Good student council ideas are hard to come by. That’s why you are here. If you are preparing to run for student council, you will need some solid ideas that can be the foundation of your campaign. With some planning and research, you can start to understand which ideas will work best for your campaign and put a pull strategy together.

Devising a campaign strategy is easy. Devising one that will win is not. It will take time and dedication, but the right ideas and some hard work can five you the edge.

Going up against your fellow classmates can be intimidating. Let’s face it, a lot of the time it is a popularity contest so how can you become your most electable self?

30 Student Council Election Ideas

We have compiled a list of the top 30 student council ideas that will help you win your student council election. We have created inspiring ideas for student council parties, posters, speeches and much more. These motivating ideas will help you stand out from the crowd and set your polls apart from your opposition.

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1. Create A Logo

When thinking about ideas for the student council, it can be easy to overlook your own personal branding for the council. Chances are, you are going to have a decent amount of campaign marketing collateral. These could include promotional videos, campaign flyers, student council t-shirts, posters, social media posts, and pretty much anything you can create to get your name out among the students! 

A good idea to make your content and student council ideas become associated with you as a candidate, is to create a student campaign logo. A logo is one of the best ways to represent yourself in a campaign.

Designing Your Student Logo

The best logo for a school election is simply one that represents you and your campaign. The logo could contain something in the design that’s relevant to your campaign, or your campaign slogan as the logo tagline. 

A good logo design provides a foundation for your campaign as it will be incorporated throughout your strategy. Making sure your logo fonts match you and your campaign style is an important part of your logo design process.  

Using a logo maker will take the hassle out of the creation process. Include an eye-catching design, play around with the text, choose a font style and vibrant colours. Your logo will dictate the overall look and feel of your campaign, so it isn’t something to consider lightly.

A strong logo will convey your student council campaign’s vision.

2. Talk To Your Fellow Classmates

It is really important to establish your core goals and objectives ahead of your campaign. Ideally, you are running for the campaign to make some positive changes and already have a decent idea of what could be improved. If not don’t worry, there is still time to talk to your fellow students and figure out what needs t be done.

Doing so will give you some starting points you can flesh out into campaign goals. Whether you’re determined to spice up the food in the school cafeteria, increase the budget for an even better homecoming dance or update the prom king and queen ceremony. Your priorities will structure the basis of your campaign.

Play the Long Game

Let’s be real, Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same goes for your student council campaign. With that in mind, it’s always better to start sooner rather than later. Running for student council is a complex process. It takes a lot of time and energy to plan. Getting started as soon as possible is a must to ensure you have enough time to secure those much-needed votes.

For starters, you need to get out and talk to your fellow classmates. Discuss with them the changes and improvements they would most like to see being made on campus. You need to make it your business to talk to as many students as possible. Make yourself known as being proactive from the very beginning of your campaign. This will help you gain the trust and respect of your classmates.


Once you have established your main intentions why not go the extra mile and expand your research?

A great method of doing so is to create a poll across different social media platforms such as FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Ask your classmates what changes they favor the most and get them as involved as possible. People love the opportunity to voice their opinion.

Social media polls are a great way to get feedback and insights in a timely fashion. It would be a missed opportunity if you didn’t consider this method of research during your campaign.

3. Come Up With A Catchy Slogan

Slogans have an important part to play in every type of campaign. They help promote your cause and increase engagement.

A slogan establishes what your campaign is about in a clear and concise manner. It represents your campaign. The key aspect to consider when creating a slogan is to ensure that it is memorable.

By this stage, you have spoken to your classmates, friends, and teachers. You have established your core campaign objectives and created your logo. So what are you waiting for? Create a memorable slogan that will reinforce these objectives. It doesn’t have to be long. In fact, something short and snappy is probably best in order to grab your audience’s attention.

Have a brainstorming session with your friends and create a shortlist of all your favorite slogan ideas. Think about your campaign and personal branding. Maybe even try designing a few posters with different slogan ideas to really get a feel for them.

Slogans Ideas for Your Student Council Campaign

Depending on the angle of your campaign, you might opt for a serious, or humorous slogan. Below are a few examples of student council slogan ideas.

Hope, Change, and Progress

Don’t settle for less. Vote for ________, he/she’s the best

Make no mistake, vote for_______

Vote for (Name), your Voice in Student Government

2-4-6-8 vote for______ don’t hesitate

You won’t be sorry you voted for______

I pay attention so you don’t have to!

4. Create a Persona For Your Ideal Voter

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The best way to win the student council election is to actually have the best ideas for the student council. Give the people what they want by crafting some excellent student council ideas. Easier said than done, though, right? 

To give the students what they want, you first have to know who they are, and what their goals and desires as a student are. By now you hopefully will have a decent idea and have gathered some helpful information from step 2. Talking to Your Fellow Students.

It can be very helpful to create the persona of your ideal voter using the information you already know. A persona will be part research and part assumptions.

Using this persona you can then craft a strategy around the students you think you can reach and help. Your student voter persona will also come in handy when creating content, as you will be able to plan and create content that you think will resonate with your audience.

So, grab a sheet of paper, or open a Google Doc and create a voter persona Start by asking a few questions, such as:  

Who are they?

Knowing they are students isn’t enough. Start thinking about which students are more likely not only to vote but vote for YOU. Maybe they are likely to be involved in societies or sports. Perhaps they’re more likely to be studying certain subjects.

Once you know this, it will be easier to reach out to them and win their vote with some well-planned communication and strategy.

What do they need from you?

So you’ve talked to your classmates and you have a good idea of the students you can count on. Now it’s time to put your findings onto paper so you can start formulating your plan of action. 

Really dig deep and flesh out what they want and need as a student. Doing so will allow you to nail down some solid campaigning points and policies that will resonate with students.

How can you help them achieve their goals?

Similar to the above, you want to enable students to achieve their goals, so finding them out is the first step. Knowing what they need to achieve their goals allows you to make a plan to help.

Now you can begin forming a student problems & solutions list, with you, hopefully, being the provider of the solutions.

How do you differentiate from the other candidates?

It’s not only important to get to know the voters and their needs, but it’s also important to suss out the competition, too. Find out what their ideas for student council are and make sure you aren’t missing a beat or an important topic you should also be campaigning for. Equally as important is make you have something that differentiates you from the other candidates

5. Write a Creative Student Council Speech

Student council speech - How to design clever student council posters, 30 ideas to boost your creativity - Image

Creative student council speech ideas can be difficult to write. Writing any sort of speech can be overwhelming in the beginning. After all, your speech is the last time that people will hear from you before they make their decision and vote. It marks the end of your campaign.

Your student council speech is something that you need to put a lot of time and effort into. It needs to be extremely persuasive.

Other candidates are likely to have well-prepared student council speeches ready to go. Your speech can be a make or break for the election. It’s important you are able to articulate your plans and ideas for the student council in a way that does them justice. You don’t want to be boring, yet you want to be taken seriously. Striking that balance can be tough. Try following the below student speech tips to help you nail your speech.

  • Introduce yourself – Don’t just simply start your speech by telling everyone what your name is. Open the speech with a question or a fact.
  • Grab your audience’s attention.
  • State your qualifications and experience.
  • List the reasons why you are running for student council.
  • Define your goals and objectives.
  • Explain the changes you will make and how you will implement these changes.
  • Explain how your peers will benefit if you’re appointed to a position on the student council.
  • Ask everyone for their vote.
  • Include any closing remarks.
  • Thank everyone for their help and support throughout the election.
  • Finish with your slogan.

Not only do you need to write a jaw-dropping speech but you also need to practice reading it aloud. Public speaking isn’t something that comes easily to most people so the more time you spend practising your speech the better. Practice rehearsing your speech in front of your family and friends and ask them to give you feedback.

A killer speech might be just the thing to win the last few voters. You have the potential to make your audience vote for you. This is the last hurrah so give it all that you’ve got.

6. Get The Teachers On Your Side

Teacher on stage - How to design clever student council posters, 30 ideas to boost your creativity - Image

If you are the type of student who sits at the back of the classroom chewing gum and scrolling through your Instagram newsfeed it is time to make a change.

Consider showing up to class a few minutes earlier than usual and striking up a conversation with your teachers. Make it known that you’re running for student council. Ask them if they can offer you any advice or insights.

Sit up at the front of the classroom. You need to make your teachers aware that you’re taking the election very seriously.

If there was one thing that I learned during my time in school it was that having the teachers on your side is always a huge plus. Reach out to them and ask them if they can lend you some time for your campaign.

Ask questions and get involved in-class debates. Be the teacher’s pet. You know you want to.

7. Gain Support

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Running for student council is a big undertaking, but as the saying goes many hands make light work.

In the lead-up to the election, you will need to recruit volunteers to hand out flyers, hang up posters, and spread the word.

Don’t be shy about asking your close friends, family, neighbors etc. to lend you a helping hand. The more the merrier! Let them know what policies you are planning to advocate and get them to hit the campaign trail.

Build an army to promote your candidacy.

8. Design Campaign Posters

Create eye-catching posters for student council using your logo and slogan. Reinforce the policies that you intend to implement should you win the election. A simple combination of your policies combined with a picture of you will make a decent vote for me poster, or class president poster for your campaign. 

Simple graphic design tools help you save time and are fun and easy to use. With a large variety of campaign-themed templates, you are already one step ahead of your opposition. Browse our student council posters templates for some inspiration around voting posters ideas. Once you find one you like the look of, simply upload an image of yourself to become more recognizable. Edit the text and colour scheme to make it fit your campaign perfectly. 

Hang your posters at every single corner of the school. Every corridor you turn, the football fields, the basketball courts, the cafeteria, the restrooms, the gym – make your campaign unmissable. Using well designed vote for me posters will, hopefully, encourage people to vote for you.

Take this opportunity to promote your intentions and get your name out there.

9. Create Flyers

Think flyers are a thing of the past? Think again. Flyers have always been a staple component in every marketing campaign. They are still a quick and easy way to get your message across.

Grab the attention of your classmates by creating flyers for the election.

Creating a flyer is easy with Design Wizard’s flyer templates. Upload your own logo and slogan, add text, your image and adjust the colour scheme.

Don’t get too hung up on including every minor detail. People tend to have short attention spans, so stay on point and don’t overwhelm your audience with an abundance of information. Make sure to include the most important details about your campaign.

The good news is that flyers are cost-efficient to print and simple to distribute. Round up your close friends, family, and neighbors and get them to give you a helping hand with distributing your flyers. Your classmates will be raving about your campaign in no time.

10. Social Media Posts

Optimize the power of social media and everything it has to offer.

Let’s face it, you need to make your classmates aware that you’re running for student council and there’s no better way than to blast it out over social media. After all, it is where they spend most of their time.

Creating catchy social media posts for platforms like FacebookTwitter and Instagram are a great way to spread the news, gain recognition, inform people of your goals and of any social election events that you have planned.

Your social media posts need to be visually appealing, clear and concise. It is important that they communicate your core message and intentions. Everything you share both online and offline needs to reflect who you are and what your campaign is about.

Create a Facebook page for your campaign and set up social groups on different platforms. Invite as many people as you can. Social media posts are a great way of reaching your target audience and keeping everyone up to date.

Putting a little bit of money behind your social media campaign can help increase likes, shares and overall engagement. Running advertisements that specifically target your peers and set to their location can help increase your social visibility.

Use social media as another way to interact with potential voters, answering any questions that may arise. Not everyone is always on campus, so take this opportunity to broaden your reach.

11. Don't Forget About TikTok

Young female tiktok influencer plays acoustic guitar in front of the camera - How to design clever student council posters, 30 ideas to boost your creativity - Image

Whether you love it or hate it, TikTok has gone from strength to strength in the past 2 years becoming one of the most popular social media channels.

“TikTok has about 80 million monthly active users in the United States. 60% are female, 40% are male. 60% are between the ages of 16-24. 26% are between the ages 25-44” – Wallaroo

With the majority of TikTok users falling in the student age demographic, it’s ideal for reaching students. Tiktok is no doubt one of the most (if not most) engaging and influential social media platforms out there, especially among students and young people. 

Using TikTok therefore to release your content and ideas for student council can be a fantastic way of getting in front of your audience. Creating snappy, funny and engaging content could result in thousands of views among students in your area. As TikTok says; ‘Don’t Make Ads, Make a TikTok.

12. Create a Content Calendar

Man writing on content calendar - How to design clever student council posters, 30 ideas to boost your creativity - Image

Being organised through your campaign is crucial. Don’t decide to wing your content or you will end up regretting it. 

Creating a content calendar can help your campaign run much more smoothly and avoid any unexpected issues at the last minute of an important day.

Write out a list of all the content pieces, posts, videos etc., and have a rough idea about what will go out and when. Obviously, staying flexible throughout the campaign is important, as things can change from day to day. That said, knowing at least when the main events and bigger, more important pieces of content will be released can help you prepare and avoid any problems.

13. Snapchat Geofilters

Two young girls take a selfie while lying on the bed - How to design clever student council posters, 30 ideas to boost your creativity - Image

Create your own custom Snapchat geofilter for your student election campaign. It is the perfect way to help you stand out from your opponents.

Simply create a custom Snapchat geofilter with an easy-to-use geofilter maker. Make it as fun and eye-catching as possible by adding in your logo, slogan, and campaign theme. It is so important that it is recognizable and can be easily associated with your campaign.

Select a date, time, and location in which it becomes live. Submit for review and wait for its approval.

Voila, may the Snapchatting begin!

14. Student Council Video Ideas.

Student holding camera for election video - How to design clever student council posters, 30 ideas to boost your creativity - Image

Good student council campaign video ideas should be a central focus when planning your campaign and content. Be as creative, funny, or serious as you want, depending on the direction and tone your campaign will take. 

Create a promotional video that will harness the attention of your audience. You have to take full advantage of technology and make yourself known across every single social media platform.

A promotional video will provide you with another channel to tell people who you are and what your campaign is about. It will humanise your campaign and make it a lot more personable, giving you a competitive edge over your opposition.

Keep it short; one to two minutes preferably. Students are time-poor and won’t be willing to watch a video that is much longer than a minute or two. Make sure your video is of a high quality and super polished. Avoid common errors such as rough cuts, poor sound, bad lighting etc.

Try to be humorous and make the video fun and entertaining to watch. However, if humour isn’t something that comes as second nature to you, you’re best to steer clear. The video should reflect who you are as a person.

Remain transparent by stating the core goals and objectives behind your campaign. Be sure to clearly demonstrate what your intentions are and how you will make an impact on the student council.

15. Prepare For The Student Council Debate

Student council Youtube Channel - How to design clever student council posters, 30 ideas to boost your creativity - Image

Once you have created your promotional video why not create a YouTube channel to post it on?

Setting up a YouTube channel is quick and easy to do. Set up a YouTube account, create a new channel, pick a name that best fits your campaign and fill in your description. Use this opportunity to reiterate your core goals and objectives.

You have come so far so why stop now? When you visit a YouTube channel the first thing you see is a YouTube banner along with video thumbnails. First impressions last so creating your own YouTube channel art might be something to consider.

Designing a YouTube banner and video thumbnails will make your channel easy to identify. Luckily, there are design tools that will make the process a whole lot easier. Simply pick a template, edit the text, and adjust the colour scheme to suit your campaign. Don’t forget to include your logo and slogan on your channel art. It shows people that you have put thought into your campaign by remaining consistent both online and offline. Make the channel your own creative space.

Finally, feel free to share your video across the social media sphere.

16. Prepare For The Student Council Debate

Man holding knuckles towards camera preparing for student council debate - How to design clever student council posters, 30 ideas to boost your creativity - Image

Very often schools hold debates ahead of the student council election. This allows the candidates to address any issues that they would like to tackle should they become elected.

Start researching debating methods and strategies to improve your debating skills. You need to be able to put your best foot forward. If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail! No debate is easy. Whenever our views are challenged it has the potential to throw even the most experienced debater off. Openly discuss your key beliefs with your family, friends, teachers and anyone who will listen. Get them to pick holes in your discussion; you need to be ready to think on your feet.

By being open to constructive criticism you will be able to put together favourable arguments that will support your claims. This will enable you to outshine your component.

17. Organise Merchandise

Coloured shopping bags - How to design clever student council posters, 30 ideas to boost your creativity - Image

Truth be told everyone loves merchandise. Promotional products are an effective method of advertising, especially when they are free.

With this in mind, it is a good idea to create branded merchandise for your campaign. The secret to free merchandise is to ensure that it offers value. It is extremely hard to resist something that is actually useful.

Stress balls, pens, water bottles, power banks, and USB sticks are excellent examples of merchandise that students will be sure to snap up. Make sure to include your logo and slogan on whatever you decide to create. Again, take full advantage of your friends and ask them to hand out the freebies across the school campus.

This type of marketing strategy will increase campaign visibility and exposure, securing you votes in the election.

18. Hand Out Baked Goods

Baked cupcakes for student election - How to design clever student council posters, 30 ideas to boost your creativity - Image

Handing out baked goods is another great way of enlisting support from your fellow classmates. As the saying goes, the way to a someone’s heart is through their stomach.

Cupcakes and cookies are the perfect fit. If baking isn’t your thing, round up a grandparent and put them to work. Place an image of your face on the baking. If there is room, why not try to squeeze in your slogan. It is all about making your campaign unmissable.

19. Give Out Free T-shirts

Man with black t-shirt looking up - How to design clever student council posters, 30 ideas to boost your creativity - Image

What is it about a free t-shirt that evokes sheer excitement in us all? Free t-shirts are generally one size fits all with a logo printed across the front or back (or both!). Regardless, there is something satisfactory about receiving one.

With this in mind, why not make t-shirts for your campaign? Print an image of yourself, your slogan and logo on them. It is so important for your potential voters to be able to put a face to your name. Whether your classmates wear the t-shirts during football practice or at the gym, they are raising awareness for your campaign.

Not only will the t-shirts come in handy as giveaways for your potential voters but they will also be useful for your volunteers. They serve a dual purpose. Get your entire team to wear them in the build-up to the election.

Getting your name out there creates familiarity which in turn makes people more likely to vote for you in the student council election.

20. Hand Out Drinks & Sweets

Skittles on a table - How to design clever student council posters, 30 ideas to boost your creativity - Image

This one is a popular one. Handing out free sweets throughout the campus can get you in people’s good books. Have your friends (wearing your cool campaign T-shirtshand out free sweets and drinks to students.

Don’t be afraid to have your campaign team walk through the library and give sweets, and possibly energy drinks to students studying in the library. A student hard at work may appreciate a drink or a few jellies more than you might think. It may even swing them when it comes to voting! 

21. Hold Virtual Events

In the last few years, we spent time apart and found it challenging to go about our business as usual. That’s why virtual event ideas could be a great idea to reach students who may not be on campus.

The virtual event could be a talent show, where you have students submit videos of them singing, dancing, playing an instrument, etc., then have a live stream on YouTube or Facebook. Students will be able to vote online for their favorite video submissions.

The virtual event could also come in the form of a musical performance or table quiz with winners receiving student-related prizes throughout the event.

Virtual events are a great way to build relationships with students and help grow your following. So no harm in scheduling one or two of these into your campaign calendar.

22. Get A Mascot

Mascot with monkey suit and monkey mask - How to design clever student council posters, 30 ideas to boost your creativity - Image

Mascots capture attention. Let’s face it, they’re extremely difficult to ignore. They create a buzz wherever they go. When people see a mascot they are more likely to stop and listen to what they have to say. It is in our nature to be curious which make mascots a perfect choice to get potential voters’ attention.

A mascot is a brilliant marketing ploy in the run-up to your student election. They’re tons of fun. If nothing else your peers are sure to be lining up to get a selfie with your mascot. It is guaranteed to generate a lot of attention during your campaign both offline and online.

There are endless types of mascots that you can use for your campaign. Anything from animals, to fictional characters, celebrities to objects. Whatever you choose, make sure that it represents your campaign’s policies and creates a positive image. A mascot will set your campaign apart from your opposition and help spread awareness.

23. Try A Flash Mob

Two people doing acrobatics - How to design clever student council posters, 30 ideas to boost your creativity - Image

Looking for a unique way to get more votes in the student council election? Organise a flash mob.

While a flash mob is spontaneous in its nature, it is something that requires a whole lot of planning. You need to consider the area where you want it to take place, choose a song, choreograph the dance moves, and decide on how many people you need in order to pull it off.

Pick an optimal time and place. Lunchtime in the school canteen is the perfect fit. Get everyone in the flash mob to wear your campaign t-shirts and spread the word!

Flash mobs are infectious. You can’t help but watch. They are cheap and are guaranteed to generate a buzz.

24. Advertise On Your Car

Car with student president number plate - How to design clever student council posters, 30 ideas to boost your creativity - Image

Car magnets are a cost-effective and efficient method of advertising. They are ideal for an election. All you need to do is include your logo and your slogan. Remember to keep it simple. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate design. It just needs to be noticeable so make sure the text is clearly legible.

Whether you’re in the school parking lot, stuck in traffic or cruising around the town, it will increase your campaign visibility.

25. Advertise on the radio

Blond woman speaking on the radio - How to design clever student council posters, 30 ideas to boost your creativity - Image

Broadcast your message across the airwaves of your school’s campus. Getting some airtime on the student radio station might be just the thing to reinforce your policies and capture the attention of your peers. Radio is an extremely powerful advertising medium. It is an inexpensive method of reaching your potential voters.

Of course, don’t just randomly skip class and go live on air. Instead, ask permission and figure out if it’s okay to advertise your campaign on the student radio station. Once you have gained permission, plan your script and schedule a slot for recording. Be sure to include your campaign objectives as well as your slogan. A radio advertisement needs to be to the point, short and snappy. Keep it upbeat and entertaining. You don’t want to put people to sleep while driving, right?

You will need to be persuasive to secure your votes! Tell everyone why it is in their best interest to vote for you.

26. Throw A Party

If there is one thing students like to do it is to party. After all who doesn’t like a good party?

Invitations go hand in hand with a party. So go ahead and create custom made party invitations that will make your campaign party unmissable. Add your slogan and logo to make sure you remain on theme. Include important details like the time, date, location, and dress code. Don’t feel like you have to divulge the entire agenda as people love a surprise. Perhaps a special guest or some form of entertainment might be something to consider.

Invite everyone across the campus. Hire a DJ, organise games and don’t forget the food and drinks. A party is guaranteed to bring everyone together. FOMO gets the better of everyone these days!

Take full advantage of the opportunity and get your team to tactically canvas around the room, hand out flyers and merchandise. Share your vision, talk to as many people as possible and promote your candidacy.

27. Get A Friend To Endorse You With Their Moves

Guy breakdancing - How to design clever student council posters, 30 ideas to boost your creativity - Image

We all have that one friend who loves to throw shapes and is just waiting for an opportunity to do so. Well, now it is his/her time to shine.

Get your friend to publicly declare that they are supporting your campaign with their dance moves at your campaign party. Ensure that they wear your campaign t-shirt so that everyone will know who they are rooting for. Give them an excuse to get their groove on.

28. Dress To Impress

Two boys in blazers and trousers - How to design clever student council posters, 30 ideas to boost your creativity - Image

Standing in front of an audience and delivering a speech is most people’s definition of a nightmare. However, knowing you look good is one less thing to worry about. Obviously, it isn’t a fashion show, but you need to look your best for this special occasion.

First of all, make sure that you’re well-groomed and dressed appropriately. Remember you’re running for student council so there is room to have a little fun. By no means am I suggesting that you rock up as Deadpool or Harley Quinn? Try wearing something subtle that makes you a little bit more memorable; maybe polka dot socks, a colourful tie, or a floral headband. It is a minor detail but it will help you stand out from your opposition.

Get up, dress up and show up!

29. Stay Cool, Calm and Collected

Hand heart - How to design clever student council posters, 30 ideas to boost your creativity - Image

Running for student council can be an emotional rollercoaster. You’re putting yourself in front of your entire class so you are bound to be subject to some criticism. Not everyone is going to agree with your policies and if they did, it would be a pretty boring school campaign.

You need to stay cool, calm, and collected. Keep your head on your shoulders and remain dignified at all times.

Try to relax with different forms of meditation, breathing exercises and yoga. Don’t let the pressure get the better of you. Give it your best shot.

Get up, dress up and show up!

30. Thank You Cards

The word 'relax' is written on the sand - How to design clever student council posters, 30 ideas to boost your creativity - Image

Running for student council can be an emotional rollercoaster. You’re putting yourself in front of your entire class so you are bound to be subject to some criticism. Not everyone is going to agree with your policies and if they did, it would be a pretty boring school campaign.

You need to stay cool, calm, and collected. Keep your head on your shoulders and remain dignified at all times.

Try to relax with different forms of meditation, breathing exercises and yoga. Don’t let the pressure get the better of you. Give it your best shot.

Get up, dress up and show up!

Once the campaign is over be sure to thank your family, friends, teachers and anyone who helped you along the way. It is nice to feel appreciated. Even something small like a custom thank you card and a candy bar will show your gratitude. Your campaign wouldn’t have been possible without everyone who lent you a helping hand.

Running for student council is a unique experience. The entire election process will develop your skills, broaden your experience and help you make connections. Being on the student council is guaranteed to impact your career in a very positive way. It does require a lot of time and hard work but doesn’t forget to have fun.

Go on start your campaign today. What are you waiting for?



Michelle is a Marketing Associate. She spent four years studying Media Studies in Dublin Institute of Technology before completing her Master's Degree in Marketing and Management in University College Cork. Michelle is a dog lover. She enjoys going on hikes with her four-legged friend, travelling and going to the cinema (mainly for the treats). Michelle often uses such tools as Background Remover and Add Image To Video Online by Design Wizard.