometric themes are hugely popular in book design, and for good reason. You can make a geometric theme for a book, but not be tied to it. It allows books to have abstract designs that don’t necessarily reflect their content.

Human Forms

Human Forms Geometric Designs - Human forms from geometric shapes - Image

These designs can be used to create human forms that can be simple or complex. Some of the shapes in this design include triangles, circles, and rectangles.

Even if the human form might seem something that’s completely abstract when it’s created with geometric patterns, its appearance is still very familiar.


Landscapes with Sailing Boats Made With Geometric Shapes - Geometric design in landscape illustrations - Image

There are a lot of naturally forming geometric shapes in the Earth’s landscape and that is reflected in this design.

Triangles are used to create mountains and boats, while a radiant orange circle is used to depict the sun in the design.

Show Motion

A hand reaching out to a paper boat - Geometric Design That Shows Motion - Image

Due to the tessellating nature of many elements of geometric shapes design, it’s a great way to show motion in still art.

In this instance, we see circles making a rippling effect on the surface water. The paper boat is also created using such design.


This hexagonal design is inspired by a honeycomb, with its mass of closely packed prismatic cells.

The design style makes for an engaging background for displaying text and images. The hexagons are colored blue, which gives the design a mechanical look.

Brush Strokes

Brush Strokes Geometric Designs - Brush strokes in design - Image

These thick brushstrokes add a touch of flamboyance to this design. The light blue coloration of the stripes gives the artwork depth and character.

Negative space is used to form squares between the intersecting brush strokes.

3D Drawing

3D turquoise mesh in the shape of a heart - 3D Shapes in Geometric Design - Image

Take your designs to another dimension by making them 3D. 3D designs really capture the imagination and this design is a mesmerizing piece.

Depending on how you arrange your shapes, you can add depth and shading to your design in various places.

Swirling Geometrics

Multicolored swirl pattern - Swirling geometric shapes in design - Image

While occasionally some designs might appear to be overly structured and rigid, you can completely expel that by adding a swirling element to your design.

In this design, the multicolored circles appear as if they are constantly turning.

Forming a Geometric Pattern

Many geometric patterns are formed by the repetition of a single shape, but when you get more experienced, you can start introducing multiple shapes and forms to your design.

You’ll soon realise that the amount of amazing patterns you can create with shapes is limitless.


Stars are a strong, reliable element in many geometric patterns. As far as semiotics goes, stars can have many different connotations.

But for design reasons alone, they’re worth including in your work. In this Memorial Day design, stars are used to create a background.


Minimal Black & White Arrow Design - Tips on how to use arrows in your design - Image

Point your design in the right direction by using arrows to their full potential. These simple shapes can help to generate movement and flow in your designs and the contrast between white and black emphasizes this.

The two arrows overlap to create an engaging look in this impressive piece of design.


Poster with a mosaic pattern on one side - Mosaics Geometric Designs - Image

Geometric mosaics have been around since ancient times, but their importance to the world of art and design has not diminished.

The intricately detailed designs have so much depth, with this design being composed of many small shapes.

Interlocking Shapes

Red Interlocking Geometric Shapes - Geometric design with interlocking shapes - Image

Interlocking shapes in a design can create a really unique look when done right. They give flat designs a lot more depth and really make your work jump off the page or the screen.

You can use a wide range of outline shapes in your design, as most of them will effortlessly link together when arranged correctly.


Floating Geometrics Green Donuts with Pink Background - Floating geometry tips - Image

The 3D circles in this floating design are created to appear as if they are suspended in the air.

The circles form a striking pattern that can easily attract the attention of those who might view the design.


Composition of a traditional ethnic decorative arch with a bell and patterns on a turquoise background - Geometric Designs for Frames - Image

Elements of your design can be framed using a wide variety of shapes. You could choose to use the frame as the centerpiece of your design or as a minor element.

In this design, an oval is framed by an intriguing geometric pattern. The detail of this design really helps to accentuate its key elements.

Unfold Shapes

Geometric Triangle Patterns with Green Background - Unfolded 3D shapes in geometric design - Image

Take 3D shapes and fold them out to form completely new designs.

While a shape like a sphere can’t be accurately unfolded, you can unfold a cube or a pyramid with precision.


Use geometric patterns to really engage people who view them by creating a maze.

Your maze doesn’t actually have to go anywhere, but using them in your design creates a somewhat entrancing effect. In this design, it’s used to advertise a great minds seminar.


Black and White Geometric Distortion of Face - Distorting an image with geometric shapes - Image

Geometric shape design can be used to completely distort your image, as can be seen in this photo. 

The subject of the image has been completely transformed by the placement of the squares in the design. Despite the rearrangement, the layout of the design still works brilliantly.


Offset Geometric Designs With Orange and Green Background - Using offsets in geometric design - Image

Designs that are slightly offset from their original trajectory can often achieve an intriguing aesthetic.

It only takes some small adjustments to get the desired look in these types of designs. Orange and green are used here to accentuate the difference.

Abstract Geometric Shapes Design

Spherical Gradient Design - Creative abstract geometric design - Image

Going down the alternative route and creating some abstract designs can produce captivating results.

The range of designs that fall into the abstract category is quite large, so you might want to pick a few favourites and use those designs as inspiration.


Geometric Typography Poster with Yellow Background - A combination of geometric shapes and typography - Image

Geometric typography can be used to create unique fonts for your designs, no matter what genre they fall into.

The triangular and circular patterns lend themselves well to the creation of typography that’s intriguing and original.


A border adds structure and organization to a piece. It’s also one of the simplest designs there is. Many designs are instantly improved by the inclusion of a border.

With Design Wizard, you can add a border to any template you want to customize in seconds.

Look Around for Inspiration

Geometric shapes are not just limited to design, they are present in everyday life. Look around you for inspiration and get ideas about how you can use shapes in your design.

There’s a chance you might think up a unique pattern from something you believed was mundane.

Display Information

Whether you prefer to use subtle or complex designs, both can be used to effectively display information.

In this design, a square is used to create a text box that talks about the person’s birthday.

Half and Half

Half and Half Geometric Designs with Image of Cat - A half-and-half technique - Image

Create an engaging composition by using geometric shapes design alongside other design styles.

In this collection of images, the designer uses geometric patterns for half of the cat’s face. This technique creates a really unique look.

Expansive Art

Pink Water with Hands in Water and Geometric Shappes on Horizon - Expansive Geometric Art - Image

Turn your design into an all-out art piece by making your design open and expansive. Include non-geometric elements to enhance the depth of the image.

In this design, geometric pattern is central to the image, but it doesn’t dominate it.


Photo of the Eiffel Tower with the caption 'contrast' - Contrast Geometric Designs - Image

The bichromatic style on display here is extremely eye-catching. Pink works very well against the muted grey background.

Not only does the color scheme hit the spot, but the shape that’s been chosen also fits in. It’s vivid, memorable, and forms a fantastic centerpiece.


Green Cubic Geometric Pattern - Use of transparency in geometric design - Image

Add some transparency to some of your designs to alter their appearance. Use pre-existing patterns to determine when to introduce transparency.

For example, the cubes in this design are made transparent at regular intervals.

Color Fade

Colour Fade Geometric Designs - Colour fades and transitions in geometric design - Image

Color often makes a design stand out, but taking it away can also create a superb contrast in your designs.

The color transition in the design is not too sharp, with the color being allowed to slowly seep from the piece.

Pop Art

Geometric Pop Art - Pop art aesthetics in geometric design - Image

These designs show their modern side in these quirky pop art creations. The designs display simple geometric shapes and use small dotted patterns that are synonymous with pop art.

The bright colors make the designs easy to notice and emphasize their distinct look.


Orange Poster With Green Dots and Pink - Using patches in geometric design - Image

Patches add a very eye-catching element to clothing or designs. To get patches looking their best, consider using some geometric styles to create them.

Change the colors of the shapes in the design to make your patches stand out even more than before.

Shuriken Style

Shuriken is a type of throwing weapon that is commonly associated with ninjas, but they also make great designs! The spinning edges convey movement and contribute to a design that will engage your audience.

This template was originally created as a YouTube cover image, but you could use it on any type of social media.

Drawing with Lines

Image of a running girl in black and white - Creating Shapes from Lines - Image

The full potential of drawing with lines is shown in this image. When combined, the lines form a whole that is much greater than its parts.

Despite the rigid nature of the line, it can be used as a flexible element in any design.


Packaging with Geometric Shapes - Geometric shapes in packaging design - Image

Ornate packaging has become more popular as brands try to give their customers a memorable experience that will drive brand loyalty.

Geometric shapes are often used in this packaging to create unique designs that are both functional and attractive.


Abstract topographical image - Topography elements in geometric design - Image

Topographic designs that show different levels of landmass give us a unique perspective of the world around us.

This design shows the layers of the Earth, but it does in a fashion that is colorful and visually appealing.


Summer Vacation Poster with Airplane - Combination of flat images with geometric shapes - Image

Use geometric shapes and flat images to create a 2D design. This design keeps things simple but uses detail in all the right places.

With just a little bit of tweaking, you can make very functional designs for a variety of purposes.


Illustrations with a person holding a sword - Creating illustrations in Design Wizard - Image

Use hard geometric shapes to create an illustration with character. You can shade different shapes in a variety of colors to ensure that your geometric illustration has a 3D appearance. 

This piece was created in Design Wizard through clever use of our shapes feature.


Purple Grids Geometric Design - The Role of Grids in Geometric Design - Image

Even simple geometric structures like grids can be completely transformed when they are used in geometric design. Add some color to your grids to make them really stand out.

To enhance your grid, even more, add some rippling effects or a gradient and make it 3D.


Icons - Create elegant icons from geometric shapes - Image

Geometric shapes can be used to make visually appealing icons for web design.

The simplicity of some shapes makes it easy to create consistent, straightforward icons that users will find easy to navigate.

Polka Dots

Polka dots in your designs adds vibrancy and helps to create a fun, youthful appearance.

Here we see multicolored polka dots that pop off a darker background, which makes it easier to attract the attention of customers to the flash sale.


Infographic of pizza components in Rome - Infographics in geometric design - Image

Some of the best infographics are constructed using geometric shapes and patterns. Squares, circles, and triangles are popular choices of background for displaying information.

Pie charts, one of the most common types of charts, use shapes within shapes to show their statistics.

Create Your Own Geometric Pattern

This list has shown the complexity and flexibility of geometric patterns and designs have to offer. There are always new and exciting graphic design softwares that you can use geometric patterns and elements to create captivating designs.

Even if you don’t have much design experience, you can start implementing what you’ve learned in your own designs.

We’ve named 70 ways to create amazing geometric designs, but if you use a design technique that isn’t on this list, make sure to share it with us by tweeting @getdesignwizard.

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