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9 House Logo Templates

What do you need to take your business to the next level? How can you really gain more attention and establish some increased credibility for your house-based company? A house logo really can help set you apart from the competition. And with Design Wizard’s super easy-to-use dashboard and design tools, we make it simpler than ever to generate a logo that looks professional and yet is uniquely you!

Whether you are a house builder, an interior decorating company, a house-based supply store, you name it, we have the perfect house logo template for you. All you have to do is start customizing and make your new logo personal. Create a house logo that you can truly be proud of.

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Customize Your Free House Logo or Logos

Whatever your specific logo needs, however many logos you may require for your house business, we have an extensive library from which you can choose. House logos really can be quite eye-catching, not to mention attention-grabbing. If your job is that of a house remodeler, and your competitors lack sophisticated marketing materials, you’re guaranteed to come out ahead by designing your own custom house logo.

Step 1: Choose a house logo or house logos to get started. Our expert graphic arts team has taken care of the hard part for you. We understand what visual elements work, what is striking and what gets noticed. You just choose the free house template that best reflects your brand.

Step 2: Customize your free house logo. You now make your logos your own. That’s right—our dashboard enables you to change up pretty much any design element associated with the logo template. House logos that you create online don’t have to be run-of-the-mill, they can be personal and true to the essence of your house brand. Change up the color, add background elements, reshape and resize your logos. Get creative here!

Step 3: Download your free logo design. Whatever you choose to do with your logos, we’ve made it easy. Save and share. You can also use your logos on business cards and marketing brochures. If you attend house-based trade shows, you might also put your logo to work for you there as well. Sky’s the limit.

Logos that You Can Download and Use Anywhere

The great thing about our logos and our many free logo collections is that they really can be used anywhere. Some of the places our customers have used their new house inspired logo:

What Companies Should Use a House for Their Logo?

While there are many types of businesses that could benefit from using a house for a logo, among the more common ones are: builder, designer and real estate professional. Any house-related business really can punch up their logo with a house inspired element.

There are tons of companies that could all benefit from a house logo. And with our dashboard and comprehensive house logo collection, you get to choose from hundreds of house designs and logo types in order to find what works best for your organization.