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Podcast Logo

A podcast in many ways has become among the most popular forms of entertainment available today. People will listen to a podcast on their way to work; they’ll listen to a podcast during breaks, while they’re exercising, you name it. Numerous social media influencers have a podcast now. That’s the thing, the podcast field is pretty crowded. This means that if you are looking to enter the podcast fray, you’re going to need a killer logo to get noticed.

Check out a popular podcast. What is a hallmark of their brand? They probably have a professional podcast logo, right? That podcast logo is something by which their listeners can readily identify them. If you want to have a popular podcast, it all starts with a dynamic podcast logo.

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Create a New Logo to Attract Listeners

If you want to acquire listeners, you need to be recognizable. Your podcast needs to be one they quickly come to connect with your overall brand. Logos for podcasts run the gamut—from those logo designs that are whimsical and fun, to more serious ones, to name-based logos, to podcast logos featuring a microphone or headset…Whatever your podcasting preference, we have a podcast logo template that will fit the bill.

Step 1: After you sign up for and create an account, just choose a podcast logo or icon from our extensive library. We have a ton of logo templates to choose from. Find the podcast logo that most closely reflects your style and overall vibe. You will get to customize your podcast logo files in the next step. For right now, choose the design that feels right to you and will resonate with your listeners.

Step 2: Time to customize your logo. This is where you get to take the design lead! And we have made it super easy to do so. Change the colors, add certain elements, adjust your logo background. Anything you want to do in terms of your new logo design, we give you the power to do it. The end result is going to look amazing!

Step 3: Download your podcast logo and share it with your audience. You can use the logo design anywhere you see fit. How about for a podcast cover? You might use your new logo as an email signature following your name. You could also use your logo or icon for your podcast marketing materials.

A Logo Perfect for Any Podcast

Whatever type of podcast you might host, we know that one of our logos will work perfectly. Perhaps yours is a political podcast—we have a logo for that. Maybe you gravitate toward entertainment stories in your podcast--no problem, our team has you covered. Just enter the logo search criteria most relevant to your particular podcast and scroll through the results.

Choose from a Variety of Podcast Logos

There are so many podcast varieties out there that we knew we had to create an extensive library to meet so many different podcast needs. Among the more popular podcast topics and design/logo needs that we’ve seen are political podcasts, musical podcasts, literary podcasts and marketing podcasts.

What is your podcast about? Any topics, any interest, any form of discussion, we have a design to fit your logo needs.

For those nature lovers out there, we have podcast logos that really do capture the spirit of the outdoor world. Use it for your podcast cover and acquire an even bigger audience.

Are you a sports enthusiast needing a new logo for your podcast cover? We have the ideal design/icon!

For all things recent, relevant and related to pop culture, we have a logo design that is certain to be perfect for your podcast!