Introduction to vlogging

YouTube vloggers are people who posts regular videos on social media about themselves or their lives. There are thousands of amazing vloggers that you should be aware of. We decided to make it easy for you by giving you a list of the top 100.

YouTube Categories

There are over 31 million YouTube channels, so how do ? In this blog, we have taken a look at some of the vlog genres that you could enjoy. Whether you’re a mom looking to see other moms in action, or a techie who needs to hear about the latest phones, there are channels here that you will love.

Video is the king of content, these creators know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to video content creation. Each video is a reflection of these YouTube Vloggers, and their vlogs are their careers, so they are all quality productions!

Make sure to hit the subscribe button if you find a channel that you like! With that in mind, let’s get to the best YouTube Vloggers. You can also create youtube playlist for video that you really like and see it again later. If you really like a vloggers you can promoting his youtube channel to congrate his working.

There are a so many chains that it begs the question "how to become a youtuber? "

Fitness Channels

Fitness message - Image

Everyone has the best of intentions to get fit and healthy. These channels will help you get up and get active. Take a leaf out of their book and get ready to change your life. Meals, workouts and nutritional information galore!


This English gentleman is known for his love of bodybuilding, food and family. Matt’s channel boasts many videos of jaw dropping physical challenges. From epic cheat days to training like a US Navy seal, the variety of content will keep you entertained for days. Matt also provides helpful tips and tricks for people looking to shape up. 1.2 million people follow Matt and his fitness journey. If you love weights, you’ll love MattDoesFitness.

Natacha Océane

Natacha is a sprinter and overall glamourous athlete. She began her fitness YouTube channel back in 2015. Now you can find her studying Biophysics and sharing her tips on healthy eating and working out to her 600K followers. Natacha is honest about her lifestyle and often shares her own experience with fitness in her vlogs. Looking for a lady to guide you through the fitness journey? Natacha can help with her own range of workout guides!

Stephanie Buttermore

Fitness, Check. Education, Check. Great Vlogs, Check. Stephanie has it all. Working as a cancer research scientist while maintaining an active lifestyle, this girl is no stranger to spinning a lot of plates. Having obtained her PHd, you already know that all her information shared is science based. Stephanie shows some great videos on combining calories with working out to reach your desired goal. Her channel is fun, honest and very motivating and has 900K followers.

Jeff Nippard

A competitive powerlifter and bodybuilder, Jeff is passionate about drug free weightlifting. Having a bachelor of science in biochemistry, he is more than capable of showing people how to weight train and build muscle mass in a safe way. He features many how-to videos and vlogs on exercising certain muscles and teaches viewers what to eat to stay lean. The bodybuilding world is highly competitive and Jeff is one of the best around with 1.6 millions followers.

Chloe Ting

This Aussie girl creates vlogs that cater to every need. Whether you’re a gym bunny or a home gym lover, Chloe has you covered. She posts weekly videos with healthy recipes or entire workouts. With over 2 million subscribers, her fans are extremely loyal. Chloe has videos for everything from growing your booty to cooking nutritious meals in just 30 minutes. Keep an eye on her channel if you need some inspiration.

Hanna Oberg

Imagine a full time fitness loving influencer and a nutritional advisor all in one person. Dreams do come true in the form of Hanna Oberg. With videos on focused muscle building to updates on her personal life – including her pregnancy – her content is varied, but contains enough information to keep you focused on your goals. Hanna aims to help the 650K people who follow her to meet their fitness goals in a way that easily fits into their lifestyle.

Fitness Marshall

Caleb is a fitness instructor known for his up tempo dance workouts hosted on his YouTube channel. If you’re a fan of dancing and staying fit then you will love the Fitness Marshall. A variety of music means you can bop along to whatever songs take your fancy. Don’t worry if you’re not a trained dancer, every song is easy to complete. 2.1 million people love to dance along with Caleb!

Krissy Cela

Krissy is a British fitness Queen who has grown from strength to strength in the world of fitness. Beginning her journey within the last two years while also studying for a degree in law (from which she graduated in 2019). Fun loving and relatable, she launched her own app, The Body & Sculpt app where users have access to workouts and nutrition. Over 460K people look to Krissy for fitness tips!

Holly Dolke

The goal for this fitness channel is to make people feel unstoppable. Fitness is a key part of Holly’s life and she wants to help people take the first step. With over 500K subscribers and videos to workout every part of the body, Holly can provide all you need to know to bring fitness into your life. She even has a quiz to determine the type of exercise that’ll suit you best.


Cassey uses her YouTube platform to showcase her talent for pilates and guide people in their workouts. Over ten years ago she began posting her videos for her audience to enjoy. Since then she has gained over 4.5 million subscribers who love her workouts! With a vlog series full of challenges available, now is the perfect time to start!

Beauty Channels

Set that foundation and blend your contour, it’s time to check out the highlights of the beauty world. Don’t know your shimmers from your transition shades?

Don’t worry these guys will help you to know all you need to about makeup!

Huda Beauty

Founder of the self-titled makeup line, Huda Kattan is a game changer in the beauty world. Since the launch of the cosmetic line “Huda Beauty” she has used her channel to spread the word on all things beauty related. She often titles her vlogs in Arabic and English to showcase her Iraqi-American heritage. With over 3.5 millions subscribers, wannabe YouTube vloggers should watch and learn from Huda.

Carli Bybel

Makeup, hair, fashion, this girl can do it all. YouTube has been featuring Carli’s content for the past 8 years. An avid storyteller through her storytime videos, she’s extremely down to earth. On her channel you can find makeup looks for every occasion, which explains her following of over 6 million subscribers. If it’s an all-round lifestyle vlogger you’re after, Carli is the one for you.


Hailing from The Netherlands, Nikkie de Jager, better known as NikkieTutorials has been a leader in the world of beauty vlogs. Her series “The Power of Makeup”, which showcases just how transformative makeup can be, has featured famous faces like Kim Kardashian West and Drew Barrymore. In just a few years, she has become a beauty powerhouse of YouTube and gained over 12 million subscribers.

Zoe Sugg

A British beauty babe, this OG YouTube vlogger has paved the way for many of the newer channels. More so known for her brand name “Zoella” , she has grown an empire featuring shower products, a video app, and even a collaboration with colourpop. Although her main channel hasn’t seen content in over a year, Zoe posts regularly on her second channel. When combined, both of her channels amount to 16 million subscribers.

Jackie Aina

Another OG of the beauty community, Jackie has been active in the world of makeup for 10+ years. Not only is she a skilled artist, but she is a ball of energy. Her personality is big and bold, and her followers number at over 3 million and growing. She recently had supermodel Naomi Campbell on her channel to record a ‘get ready with me!’ Jackie’s videos are a great watch.


If you ever wanted to recreate yourself, take a look at this YouTube vlogger. Promise transforms herself into a variety of celebrities and creatures. Her main channel includes transformations into Scar from The Lion King and Billie Eilish. If you want more vlog content, you can head to her second channel to get to know the real Promise. Her main channel has over 5.8 million subscribers.


A proud Aquarius, Kathleen is a fan of beauty challenges and staying old school. Testing new makeup, creating new nail looks and unboxing new releases is what Kathleen is great at. A frequent poster with at least one video a week. Her 4 million subscribers are loyal and are avid fans of Kathleen across all social platforms.


Special effects, Horror content and makeup, Mix them all in together and you get the wonderful Mykie! A self taught special effects and makeup artist, she has transformed herself into everything from a bratz doll to the Grinch. If you like things that are a combination of pretty and ugly, this is the vlogger you need to follow. You wouldn’t be the only one, she has almost 4 million followers!


Honesty is the best policy when it comes to Kristi. She prides herself on always being open with her opinions of products, no matter what! Kristi includes many aspects of her life in her makeup videos, so you know that what you see is what you get. With a channel which grabbing always more views on youtube and 800K subscribers, Kristi is one to keep an eye on!

Desi Perkins

LA based Desi is a queen of lifestyle. Her channel centres around self care, shopping sprees and creative makeup looks. Some of her top videos are of looks inspired by trending celebrities, but don’t be surprised if you spot some on her channel. Desi recently had Victoria Beckham on her channel! Over 5 years in and 3.3 million followers, Desi shows no signs of stopping.

Business Channels

Get inside knowledge on what it takes to run a business from the people that do it on the daily. These guys are all professionals with a heap of experience, learn from their mistakes and take inspiration from their videos.

Marie Forleo

Marie is so good at what she does, Oprah named her as a thought leader for the next generation. Helping people to create a business that will make them earn money through youtube or other business but also give them a lifestyle where they can actually live. Named in every top publication in the US, Marie now inspires people the world over. Her 500K followers on YouTube get access to her thoughts and interviews with other inspiring business leaders!

Jordan Platten

A speaker, author and mentor to hundreds of entrepreneurs around the globe. Jordan decided to leave the corporate world in pursuit of a better lifestyle. Only starting his channel a year ago, Jordan posts weekly vlogs and is one of the newest business YouTube vloggers. He has now over 50K subscribers and posts every week!

Neil Patel

YouTubeYouTubeWay back when he was just 16 years old and starting out with his first website, Neil paid marketing companies to help him out. After spending all his money, he knuckled down and searched the best youtube marketing campaign. Now the Wall Street Journal says he’s one of the most influential people on the internet. 500K people follow Neil and that number is growing daily. Neil is one of the best YouTube Vloggers for youtube marketing strategy.

Kevin David

In a former life, Kevin worked an 80 hour work week as an accountant. He realised there was more to life and chose to make money online instead. Now he posts at least one video a week to his 800K subscribers about how to live a better lifestyle. Speaking about passive income and financial hacks. You can learn a trick of two from Kevin.

Sunny Lenarduzzi

Needing guidance on branding, business and being your own boss? Sunny is here to help! Her mix of personal and business vlogs highlights that she knows what it takes to create a connection with her audience. With over 10 years experience on YouTube, her videos are easily watched and edited to perfection. Sunny has over 300K subscribers and posts twice per week.

Mike Vestil

With more than just a few online businesses, Mike has transformed his life and is now a digital nomad. Working while travelling through Asia, Europe and South America, Mike is still giving business advice to his 200K followers. Often featuring other business focused individuals, his content makes for an intriguing channel!

Grace Beverley

A new age entrepreneur, Grace is a great example of what new business influencers could be. With video content ranging from beauty and exercise to business, Grace includes every aspect of her life in her vlogs. With two companies started in 2019, she is one to watch for the future. Grace also has over 550K followers so there’s no stopping her.

Gary Vaynerchuck

Chances are if you like business vloggers, you’re already aware of Gary. With multiple businesses and investments under his belt, he is viewed as an inspiration to many. Using his channel, social media and speaking engagements to help others to make changes. Gary loves to splinter content but YouTube is often home to the full piece of video content. That’s why his 2.4 million followers are still there!

Graham Stephan

A real estate mogul, car enthusiast and now a YouTuber. Graham started his career in real estate at just 18 years old, now with over 120 million worth of sales, he shares his knowledge in his videos. Posting multiple videos in a week, if you’re interested in real estate then you need to join the 1.3 million people who are already following Graham. 

Gaming Channels

If there is one industry that has exploded in the last few years, it’s gaming. In the past you would just play with friends, but now you can play with millions of others all over the world. Some of the lucky ones play in competitions. These YouTubers not only play and review games, gaming is their life!


Anthony, also known as Panda, is an American gaming YouTuber who videos himself playing and reviewing games. Best known for his high-pitched wheezy laugh, he often teams up with other YouTube vloggers for challenges. He has over 1.6 million subscribers. This YouTube vlogger will keep you engrossed in the game with his quick wit and humour.


Yasmin is a well known YouTube Vlogger from the United Kingdom. She regularly posts “Let’s Play” and “Gaming Commentary” videos on her channel. Yasmin is a Minecraft lover and frequently features the game in her vlogs. Anime style games is another love of Yasmins! With over 2 million people subscribing to her channel, Yammy will be creating video content for a long time.

FaZe H1ghSky1

What makes Patrick or FaZe H1ghSky1 stand out from the crowd? The fact that he was only born in 2007! He’s already got over 1 million followers and signed a contract to play Fortnite professionally as part of the FaZe clan. His videos often feature his siblings and friends who try to take him on in various games.


Felix is a Swedish YouTube gamer and comedian, who had the most subscribed channel on YouTube for more than 5 years. On his channel he plays a variety of different games and has done for more than 9 years. With over 102 million subscribers, he is one of the best known YouTube vloggers around. Posting every other day, there’s no shortage of content from PewDiePie.


Mark has been on YouTube for over 7 years and has gained more than 24 million followers. Specialising in gaming, comedy videos and parody animations, Mark certainly has refined his craft. He has a love of scary games in particular, so don’t watch his videos if you scare easily, some will make you jump out of your seat.


Tiffany Garcia is a self-confessed geek at heart who just wants to make people smile. Her channel has gaming videos but also cooking and DIY projects. Just Dance, Minecraft and Sims are just a few of the many games featured on her channel. With 6.6 million subscribers, Tiffany is a leading lady in the gaming world.


An Irish lad, also known as Sean, who has a love of all games. Jacksepticeye posts gaming videos daily, so the wait for more content is super short. With a goal of spreading happiness to his 23 million subscribers, Sean tries out a variety of different games, including minecraft and Grand Theft Auto. Watch him play games with his endearing Irish accent, you’ll be hooked!


A former FaZe clan member, Turner Tenney recently left and has gone out on his own. A professional Fortnite player and Twitch streamer, Tfue creates gaming videos based on his live streams. With over 11 million followers on his YouTube channel and many more on his live streams, this YouTube vlogger has no shortage of dedicated fans.


Better known as Hannah, this YouTube Vlogger plays multiple different games from small indie productions to the world class developers. A big fan of puzzles and adventure, Hannah focuses on games with a storyline, including Mario & Luigi and Pokémon. Her quirky style of gaming has attracted over 1 million people to follow her channel!

Family Channels

A man with a beard sits on the sofa and holds a child in his arms - Who are family YouTube vloggers - Image

Family life can be hectic at the best of times. These YouTube vloggers capture everything from birthday parties to tantrums, first words to graduations. Watch these families grow with every video.


If you love daily vlogs then you will love Judy, Benji and their three daughters Julianna, Miya, and Keira. Posting daily vlogs since 2011, their vlogs include the normal family things like food shops, washing clothes and playtime. Judy is honest about mom life which makes her channel relatable to others. They have over 1.6 million subscribers and they have seen them transform from a couple to a family of five.

The ACE Family

Dad Austin, Mom Catherine, daughter’s Elle & Alaia plus a baby boy on the way, meet the ACE Family. The channel started 3 years ago when Elle was born. As the family grew, so did the love and chaos. Now with close to 18 million subscribers, the family post vlogs about their daily life and big occasions such as their wedding.

The LaBrant Fam

The LaBrant family consists of Savannah, Cole, Everleigh & Posie, with another baby due this year. This family loves to spend time together and have videos to show it. Over 10 million people follow the LaBrant family and their videos are child friendly too, so both parents and children can love this vlogging family.

The Edwards Family

Kyrah and Kaelin met when they were just 13 years old. They were married at 19 and have two sons together. They created their channel to show their work to balance young marriage, children and life together. These true high school sweethearts have 1.7 million followers and share their content in a wholesome way!


An Irish family with American roots, but living in England. With two adults, four children and six dogs, life with the SacconeJolys is anything short of boring. Jonathon and Anna married and chose to combine their surnames to create the SacconeJolys. Soon after came their children, Emilia, Eduardo, Alessia and Andrea. Close to 2 million people tune in to see their lives.

8 Passengers

The largest family on the list, the Franke Family have six wonderful children. Kevin and Ruby started the YouTube channel to document their journey as a family. Shari the eldest, then Chad, Abbey, Julie, Frankie and baby Eve. This family even has some pets including a dog and a pet snake. They often feature family outings or challenges in vlogs. They have almost 2.5 million followers which is cool too!


Keren and Khoa began their YouTube journey to show their path to parenthood with the birth of their first child Jackson. Then came Landon & Sutton! Nothing is off limits with this family – tragedy and hospital visits to baby talk and a lot of fun. With over 1 million subscribers, the openness of these YouTube vloggers makes their channel super endearing.

The Bafana Family

Marv and Nikky began their YouTube channel in 2017. Based in the United Kingdom, this family have given an insight into their traditional African wedding and their children’s first day of school. The Bafana family are raising their children right with fun, honesty and education at the forefront. 280K subscribers later, this family will continue to make wholesome content.

The Hay Family

A new family to the world of YouTube, The Hay family only started their vlog channel in April of 2019. From recurrent pregnancy loss to becoming pregnant to quadruplets, their life has changed enormously in 2019. To keep up with this now family of 7, you should hit that subscribe button. Just like the 104K others who have fallen for this family.

Celebrity YouTube Vloggers

Sometimes the glitz and glam is too far away and the chances of getting to know your favourite celebrity is too difficult. But then they creating YouTube channel and you get immersed in their lives! These celebs have dived into YouTube.

Shay Mitchelle

Known previously as Emily from Pretty Little Liars, Shay brings her fans into her world through her camera lens. Her vlogs covers fashion, beauty, makeup and most recently her pregnancy! 4.2 million followers have watched Shay go behind the scenes on shows and sharing her tips for makeup. To find out what she’s up to next, keep an eye on her channel.

Victoria Beckham

Whether you know her as posh spice, David Beckham’s wife or as a fashion designer, Victoria is someone that fame could not forget. If you want to learn more about the world of fashion, behind the scenes at casting, the making of advertising on youtube or the runway shows themselves, you can do so here. Victoria shows off her personality to her 100K followers, which was rarely seen in public until now.  

Will Smith

With over 25 years in the entertainment industry, Will has done everything from acting to music and has become an icon in the process. His quick sense of humour has given him over 7 million subscribers. Follow his life, work and family through his vlogs and see what it is really like to be the Fresh Prince of BelAir.

Adam Savage

A special effects designer, fabricator, producer and co-host of MythBusters, Adam is someone who loves to create things! He has built everything from a suit of Excalibur armour to movie prop replicas. He continues his love of construction on his YouTube channel, along with his 4.5 million followers. Watch the journey from ideas to completion with these insightful vlogs.

Zac Efron

Actor and model Zac shot to fame in High School Musical. Now you can watch him workout with his “gym time” vlog series. Travel with him in the “off the grid” series as well as meeting some of his friends along the way. With less than a year on YouTube, Zac has gained over 1 million subscribers. Professionally-edited, these vlog series have amazing quality.

Kylie Jenner

The youngest of the Kardashian clan, Kylie is the world’s youngest self-made billionaire with her cosmetic line “Kylie Cosmetics”. If the TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” wasn’t enough, Kylie now gives her fans a look into her life with her channel. 7.5 million people follow her vlogs and see what she gets up to in her daily life!

Russell Brand

An actor, comedian and now a spiritual guide, Russell’s evolution is remarkable. The former drug addict has shunned his past life and now helps others to look after their mind, body and spirit through healthy eating, meditation and spiritualism. 2 million followers later, Russell shares his thoughts on what it takes to be a good human.

JablinskiGames – Jack Black

Singer, comedian, actor, YouTuber. Jack started his channel a year ago and features a variety of videos from TV show reactions, gaming live streams and hanging out with his friends. His crazy videos have given him over 4 million followers. Jack even brings people behind the scenes of movie premieres.

Romee Strijd

Known for her work in the Victoria Secret Fashion show and for being one of the biggest supermodels in the world, Romee uses her YouTube vlogs to showcase her workouts, diet and beauty tips. You’ll get to know the ins and outs of the world of top modelling. Her vlogs allow you to travel the world with her and her celebrity friends! 1.2 million followers later, Romee knows how to make an entertaining video.

Food Channels

Whether you’re sweet or salty, carnivore or vegan. There are plenty of amazing food YouTube vloggers to be found. From demonstrations to restaurant reviews and everything in between, there’s something for everyone.

Caitlin Shoemaker

With over 600K followers on YouTube, Caitlin is the queen of vegan food. Raised vegetarian she decided to become fully vegan in 2015. Specialising in creating vegan options of classic meals like holiday cookies and pot pies, but in a clean and healthy way. Caitlin wants to spread love of easy and delicious vegan food through her videos.

Binging with Babish

If you’re a fan of film and a lover of food, then Binging with Babish is your perfect vlogger. Taking inspiration from the movies, you can find some delicious recipes here. Although Andrew (better known as Babish) prefers to show the process rather than his face, his vlog series will give you great guidance into how to cook a dish from start to finish. Pick playlists based on the vlog type, recipe difficulty or meal type. Hey, he also has over 5 million followers!

Gordon Ramsey

This famous chef is known for his cooking skills, TV programmes and use of foul language but his vlogs have shown Gordon in a new light. From cooking the perfect steak to fluffy pancakes,, this channel has great content. You can also catch some guest chefs appearing to record a vlog or two! His main vlog series are “scrambled with” and “Ramsey in ten”, watch these to see the man himself in action. His follower count is 12 million and rising!

Laura in the Kitchen

With 3.5 million followers, Laura’s channel will definitely make your stomach grumble. She uses her YouTube channel to share her love of cooking and a few tips to improve your culinary experience. Laura is one of the best foodie youtube vloggers on the scene, treating each video like a full cooking show. You can find gorgeous recipes for classic American and Italian cuisine!


If you’ve seen food videos on Vice, chances are you know Matty. Starting his career as a chef, he has now amassed a huge online following. His latest venture is “Just a Dash”, a series of YouTube vlogs where he cooks some tasty food. Simple As! Posting every other week for the last three months has gained Matty 400K followers already. Outrageous antics and hearty meals combine here.

Simnett Nutrition

Derek is certified nutritional practitioner, focusing on vegan and plant based diets. If you have any questions about food myths that you want busted you can probably find the answer here. Discussing the benefits of various superfoods, Derek enables people to make informed decisions based on facts. Over 400K people follow this YouTube vloggers guidance for staying healthy!

Adam Ragusea

Not limited to cooking videos, Adam also creates videos about food science and home cooking. Explaining the reasons behind why you can’t eat raw chicken, how to thaw meat safely and explaining different cooking methods. Adam has over 500K subscribers and often creates videos that are perfect for families. Enjoy some science with his amazing food vlogs.

Pick Up Limes

Sadia is a promoter of productivity and living a healthy life. Use her channel to find healthy recipes, get inspired and find some calm in the hectic world of today. 2 million people subscribe to Sadia’s vlogs and use her vegan recipes. Her vegan breakfast and lunch videos are the most popular on her channel. She makes vegan recipes very accessible for all of her viewers.


A London based lover of cupcakes and nice things, Jemma runs Crumbs & Doilies, a cake company and bakery, so you know that she’s the real deal. Cakes to cookies and brownies to biscuits, Jemma shows you how to make them all. When she goes on tour you’ll be brought along too to try out all the goodies from around the world. With 1.6 million subscribers, this YouTube vlogger will fix your sweet tooth!

Joshua Weissman

Josh makes entertaining and inspirational vlogs based on food. A fan of carbs and butter, these recipes are good for the soul. Open the cupboard to new recipes like French onion soup and homemade gravlax. With a fast growing subscriber count of 800K, Josh is climbing the ladder all the way to the top to YouTube food royalty.

Animal Channels

Animal lovers rejoice, these channels will give you insights into what the realities are for living with creatures big and small. Reptiles to critters, dogs and cats, these YouTube vloggers will certainly bring a smile to your face.

Brian Barcyzk

A true lover of all cold-blooded animals, Brian is a reptile breeder and proud pet owner. He posts a vlog a day featuring the animals, their enclosures and their diets. Some creatures you can expect to see are snakes, geckos, tortoises, alligators and spiders. 2.4 million people follow Brian as he provides educational content, you can get your wildlife fix through a screen! 

Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

Should your dog need some training you should not overlook Zak! Providing top tips for getting your pooch to behave themselves without any screaming or pleading. A certified dog trainer, Zak knows every trick in the book to bring out the best of your dog. 2.2 million people have chosen to follow Zak because he posts a new training video every week.

Paul Cuffaro

Paul is an internet personality and animal lover. Living on a mini farm allows Paul to have loads of different animals in close proximity. It’s clear from his channel that fish are his primary love, but you can also expect to see turtles, pigs, swans and chickens. If you need fish tank inspiration, Paul’s channel will guide you in the right direction. 1.4 million people subscribe to his channel to see what Paul and the animals get up to on a weekly basis.


Emma is a former zookeeper and animal educator. She began her YouTube career back in 2018, where she made a video about kissing her pet cockroaches. A wholesome channel that features beautiful and rare pets like Kookaburra birds, tree frogs, ferrets, skunks, and toads. By watching her videos you can tell Emma has real love for her pets, it’s no surprise that over 600K people have followed her vlogs.

Kamp Kenan

Reptile lovers, this is one for you! Kenan uses his vlogs to highlight the beauty in all scaly animals. All the rescues stories featured on this channel are real life as Kenan has dedicated his life to the breeding and conservation of turtles, tortoises and other exotic reptiles. If you’d like to learn from reptile experts and understand more about the different breeds and reptile care, you need to subscribe. Over 500K people already have!

Tech Channels

From the latest gadgets to predicted new releases. These guys love all things technical. The best thing about this is that you can check out their YouTube videos ideas before making any decisions on new tech.

Linus Tech Tips

Linus is a tech lover, so much so that he has four channels where he posts his vlogs. On this channel he posts product reviews and step by step builds on tech-focused devices. Often featuring his friends, his videos are entertaining, but informative too. Learn something about building equipment while also enjoying his videos, along with the 9 million other followers.

Marques Brownlee

A self-confessed YouTube geek, Marques is a massive fan of consumer electronics. Phones are a frequent visitor to his vlogs, but if something has a screen, Marques has probably reviewed it. Always giving a fair review, you can trust his thoughts on all things tech. He even has a series on retro tech! Watch his tech journey with his almost 10 million subscribers.


Not just your average guy, Jud is no stranger to voicing his opinion on the latest and greatest pieces of tech available on the market. From unboxing his orders to updates on how he is getting on with various products, Jud is always open and honest. If you needed a second opinion on something, this is where you need to go. With a growing fan base, you can expect his 2 million subscribers to be even higher very soon.

Unbox Therapy

Lewis is a fan of the newest, strangest and arguably best tech, but also their competitors. With vlogs featuring the coolest products on the planet, this channel breaks everything so you know every detail. Not limited to just the most expensive products, Lewis reviews a lot of different things, from shoes to airpods and everything in between. 15 million people have subscribed to him and it’s not a mystery why.

Jenna Ezarik

Our first tech female is a fan of gaming, traveling, her family and of course candy. If there’s a product or an app that you need to know about relating to these topics, Jenna can help. From sharing what she has on her own iPhone to reviewing gaming headsets, Jenna does it all. Jenna has almost 1 million subscribers too!


First posting a video when he was only 15, Arun is now an economics student and is still making videos. He now has over 3 million subscribers and reviews software and physical products, giving all the information in an easy to digest manner. He makes some technical jargon accessible to non techies. Subscribe if you want to see tech trialed in everyday situations!


Jerry’s tests technology from the inside out. Specialising in durability tests and fixing broken products like drones. If you’re wondering which tech product will last the longest and has the best quality manufacturing, Jerry can tell you. 5 million followers later, people love to watch him bring products back to basics. See the tech you love broken down to their basic components with these fascinating vlogs.


Patrick is an ex-tech lead for both Facebook and Google and is now a multi-millionaire entrepreneur sharing his knowledge on YouTube. Software is his thing, often sharing his own experience with coding and programming languages. Now that he has 600K followers, he helps people get started with their careers in tech.

Patrick can give you all the advice you need to know befoure launch your youtube channel. He can teach you  how to make a youtube intro, youtube banner ideas, find the right channel name or the right thumbnail size and lot of more other things. All this advice an helping hand to make youtube videos that will be succesfull.


Very few YouTube Vloggers have the diversity of content like Justine. From Tech and Travel to Gaming and Food, there is a vlog for you whatever your taste. 6 million people love to tune in and watch Justine share her stories and thoughts. Often filming videos on various phones to test them against each other to ensure you can get the product with the best camera!

Vlog Channels

Vloggers taking a selfie on winter holidays - Who are YouTube vloggers - Image

Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall in the lives of YouTube vloggers? These people bring you along with them and their journeys. Whether it’s social commentary or questionable video topics, these vloggers are sharers!

Casey Neistat

You’re probably aware of this vlogger, but if you’ve been living under a rock for the last 8+ years, let me introduce you. Born in 1981, Casey has become a key player on YouTube with over 11 million subscribers. His vlogs show his real life shenanigans, including travel, tech and cars. Using his channel to capture special moments, he really is easy to watch.

Alfie Deyes Vlogs

The other half of the YouTube power couple that is Zoella and Aflie, this guy has a channel dedicated to giving his 3.8 million subscribers access to their personal life. Alfie designs his vlogs to bring the viewer along on his adventures, including trips away and birthdays. Charismatic and funny, this vlogger let’s his fans really get to know the real him and gives a small glimpse into their world.

David Dobrick

Founder of the infamous YouTube group known as the Vlog Squad, David entertains his 15million fans with challenges, pranks and general banter. Posting three new vlogs a week, this YouTube vlogger shows no sign of stopping any time soon. Winning many awards including “vlogger of the year 2019”, David has changed the game when it came to vlogging!

Julian Solomita

Julian is a true Aries, cool yet chaotic. He also happens to be going out with Jenna Marbles, who we will meet later. Julian makes a variety of different vlogs which include but are not limited to his dogs, his jiu jitsu practice, his girlfriend and his love of cooking up a storm in their kitchen. His videos are wholesome and entertain over 2 million people.

Mo Vlogs

Dubai-based Mo can show you how the other half live. Super cars to first class flights, if you like expensive things, you will love Mo’s vlogs. His sister Lana Rose is also a YouTuber and often features in his videos, along with his mother and girlfriend. His videos show off his cars as well as his luxury travel! Over 8 million people decided to subscribe to his channel, one to add to the list.

Hannah Hart

Hannah began her YouTube journey filming a series of videos known as “my drunk kitchen”. From there she began filming collabs with other YouTubers and celebs. An OG in the world of YouTube, Hannah uses her platform to promote LGBTQ+ rights and her 2.3 million subscribers love her for it!

Jason Nash

The oldest member of the vlog squad, Jason found fame by using Vine. Following the closure of the app, he headed to YouTube and met David Dobrik. He regularly shows his children and family in his vlogs, as well as his family of misfits, also known as the vlog squad. With 2.5 million followers after only three years on YouTube, Jason will continue to spread the love through his vlogs.

Philip DeFranco

Philip has been voicing his opinions on YouTube for over 13 years now. From topical news to Hollywood controversy, Philip has been giving his thoughts on everything. His storytelling has gained him over 6 million subscribers. Despite a running commentary, Philip has managed to avoid controversy and stay in the good books of many! Philip is a YouTube vlogger not to be missed.


On this channel you may find dogs, crafts, Julien (her boyfriend) and a lot of laughs. As a YouTube Vlogger, she posts weekly videos that often mention her family and attempts at different DIY projects. These videos are super light-hearted and Jenna’s 20 million fans tune in to see what she can come up with next! If you ever wanted to see someone turn themselves into a glitter ball, JennaMarbles is the YouTube Vlogger for you.

Josh Peck

If you were a fan of the Nickelodeon show Drake and Josh, you must be aware that Josh Peck is now a vlogger on YouTube! He posts many videos of his friends trying to complete challenges like eating spicy food in LA and also shares intimate moments such as his wedding and his babies first time trying food! Learn who the real Josh is, along with 3.5 million followers, with a look into his real life through his vlogs.

Travel Channels

Needing inspiration for where you should visit next or stuck in a rut at work and living vicariously through what you see online? These travel vloggers will activate your wanderlust and have you booking those flights in no time.


Just as the channel name suggests Louis is a fan of having fun while travelling the world. Posting regular vlogs (almost daily) you can keep up to date with Louis, wherever he is in the world! Having visited amazing places like Sri Lanka and the Maldives and some controversial locations like North Korea, Louis isn’t afraid to push the boundaries. His 2 million followers love his content and I’m sure you will too!

Jennelle Eliana

Van life, plus snakes and heaps of adventure, Jennelle is one of the most unique YouTube Vloggers out there. It’s only been a few months since Jennelle launched her channel but in that time she’s gained over 2 million followers. Watch her life in her 1995 GMC Vandura Explorer van with Alfredo the pet snake.

Max & Lee

An Australian/Canadian couple who started their tour of the Americas in 2017 in their custom built sprinter van! At the same time they brought their beloved companion, Occy the Australian Shepherd dog along for the journey. So far they’ve crossed into 11 different countries and won’t be stopping any time soon. You can join their 400K subscribers and keep track of where they’ll go to next!

Eamon & Bec

Another van life power couple, Eamon & Bec are advocates of the vegan lifestyle and a greener environment. Their goal is to spread positivity and see the world at the same time. Their van life has seen them conquer Europe, Mexico and America, so far. Eamon and Bec often take breaks from their travel vlogs and return to Canada before planning their next journey. Their channel also delights their 400K subscribers with food videos plus tips and tricks for travel.

Sara & Alex James – 40 Hours of Freedom

One couple, one baby, two dogs and a lot of laughs. This couple shows the realities of living in a van, nothing is left to the imagination. They also show the process from buying a van to getting the van ready for the open road! Get real behind the scenes information from this real life van life family. Their 122K followers love to see their adventures.

Homemade Wanderlust

Dixie is a hiking pro and a pretty great filmmaker. Beginning her vlog channel back in 2017 when she hiked the Appalachian Trail, she has since undertaken many more of the world’s most famous routes. Most recently taking on the Camino from Southern France across Northern Spain. Dixie’s 200K subscribers are dedicated to watching her travels, if you need to know about international hiking, Dixie can help!


Alex and Marko are a set of brothers who live to travel. While on their journeys, they love to try the local food and immerse themselves into the local culture. They’ve visited everywhere from Poland to Tanzania and even Uzbekistan. Their vlogs feature stunning visuals of the local area and some quick wit from the brothers. With close to 1 million followers, Marko and Alex are YouTube vloggers to watch.

Hey Nadine

Travel hacks, packing guides and of course travel vlogs. Nadine has been exploring the world for the last few years. Experiencing locations like Singapore, Chicago and Ecuador, she shares the highs and lows of travelling. Plus Nadine is vegan, so she often shares the best places to buy the best vegan food in each location. Her 400K followers love to watch her travels through her vlog content!

Sailing La Vagabonde

An Australian couple that sail the high seas with their baby! Since beginning their sailing adventure over 5 years ago, Riley and Elayna and baby Lenny have travelled to Cape Verde, Bali, St Lucia and many more places. What’s even better, they started this journey with no sailing experience between them. 1.2 million followers later and they’re still going wherever the wind takes them!

Lost LeBlanc

Christian gave up everything to travel the world and pursue his dream of filmmaking. Luckily it all worked out for him and he has gained over one million followers and seen some great places. His vlogs have featured locations such as Tokyo, Easter Island and Norway. Christian’s eye for detail makes him one of the best Youtube vloggers. 1.3 million clicked that subscribe button, you should too!

To conclude

So there you have it. 100 of the very best YouTube vloggers you need to add to your list of subscriptions. Each vlogger mentioned above is a great reflection of everything that their genre on YouTube has to offer.


Some vlogs will make you laugh, some will make you jump, but most importantly, the YouTuber vloggers will provide you with information, entertainment, and a bit of inspiration.​

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