Learn how to edit a marketing video

When it comes to video marketing, good editing makes a big difference to the content that you create.


A polished, professional video has a far greater chance of connecting with and engaging your target audience than an unedited alternative.

No matter what industry (or YouTube account) you’re creating video content for, it’s essential to know about the most effective video editing tips. If you are a YouTuber, make sure your channel art is making you look the part!


In this post, we’ve chosen 10 of the world’s biggest industries and detailed how you can create great marketing videos for them. Each industry has different audiences, and we’ve shown you exactly how to tailor your content towards those audiences.

Financial Services Videos

Create professional content

When you’re creating a video to promote financial services, it’s essential that the final product looks professional and assured.

Video content for the financial services industry often depicts professionals from the various financial sectors at work.

Highlight reliability

In this video, a discussion is taking place between two financial advisors. The slow motion style emphasises their conversation and highlights their analytical capabilities.


The primary text in the design is formal and easily legible, effectively conveying the reliability of the service provider. You’ll rarely see a financial video that has bold and vibrant fonts and colours. Safety and security is really the name of the game when it comes to finance.

The background in the design eliminates the left side of the video, ensuring that the viewer’s eyes are firmly focused on the 2 models in the video and the title text.


In the editing stage, you should cut out any excess footage where possible. A simple, streamlined advertisement is what will attract the attention of a potential client.

Real Estate Videos

Focus on emotions

Real estate marketing videos should aim to show the happiness that the purchase of a new home can bring. Whether it’s your first, second or third home, getting the keys to a new abode is typically a big milestone.


These videos will typically showcase new homeowners, footage of a property for rent/sale or a real estate agent.

Use slow motion to emphasise

A well edited real estate video will help you to make the best possible first impression on a potential buyer.


The above video shows a happy couple embracing after they have received the keys to their new home.


For the majority of the video, the keys are the focus point, highlighting that their happiness is down to the new house they’ve just bought. The slow pan of the camera emphasises the expressions on their faces.


When it comes to video effects, slow motion is one of the best for placing emphasis on the subject of your video.

Retail Videos

Generate interest in sales

Marketing videos for retail advertise sales and promotional offers, so they are often vibrant and eye-catching.


They tend to convey scarcity and urgency in an attempt to convince potential customers that they should buy before the sale ends.

Experiment with tempo

This retail video template is very well edited. When the video begins, the pellets fall rapidly, in sync with the message advertising a flash sale.


The video then slows down considerably as the words ‘shop now’ are emblazoned across the design in bold white text.


The sudden change in the speed of the video attracts attention and focuses the eye on the message that the content is delivering.


The colour of the text is also very well chosen. The combination of red and yellow for the flash sale animation is easily noticeable and red is especially known for its ability to inspire urgency.

Food Videos

Visually appealing food videos

A good food video will display the food it features in a very appealing way. Their goal is usually to make the food look as attractive as possible, thus encouraging customers to buy it.


Due to the wide variety of foods that are available to eat, there are many different approaches to food videos. For example, a video that advertises health foods will usually highlight nutritional benefits, while a video marketing chocolate will often focus on its taste.

Choose suitable effects

This food video template reveals its subject, a mouth-watering pineapple, in stunning fashion.


A slow motion effect is used to gradually introduce the pineapple into the frame of the video, allowing us to clearly see every detail.


The rippling water in the design creates a mesmerising spectacle that makes the video even more engaging.


These kinds of video effects, which can enhance the visual appeal of food, are commonplace in food marketing videos.


The text in the design fades in and out to match the pace of the video. It’s also large, bold and easily legible, clearly conveying the message of the content.

Technology Videos

Show off your skills

The goal of a technology marketing video is often to emphasise the sophistication and reliability of a business or product.


Tech companies need to be able to show that they can offer something that a customer needs and wouldn’t be able to implement themselves.

Strive for clarity

The swirling pattern in this video sets the technological theme and provides an interesting background.


A turquoise text box is inserted into the video and a white line is used to segment it, adding structure to the design.


The main text is above the line, while the tagline is below it. A viewer of the video is left in no doubt about what’s being advertised.


Other tech videos might feature technology in action and if you are creating those types of videos, it’s best to cut out any unnecessary jargon that might confuse customers.

Music Videos

Make an impact

Communicate the energy and emotion that music brings by thoughtfully editing your music video.


Music makes people feel something and a music marketing video should aim to do exactly the same.

Promote your music

The slow motion effects in this video puts the spotlight on the lead singer, heightening her stage presence.


The light in this design shines directly on her, making her flowing hair stand out against the darker background.


If you had a band logo, you could insert it into the video to make sure that everyone knows who you are.


The text can be edited to display the date, time and venue about an upcoming gig or information about an album launch.

Travel Videos

Convey luxury and adventure

Shots of luxurious destinations and travellers enjoying them are typically the most popular content for a travel video.


Wide angles and bird’s eye views can help to accentuate the appeal of the location you’re showcasing.

Let the imagery do the talking

In this video, a happy couple are depicted enjoying their holiday while lounging in a swimming pool.


The camera pans slowly over them, focusing on their expressions of joy and their relaxed body language.


The video is edited in such a way that the animated text is unobtrusive, allowing the holiday imagery to come to the fore.


It’s a short video cut, which only lasts about 10 seconds, but in that time it still manages to paint a clear picture of what this travel agent has to offer a customer.

Science Videos

Keep it simple

Marketing videos for science purposes tend to be refined and are usually not too extravagant. They attempt to highlight discoveries, new technologies, new research endeavours etc.


These videos often feature scientific themes which relate to the subject of the content.

Using clear text

The text in this design is the focal point. It’s large, bold and clearly displays the message of the video.


There is important information here that needs to be displayed correctly, so it’s imperative that the text can be easily read. The dark background helps to contrast the text with the rest of the video.


The video is cleverly timed so that the image of the Earth bursts into an atom just when the first line of text disappears.


You could also create a science video which focuses on scientists and their work in a lab environment.

Medical Videos

Show your best traits

A medical video needs to highlight the competence, care and professionalism of an organisation and its workforce.


If a video is edited well, it will be able to effectively communicate these qualities to a potential client or patient.

Give your video a human touch

In this video template for a maternity clinic, the helpful nature of the staff is brought to prominence.


In the first part of the video, we see a midwife assisting a couple and their newborn child. This showcases how the clinic operates on a day to basis.


The video then cuts to another shot of the clinic’s staff, who are lined up together with reassuring smiles on their faces. The text overlay describes their extensive experience in the field.


Giving birth is a nervous time for many women, so it’s important that the video gives them confidence that they’re going to the right place.

Fashion and Beauty Videos

Make your video look great

As you would expect, fashion and beauty marketing videos need to look really good. A poor quality video will put off customers and can harm your brand.


When editing your video, you need to make sure that the lighting is correct, that it highlights your products or services and that it engages your customer.

Maximise positive feelings

The model in this beauty tips video beams at the camera as she dabs her face with a makeup brush.


Her smiling expression gives viewers a feeling of positivity and is an engaging way to open a video.


The sections of text are introduced in time with the movement of her head, allowing for a flowing viewing experience.


This video template is for a beauty tips YouTube channel, but if you want to advertise a product or service, there are lots of editing options available on Design Wizard.

Use our video editor to create your own content

Now that you know how content can be edited to suit a specific industry, you can start to apply the tips you’ve learned to your own videos.


Design Wizard is one of the best video software for beginners and you will have the option to customise all of the video templates in this list.


You can add your own animated text, insert images, upload your own videos and use a timeline to edit the length of your design.


In just a few minutes, you can make a personalised video that is ready to be used on social media, your website, ad campaigns, blog posts and much more.


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