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9 S Logo Templates

Do you need a new logo? Is yours a business that starts with the letter “s”? Why not then create an actual letter logo that is connected to your company and thus that much more memorable? An S Logo may be just the way to go. More and more companies are using typography in one form or another as far as logo creation.

Developing a logo design containing the letter “s” or centered around any letter could not be easier. We supply a ton of S templates that you get to personalize! So break out your design cap and start thinking about your brand new letter logo. What kind of a logo will you come up with? We are eager to check them out!

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Creating an S Logo is Easy!

You do not have to be a graphic design expert. You can be new to logo design and still generate a professional end result that can be used virtually anywhere—on your website, social media, business cards, marketing materials and photos, and any other such content, you name it.

Step 1: Select from the S logos in our extensive library. We’ve made it easy to search—for any letter! S tends to be a pretty popular one when it comes to creating business logos. Once you find the design that appeals to you, it’s on to the next step…

Step 2: Customize your S logo design. Change up the color, adjust the size, if there’s a logo background you have the ability to adjust that as well. With Design Wizard’s dashboard you have the control to do pretty much whatever you want to do with your selected template. There are many categories of customization from which to choose.

Step 3: Download and share your logo design. The letter S is a strong one and with professionally done logos, you are definitely going to want to display this particular S logo design anywhere and everywhere you can think of. Just save your finished letter logo and upload/apply where you choose—integrate into any type of business content. Your final design will be a logo image you can truly be proud of.

What Type of Companies Should Use the Letter S as a Logo?

Letter design and typography-inspired logos are all the rage. They are professional and when the letter design is right, they are definitely unique. Our design team has done the heavy lifting for you. You just customize and create a letter S logo that says something to people about who you are as a business.

Among the kinds of companies that tend to use letter logos and illustrations:

Other Categories That Might Use an S for their Brand Logo

Of course, beyond just the type of business, there are organizations that start with the letter S and therefore would generally gravitate toward an S logo. Think of some of the bigger companies for example that have a letter S logo or an S as a part of their logo: Skype, Shopify, and while not necessarily a logo per se, Superman has made the letter S famous forever. Some other business categories that could benefit from an S logo:

The list can go on and on. There are numerous businesses and endeavors that start with the letter S. Just google companies that begin with an S and look to see what sorts of logo designs pop up. You can definitely get a general idea for an S logo from some of the businesses that have come before you.