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9 Phone Logo Templates

What can help make your company stand out and get the attention of the people you want to attract? A brand new phone logo! Smartphone logos represent a very modern-day twist on a classic icon. And especially if you are a business that deals in technology or electronics, somehow integrating phone illustrations into your logo design really can have a huge impact.

When people search for a company with which to do business, they are looking for professionalism and a brand that is relevant to their needs. What could be more relevant than a phone? We are on our cell phones for a whopping four hours a day. Using this iconic image as part of your overall brand content is only going to help draw in the customers!

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Search Through Our Library for Your New Phone Inspired Logo

Logo design has never been easier. Design Wizard’s dashboard really does make it a cinch. With a multitude of searchable categories, we give you plenty of photos, drawings, and other types of designs from which to craft your very own phone inspired logo.

Step 1: Choose a template and start your logo design. Our professional team has taken care of the heavy lifting. You just need to pick the design that appeals to you. Think of the type of phone logos that will look best on your site, on marketing materials, across your social media channels. Get inspired by our extensive library!

Step 2: Customize your brand new logo. We offer a multitude of customization options. You can adjust the color, tweak the background, even rearrange part of the layout depending on the chosen logo template. You can even personalize your design if you so choose. We want you to feel free to have some fun with your new phone inspired design.

Step 3: Download and use your logo design wherever you like. Again, the process could not be simpler. Just download your design and use it where necessary—be it on a website, social media, ad campaign, business cards, you name it.

Why Choose a Phone Inspired Design?

Again, we live in a day and age where technology prevails and the pervading symbol of that technology is, what else, a phone. Especially if your company is one that deals predominantly in all things digital or electronic, a phone based logo could be that “wow” factor you’ve been needing.

Some other reasons to go with this particular type of logo:

- A phone is universal. Maybe your clients are not just English speaking. Everyone understands what a phone symbolizes.

- A phone image can apply to many business categories. From IT companies to legal firms to even those selling baked goods and cookies online, there are always ways to use a phone to capture the essence of what you’re trying to do.

- Phones represent communication. And communication should be at the heart of any good company culture.