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National Sunday Supper Month

So what exactly is National Sunday Supper Month? This is commemorated during the month of January. Once upon a time, families used to gather for Sunday supper. They’d talk, share stories and listen to what their loved ones had to say. It was a meaningful experience that has since started to lose favor. It was about having a weekly chat at the family dinner table. Now, there is a supper movement that’s determined to bring back Sunday supper, inspiring families to actually sit down and eat together. As a result, National Sunday Supper Month was born.

When was the last time you sat down with your entire family? Can you really still call yours a family table? The Supper Movement and National Sunday Supper Month are trying to bring back the family meal and the concept of dinners with family.

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What is the Sunday Supper Pledge?

Simply put, this supper pledge states that you will commit to sit down to dinner at the family table at least once a week. It doesn’t have to necessarily be on a Sunday, just at least one day during the week when you can create amazing supper recipes and reap the emotional benefits of having delicious food with the ones you love.

What’s on the Menu for your Sunday Supper

Why not make it extra fun and create a special menu for your Sunday supper? Among some of the fun and creative recipe ideas (not to mention nutritious food) for these family dinners are:

Of course, any supper recipes you and your family think of will be special, if only because you are enjoying them together. Just think of a family favorite and go with it! Favorite recipes are always delicious! 

Design the Menu for Your Family-Friendly Recipes

This is where the fun part truly comes in! You can make an actual tangible menu for your weekly dinner celebration. Surprise the family foodie with it. Design Wizard can help! It has never been easier to create a custom menu. No design experience needed.

Step 1: Choose a menu template from our extensive library. So whether you’re making crab dip or asparagus crepes, you will be able to showcase the dish description on your Sunday supper menu.

Step 2: Customize your menu. This is the fun part. Add colors, change the background, adjust the fonts. Get creative with your Supper Movement menu!

Step 3: Save and Print. And that is really all there is to it. Now you have something fun to pass out to your family in anticipation of your weekly evening suppers.