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Cyber Monday Ads

Get extra sales with these Cyber Monday Ads

Cyber Monday is one of the biggest online shopping days of the year, as people around the world search the web for amazing deals and sales. It is a marketing movement full of people looking to buy, so make sure your Cyber Monday Ads are tempting enough to drive them to your website. Design Wizard has an excellent selection of Cyber Monday Ads templates to choose from.

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Get your Cyber Monday Ad up early

Cyber Monday traffic is like rush hour traffic in the real world - it’s seriously busy! People want to spend money, but they also want to do it quickly. If you want to entice people to your checkout on Cyber Monday, the time to start promoting is now.

Amazing Cyber Monday Ads will help to make sure your website is at the top of their go-to list. Cyber Monday is an excellent opportunity to sell, but it’s also highly competitive.

The most important thing is to stand out from your competitors in the run-up to Cyber Monday. You need compelling images in your Cyber Monday Ad that will grab the attention of potential customers. Use eye-catching colors like bright green, red, pink, blue and yellow.

Pro Tip: To really make bright colors pop set them against a plain background, such as white or black.

Choose your words carefully

It’s so important to choose your words carefully when creating promotional social media posts. The sizes that people will view these posts are usually quite small, so the text needs to be large and clear. Keep the font types to a maximum of two different styles, and avoid anything too decorative.

It’s better not to include too much text either - six to eight words are enough. But make sure a few of these are kept for a CTA, or call-to-action button. Give people clear direction in your Cyber Monday ad designs, such as 'Click Here' or 'Buy Now'. This will eliminate any confusion and bring them exactly where you want them to go.


Customizing your Cyber Monday ads template is so easy to do in Design Wizard. Our resize button means that you can instantly change your design to suit other online platforms and marketing materials such as posters, flyers, and invitations. This means you can use the same design throughout your campaign.

To personalize a template even further, it’s possible to upload your own photos, illustrations, logos, and fonts. You can even create a custom color palette to ensure your template is on point with the rest of your brand.

How to design Cyber Monday Ads in 4 simple steps

1. Select your Cyber Monday Ads template from over 17.000 ready-made templates.

2. Select one of more than 1.200.000 images or upload your own image.

3. Change the color and text of your own branded message using over 100 fresh fonts.

4. Share or download your own brand new Cyber Monday Ad.