Browse our YouTube video ideas and get inspired to start your new channel or go for a new angle. YouTube is a platform that can provide huge rewards for channels that get a lot of views. The most successful YouTubers can do what they love and make a significant amount of money at the same time.

But if thinking of viral ideas was easy, everyone would be a YouTube influencer. There are many things to keep in mind when becoming a YouTuber. Increasing your YouTube views and subscribers can be incredibly difficult, and involves having everything right. From channel art to content. But, if you get everything right, YouTube can be a great place to earn a side income and pay your bills.

Make sure you have an attractive channel with cool channel art to set the scene and theme for your viewers. Perhaps you have yet to create a YouTube channel and are looking for some inspiration. Well, you’ve come to the right place. That’s where our huge list of the best YouTube video ideas comes in. We have compiled 102 superb ideas that can help you get more views. Each idea is accompanied by some helpful tips that detail how you can create your video.

You just have to trust yourself and do what you like to create a youtube channel. If you want to know how become a Youtuber, how create a video and have the best ideas, read this blog!

The 102 Best YouTube Video Ideas

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Before giving all of this great ideas you have to do something, find a good Youtube channel names. This is really important this the way your viewers will remember you and talk about you with their friends. 

This collection of YouTube content ideas is split into the below seven categories: YouTube channel video ideas for beginners, business, fashion & beauty, gaming, movies & TV, sports & fitness, and music. 

If you haven’t created your channel yet, this post can be a great way to kickstart a few YouTube channel ideas for beginners and get you started on your journey to becoming a YouTuber. So no matter what type of YouTube channel you have, or might have, you’ll find something here that can help you come up with quality video ideas and grow your audience.

7 YouTube Channel Ideas

If you already have a channel you can skip this part, but if you are a complete newbie to YouTube, having some solid YouTube channel ideas is a great place to start. This starts with you. What do you do? What do you like? What are you good at? You need to ask questions about yourself and your own interests, or even objectives if it’s business-related.

We’ve put together this list of 7 channel ideas to give you an overview of trending topics on YouTube. Get inspired and kick off a brainstorming session for your new channel.

1. Beginners

It can be quite daunting to regularly produce content and have new ideas for your YouTube channel when you’re just starting. Still, when you’re just a beginner you get more freedom to try out things, as you don’t have thousands of subscribers expecting a certain type of content from you yet. Embrace this freedom and see your beginner’s channel as a playground. Try different ideas until you’ve found what works for you.

2. Business

Okay, this one is not so much trending as it is essential for most businesses that have any presence online. While you might not be advertising on YouTube, it doesn’t mean having an account isn’t useful. You can have tutorial videos for your product or testimonials or videos from events, and more! If you have video content (which you should) YouTube is a great place to have them stored.

The main way to win money on Youtube is the advertising so focus on this point to live your life as a Youtuber. When you can have ads with brand who can pay you, it's maybe the time to earn money trough Youtube and live your life with that.

Advertising is also a way to promote your Youtube channel and make people know your work!

3. Fashion

Fashion is always trending, and there is always an audience for people with good fashion advice. If you consider yourself one – starting a fashion channel is a very popular YouTube channel idea that many opt for, so try to be unique.

4. Gaming

This can be an incredibly fun AND lucrative area if you are into gaming. E-sports is a growing industry so if you have unparalleled aim and skill in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare or Fortnite, this could be your calling. If so, make sure your channel looks the part with some YouTube gaming channel art.

5. Movies & TV

If you are a film buff, and just love talking intricacies about films & TV series, why not share your thoughts with a larger audience? People just like you love listening to others’ opinions online about the latest blockbuster, or even more niche film categories.

6. Sports and Fitness

This has always been a solid favorite of anyone interested in sports and fitness, and since COVID changed our world and shut our gyms, sports and fitness channels have been on the rise.

7. Music 

This type of channel idea could be anything from singing songs, to teaching songs, or giving tutorials. Whatever your music interest, Youtube can be a way to disseminate your knowledge on topics or your skills on the guitar. It can also be here to create the best youtube playlist and make people dance.

YouTube Content Ideas for Beginners

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Personal Story

To get noticed on YouTube, you’re going to have to create a somewhat unique channel. That means creating unique video content. To show the world what makes your YouTube channel different, share a personal story.

Personal stories can help viewers relate to you and give them a glimpse into your life. If you have some very interesting stories to tell, they’ll naturally want to find out more.

Make an entertaining channel trailer that introduces viewers to the type of content you’re going to be including in your channel.

Product Review

Depending on your area of interest, you could do product reviews within your niche. This gives you a great number of YouTube content ideas and opportunities to talk about products that you are interested in. For this video idea, simply feature a newly-released product that you share your review of. Try to make your review stand out from others with engaging commentary and attentive editing.

The product you choose is up to you, but if it’s something that falls into your area of expertise, chances are that you’ll be able to make a very informative video about it.

Tech reviews are trendy YouTube content at the moment, and if you share a fresh perspective on a new piece of hardware, your video could attract a lot of attention.


An intriguing list is always a draw for browsers of YouTube, and if it’s well presented, viewers are more likely to stay until the end.

These YouTube video ideas are often structured as top 5, top 10, or even top 50 lists relating to some of a YouTuber’s favorite topics. Offer a detailed explanation about why you ordered your list in a certain way.

How to Create a Video List?

Pick a subject that you’re comfortable talking about and share your passion and opinions with the world. To spark ideas, think of favorite things you like to do, eat, or watch and jot them down on a tier list.

If your list is small enough, make sure you share it at the start of your video to make viewers more curious about your choice. Display your list in the description and add timestamps to make it easy for subscribers to click through to the item they’re most interested in. 

Finally, summarize your list at the end of your video and ask your viewers to respond in the comments.


Creating tutorials is one of the best ideas for a YouTube channel you can try out. If you can provide someone with the knowledge to help them achieve something or complete a task, they will be very interested in watching your videos.

Tutorial videos can revolve around nearly any subject. Popular types of tutorials include makeup tutorials, gaming tutorials, cooking tutorials, language tutorials, and technology tutorials.

Tell your viewers how they can use the skills that you teach them. For example, if you give a makeup tutorial, highlight how and where that look can be used.


The often derided unboxing video format continues to be immensely popular among YouTube audiences and YouTube influencers.

Unboxing videos are a favorite of kids who want to check out the latest toys, but they are also a huge hit with other age groups. Channels like Ryan Toys Review are suitable for a younger audience, while channels such as Unbox Therapy cater to a more mature audience.

Choose a niche that you are knowledgeable about when you embark into the realm of unboxing and remember that no matter how well presented your video is, your audience must care about the product first and foremost.


There have been a ton of different challenge videos in recent years. From the ice bucket challenge to the cinnamon challenge, these videos can sometimes manage to capture public attention on a phenomenal scale.

Make your own challenge video and add a twist to it. Do the challenge in a costume or a unique location to generate more interest.

Often challenge videos that go wrong are the most popular but don’t purposely sabotage your efforts. A fake fail is not nearly as hilarious as the real thing.

Vlog Ideas

A vlog allows YouTubers to talk about their lives and the things that interest them most. It can be one of the tougher but also one of the best ideas for a YouTube channel to get off the ground.

Content is king when it comes to vlogging, so you must keep yours intriguing and up-to-date. Be a youtube vlogger is not that hard.

Even famous vloggers, such as Casey Neisat, have started from the very bottom, so don't be put offby the challenge ahead.

Response Video

YouTube once had a dedicated video response feature, but low usage rates resulted in its demise. However, that doesn’t mean a response video can’t pay off for you.

When responding to a popular YouTube video, be sure to include the exact title of that video in your own title. This makes it clear to anyone who finds your video that the two are related.

A response video allows you to get new traffic from viewers of the more popular video.


Pranks have been one of the most successful YouTube video ideas for several years. Many high-profile YouTubers, such as Roman Atwood and Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, have centered their entire channels around the performance of outrageous pranks.

Some of these pranks are large-scale and aren’t realistic for beginners, but smaller pranks can be just as entertaining.

The easiest targets are your and family, as they’re most likely to forgive you when they realize they’ve been pranked!


A timelapse can reveal new details about a scene that would not be noticeable in a standard video.

Many cameras these days have a setting that can record a timelapse very efficiently. However, if you have to record your timelapse manually, you’ll have to carefully consider factors such as the short duration and the interval between photos.

Set up your camera in an interesting space where there’s lots of activity. If you manage to capture something fascinating happening, viewers might be enticed to watch.


Keep an eye on the news in your area and look out for people you could interview for your next video.

Your interviewee doesn’t have to be famous; if they’ve got an interesting story to tell, viewers will want to hear about it.

If you can manage to show the human side of a story that everyone can relate to, the content of your video will be far more engaging.

If you have a podcast, you can repurpose and promote your episodes by adding them to your channel as a new playlist. This will not only help increase awareness for your podcast but is also a great way to add fresh and engaging content to your YouTube channel.


Room or house tours are often a popular type of YouTube video among viewers. Tours provide a view into your private life and allow you to display what you’re passionate about.

Tours are one of the easiest YouTube video ideas to implement. All you need to get started is a camera and a location.

If you’re staying in your room or house, showcase items such as furniture, tech, and collectibles. For a more expansive tour, feature a cool location that not many people may know about.


Creating a Q&A video shouldn’t be your first YouTube video, but can be a very effective YouTube video idea to introduce after you’ve built up some interest in your channel.

Ask your viewers for their questions at the end of your previous video and then choose your favorites. You could also get some additional questions by posting on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter or by mass texting your contact list.

The Q&A could cover a variety of subjects. You could answer questions based on the videos you upload or you could do one about your personal life.


A YouTube rant is not something you should have to think long and hard about. If you’ve been riled enough, you’ll be easily able to rant about the subject in question.

If you’re not confident about going ad-lib, write a loose script. After all, it’s important to make sure that your rant makes sense.

Try to make your video funny by including a few jokes in your rant. This will help to keep viewers engaged and might make them more likely to tune in to your next rant.

Animal Videos

Videos of animals doing funny or unusual things make up a significant portion of viral content on YouTube.

Your pets might just be the right candidates for such a video. Spontaneously start filming them and see if they do anything worthy of featuring on your channel (treats always help to encourage them).

Who knows, if your animal video catches on, you could have a YouTube star on your hands. Let’s hope your pet is willing to share the limelight!


Share your knowledge of a subject with an educational YouTube video. Educational videos could be on any subject, but make sure it’s relevant to the audience you’re trying to reach. As educational technology is being utilized by more and more educators, tutorials are among the list of the best content for YouTube.

Offer an entertaining way for your viewers to learn. You could ask them to submit suggestions in the comments section about topics for your YouTube channel.

Use infographics and vivid images to explain in detail the points that you make in each video. Visuals have been proven to not only make learning easier but more enjoyable too.


'100 Social Media Survival Tips' written on a black background - Pieces of advice for creating 'tips videos' on YouTube - Image

Similar to educational videos and tutorials, tips videos are intended to give viewers information to take away, but they’re usually simplified and don’t go into as much detail.

Tips videos can be titled ‘10 Tips to Get Better at X’ or ‘20 Tips to Improve Your Y’. They’re often informal, casual, and interspersed with humor.

You could make a tips video about a game you’ve played, a destination you’ve visited, or a task you’ve completed.


Start a thought-provoking discussion to get people talking on YouTube. Introduce an engaging topic and ask for people’s opinions in the comments section.

Everyone has an opinion, so attracting viewers to watch your discussion may be easier than you think, especially if it’s based on something they’re very passionate about.

If your video is successful, it may spark reaction videos from other users. Pick the best topic for your YouTube channel and create a series of videos on the topic to increase subscribers.

Draw My Life

Draw my life videos involve YouTubers telling a simplified version of their life stories in the form of drawings.

The video should show you drawing the images on a blank page but in fast motion. You can reveal new information about yourself that your subscribers may not know about.

Check out the channel Draw My Life for some background on this category of YouTube ideas. Many draw my life videos have amassed millions of views.

Things to Do

When YouTube users get bored, they’ll be looking for new things to do. If your channel can provide interesting ideas for them, it’ll pique their curiosity.

You could create a title that specifically outlines this to those who view your video, such as ‘10 Things to Do When You’re Bored’.

Things to do videos can also give people ideas about what they can do in specific situations or on holidays. For example, you could make a video that talks about things to do in Rome.

Cute Video

Cute videos are one of the most foolproof YouTube video ideas, and will always be popular among a wide range of viewers.

Capture your baby sibling or pet doing something adorable and post it on YouTube for your subscribers to watch.

Videos with cute kids or pets instantly have the power to make us smile and they could be the Kickstarter for your YouTube channel.

Life Hacks

Life can be tough sometimes, so anything that can help make it a little bit easier will be much appreciated by your audience.

Videos with lists of different life hacks are hugely popular on YouTube and many have tens of millions of views.

Maybe you have some life hacks that you’ve been using for years but never shared. Now is the time to share them!

Tag Videos

This category of ideas for your YouTube channel involves one channel tagging another and requesting that they post a certain video or complete a particular challenge.

There are so many tag videos that you could do. Get your friend to challenge you or even just do a tag video without getting challenged.

Some possible tag YouTube video ideas include guilty pleasures tag, my love story tag, mom tag, birthday tag, and makeup tag.

Showcase Your Talents

If you have an amazing talent, skill, or ability; a great YouTube video idea could be to showcase that to all of your subscribers.

Dancing videos, football skills, and singing videos are all very popular among YouTube’s audience.

Even if your talent is a bit more obscure, viewers may still be interested in seeing it. In fact, having a highly unusual talent is likely to get even more attention.


Comparison videos are helpful for YouTube users who want to find out information about competing products before they purchase one of them.

Give viewers a good insight into what each product offers, while highlighting both its pros and its cons.

You could compare two products or multiple products in your video. A good idea is to give the products a rating at the end of the video that makes your opinion of them clear.

Daily Routine

Let people know what makes you tick by creating a daily routine video. Daily routines can cover your eating habits, daily schedule, and workout regime.

They give viewers of your videos a bit more of an insight as to who you are and what your personality is like.

Share the things you do daily that you feel improves your quality of life and show your viewers how it can benefit them too.

YouTube Video Ideas for Business Channels

Business Intro

Promote your business on YouTube with a custom-made business intro video. Describe in detail what type of business you are and give some background info.

Display your company logo and accompanying tagline clearly in your video so viewers make the connection with your brand.

It’s essential to make your business intro video look professional, as the first impression viewers get from it will be the standard you’re judged on.

Design Wizard has a selection of great business-themed video templates that you can customize to create your own branded video.

Based on your initial introduction to your business, craft an engaging intro for all your YouTube videos to create a recognizable brand identity.

To impress your viewers when they are not even looking at the video, you have to create and give some good banner ideas. Your work for a business channel is very important, that show for people who wants to take you as an example for create a business that you are serious and we can trust you.

Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes and show your subscribers how you prepare for your videos and record them.

Highlight all the processes involved in making high-quality content and give them advice on how they can produce their own videos.

Include bloopers and outtakes from some of your latest videos to give your subscribers a good laugh.

This is also a popular type of video for businesses to present their team and create a more personal connection between their brand and customers. To provide more insights into your company, use behind-the-scenes footage to highlight your products and how they’re made.

Customer Testimonials Videos

Introducing customer testimonials to your YouTube channel is one of the most effective YouTube video ideas for getting new customers.

Customer testimonials are often a more reliable way to attract new customers than self-promotion. They show how real people genuinely benefited from your business.

If a potential customer is interested in your product, they will look for customer testimonials to see what others got out of it.

Film Your Podcast

Increase brand awareness by establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry and offering valuable content to your audience. An interesting and engaging way to do this is to record a podcast for your business.

It also opens up possibilities for collaboration with other experts in your niche. Through interviews, you can increase your following by getting your collaborator’s followers interested in your content as well.

Although this is usually an audio-only format, you can also film your podcast to share bite-sized clips on your social channels before the full release on your podcast platform. As visuals and especially video works best on social media platforms, your YouTube channel can become a useful repository for promoting and repurposing your podcast content.

Product Launch Video

Go live on YouTube to launch your latest product. Maximize the impact by building hype for the launch on all of your social media platforms beforehand.

YouTube Live is a great way to engage with your audience in real-time. Invite them to ask questions about your product and then answer them after the launch.

Remember to show the product can make a difference in people’s lives. What is the problem they face and how is your product the solution?

Collaboration YouTube Idea

Cross-promote with other businesses in a YouTube collaboration video that benefits both parties.

By featuring in a video of another brand, you may be getting access to a completely new audience. However, if the audience is too different from your own, this idea might not be effective.

It’s important to make a good first impression on your new viewers, as an opportunity to speak to them may not come around again.

Promote an Event with a Video

YouTube is a superb platform for event promotion. However, that doesn’t mean that you should be overly promotional.

Showcase your event in a way that makes your audience feel something and your video will be a great source of encouragement for them to attend.

Look for footage from previous events that will resonate with your audience and help convince them that they can’t miss out this time around.

A great way to promote your event is to expand to Facebook and create an event page with an event banner that can be a snippet from your promo video.

Show Off Your App with a YouTube Video

Feature your app in a YouTube video to get your audience interested in using it. This should be a key part of your app promotion strategy.

Make an attractive video that displays your app’s logo, explains what it does and how it benefits users.

Provide a link in the description to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store that provides users with an easy way to discover and download the app.

Launch a Competition

Use YouTube to launch a competition and encourage viewers to share your video on social media.

Competitions are a fantastic way of getting engagement from your audience. Make the prize an attractive one and even more people will enter.

Once the competition is over, you could create a new YouTube video to announce the winner.

Give Business Advice

If your business has been around for quite some time, giving business advice can be a very good YouTube video idea.

Share with your audience the secrets to your success and give them tips as to how they can replicate the methods that worked for you.

Videos like these may help to attract the type of business-oriented viewers that you are hoping to engage with.

A good way to get even more out of your advice videos is to create a lead magnet like an e-book on how to increase sales or a white paper on digital transformation. If your subscribers want to find out more, they can download more content through a link in the description.

Find out who your most dedicated audience is by asking them to sign up with their email to get your valuable piece of content sent directly to their inbox.

Product Tutorials Idea

Showing your audience how your product works can be a good way of marketing it too. Your marketing strategy is very important, the way that you are going to show to your audience that they can trust you and th advice that you are going to give have to be precise and understandable by everyone. Make sure to show its best bits and display exactly how they work. A good Youtube marketing campaign can be really profitable and can gives you the opportunity to earn a lot. 

Invite questions from your viewers and create a playlist with the rest of your tutorials. Playlists are favored by YouTube, so be sure to make as many of them as possible.

If the product that you released is quite complex, you could produce a series of tutorial videos that focus on specific areas of the product.

Introduce Your Team Videos

One of the more light-hearted business-related YouTube video ideas is to give your subscribers a behind-the-scenes look at the company.

Introducing your team gives you the chance to showcase your work culture, share your sense of humor, and boost brand awareness.

It’s also a relatable way of engaging with your audience, as they may see similarities between themselves and some of your team.

Content for YouTube on Fashion and Beauty Channels

Makeup Tutorial YouTube Video Ideas

When considering potential ideas for your Youtube channel, think about what you are good at, what you’re knowledgeable about, or even just passionate about. If you’re a makeup whizz, share it with the world and start creating makeup tutorials on YouTube.

Show your viewers all the tips and tricks that you’ve picked up through the years and explain how you developed your favorite looks.

Highlight (and contour!) the products you use to create the look you are displaying in the tutorial and what they cost to buy.

Hair Tutorial

This is a topic for your YouTube channel that is similar to makeup tutorials. You could choose to do both or focus the theme of your channel on either one.

If styling hair is a passion of yours, then this may be an avenue you’d like to pursue. Give your viewers tips on how to copy both easy and complex hairdos.

Check out some of the most popular hair tutorial videos on YouTube and figure out ways you could improve on them or do them in your own way.

Get Ready with Me

Before you get ready for a special event, set up your camera and show your subscribers what you do. This can range from doing your makeup to adding accessories to your outfit. 

Get ready with me videos are popular with fashion and beauty fans earning its own acronym GRWM. Subscribers who love your look are going to love this behind-the-scenes peek at how you do your makeup and choose your outfit.

Show how you get ready for a night out or a date or just for work. Some YouTubers also use this opportunity to just get ready while they talk about other topics that are close to their hearts. This is a great option if you’re pressed for time and still want to film a video for your channel.

Clothes Tips

Do you have an uncanny knack for knowing what goes with what? If you do, share your enviable sixth sense with YouTube viewers.

Look at different categories of outfits in different videos or specialize in one particular style. For example, you could look at giving tips for summer dresses, going out clothes, or winter wear.

Show off your favorite clothes and tell everyone why you like them so much. Also, make sure to give your subscribers the heads up as to where they can buy such stylish threads.

Fashion and Beauty Trends

Keep an eye on the latest fashion and beauty trends and then discuss them in your YouTube videos.

If you can provide a trustworthy source for fashion and beauty news, viewers will be more willing to subscribe to your channel.

Give your opinion on these trends and don’t be afraid to speak your mind. The most popular YouTubers are often unafraid of disagreeing with the status quo.

Reaction to Your Old Makeup

Don’t look back at your old makeup styles with regret! Use them as an opportunity to get new viewers.

While you might cringe at some of your previous looks, reaction videos can be hilarious YouTube video ideas and can potentially attract lots of views.

To put yourself fully in the firing line, get some of your friends and family to give their take on your old makeup.

What’s in My Makeup Bag?

One of the easiest beauty-themed YouTube topics is to give your subscribers a sneak peek at your makeup and talk about each product in detail.

Discuss why you use each product and how you apply it. Give information about how much each item costs and how often you use it.

You could turn this YouTube video idea into a playlist of multiple videos and focus on individual products in each video.

Makeup Challenge

Take on a popular makeup challenge and feature it on your YouTube channel. Some makeup challenges that have proven to be popular topics for YouTube videos include the no mirror challenge, boyfriend does your makeup, kids makeup challenge, and makeup under $20 challenge.

Feel free to come up with your own makeup challenge, no matter how unusual the challenge may be.

Some bizarre makeup challenges exist on YouTube, such as the face full of food makeup challenge or the face full of rhinestones challenge.

Makeup Dos and Don’ts

Everyone has their own makeup horror story, but you can be sure that not everyone has shared them!

Share some of your worst makeup moments and how you learned from them with a ‘dos and don’ts’ video.

Combining educational content with humor is often a popular mix on YouTube and your viewers are bound to appreciate your unique take on makeup mishaps.

Skincare Routine

A good skincare routine is not something that everyone has mastered, so if you can provide some killer tips on how to improve your skin, your viewers will thank you.

Similar to a reveal of the makeup products that you use, a skincare routine video can show each product with an accompanying review.

You should then use these skincare products in a live demo for your YouTube audience and give expert tips on how to apply them.

Makeup Haul

Makeup haul videos are incredibly popular on YouTube. They involve YouTubers making large purchases of makeup and showing it off to their fans.

While the idea of looking at all the great stuff someone else has bought may not sound appealing, YouTube viewers tune in to these videos in their droves.

A makeup haul falls into the same section of YouTube video ideas as a ‘what’s in my makeup bag?’ video. However, in this video, you will be reviewing products you have only just discovered.

Favorite Products

Many famous YouTubers get paid to use certain makeup products, but there’s plenty of demand for videos that show what people’s genuine favorite products are.

Dive into your makeup bag and show off the products that you can always rely on to get you looking your best.

These could be anything from foundation and concealers to brushes and mirrors. The choice is yours!

YouTube Channel Content Ideas for Gamers

Gameplay Streaming

Gameplay streaming is easily one of the most popular content ideas for YouTube around. New YouTube gaming channels pop up every day and this makes for a highly competitive space.

Due to the huge competition, you’ll face, try to make your gaming videos as engaging as possible. Give your commentary a humorous twist and provide your unique take on the unfolding action.

Such is the popularity of gameplay streaming, it even has its own dedicated platform, Popular Gaming YouTubers are the real deal, trust us!

Highlight Glitches in Games

No matter how much time and money is put into games, glitches are often impossible to avoid.

Sometimes they can be annoying for players, but other times they can be hilarious or even helpful. If you think you’re the first one to find a glitch in a new game, post a video about it.

Game developers will typically fix these glitches with patches, but while they last, your fellow YouTube users will want to share their experiences with them.


Ever been stuck on one level of a game that you just can’t complete? Many people would say yes, but if the answer is no, then you should be creating walkthrough videos!

Create playlists for different games and populate these playlists with walkthroughs for varying sections of each game.

For example, you could split your videos into walkthroughs for individual levels or different game modes. Think about a unique and creative way to show off your favorite games and add to your gameplay visuals with gaming YouTube video templates. 

Customization Options

Character customization is all the rage these days, with game developers realizing the huge appetite for personalizing hairstyles, attires, weapons, and equipment.

While customization options have always been around, they have never been monetized to such a degree.

Get in on the act by sharing your thoughts on different looks in some of your favorite games.

Game of the Year in Different Genres

Show YouTube viewers how authoritatively you can speak about games by deciding on your games of the year in different genres.

Some genres that you could cast your eye over include first-person shooter, RPG, real-time strategy, MMO, MMORPG, racing, and sports games.

If you have a passion for all types of games, no matter what genre they are, you may find it surprisingly easy to create a YouTube video like this.

Look at Obscure Games

Delve into the world of obscure games and share some of your discoveries with your YouTube subscribers.

Sometimes a great game will slip under the radar and be confined to history. But if you manage to dig out an unheralded title that is a superb play, you can get plenty of kudos for it.

Take a look at games that were released in other countries or games that were released in the shadow of more popular titles to get some inspiration.

Gaming News

Channels like IGN News and GameNewsOfficial will inevitably rule the roost when it comes to providing gamers with the latest news.

But you can make up for what you lack in reach and information by adding some of your personality to your gaming news videos.

There’s a lot to be said for gaming news that comes from just a regular gamer. You have zero obligation to be impartial and can trash talk all you like.

Talk about Old Games

Old is gold when it comes to games. Spark feelings of nostalgia by creating gameplay videos or reviews of old titles.

You could discuss what made certain retro games so good and make comparisons to modern versions. If you can get access to old consoles and arcade games, try them out and film your experience.

Some YouTube video ideas could be to share some little-known history about classic games or give some background into how it was coded.

Answer Viewer Questions

If you can show your viewers how knowledgeable you are about games, they’ll naturally seek you out for advice.

Encourage your subscribers to submit questions after one of your previous videos and then create a dedicated video where you read out those questions and answer them.

If you don’t have enough subscribers to ask them for questions yet, try coming up with your own and research the answers if needed.

Showcase Game Mods

Modifications made to games by fans can completely change the dynamic of the game and often results in entertaining or unexpected scenarios.

While you might not have the skills to create your own game mods, you could trawl through YouTube and turn your favorites into a highlight reel.

Mods typically aren’t released to a wider player base, but that doesn’t dampen their appeal. Usually, it is simply the unique aesthetic they create that attracts interest.

Discuss Future Releases

If you’re excited about some recently announced games, don’t hold it in! Create a YouTube video to share your thoughts.

You can talk about how the new game will be different from previous titles in the series and take a look at the new features it will introduce.

If there hasn’t been much information released about the game you want to talk about, you could always speculate and say what you’d like to see included.

YouTube Channel Ideas for Movies & TV Fanatics

Make Short Films

After you verify your YouTube account, you will be able to upload videos that are longer than 15 minutes.

That means you can start uploading your short films to YouTube. To get started with some basic videos, all you’ll need is a camera, a decent microphone, video editing software, and a script.

Once you have gotten used to making short films, you can begin using professional equipment and taking on more ambitious projects.

Web Series

ssentially, web series are the YouTube equivalent of TV shows or anything episodic you find on streaming services. If you’re interested in filmmaking and the story you created is too long for a short film, try making a web series. Some of the best content for YouTube are cleverly executed ideas for a web series.

This is where amateur filmmakers thrive and can put their creativity to the test. Subscribers usually don’t expect the same quality as they would from a television series although some productions can easily compete with that. That’s why channels like KindaTV and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries gained popularity quickly within this YouTube niche.

Particularly when you’re filming the story in vlog style, you can easily keep the location to one or two rooms and tell your story with only a handful of characters. If you don’t have an original idea, adapt one of your favorite novels or plays and set it in the 21st century. Join the ranks of literature-inspired web series like Green Gables Fables based on Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables and Nothing Much To Do based on Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.


Find celebrities, politicians, movies, or songs that people are familiar with and do a parody of them. Or combine any of the two like the Hindi sisters of The Hillywood Show, who became YouTube sensations with their parodies of movies and TV shows mixed with choreographies to songs from their favorite artists. 

If your subject matter is well-known, it will strike a chord with your audience. Plan the scenario that you want to act out and get your friends on board to help you out. 

It’s important to have a good idea of what you want to film before you start. Try to keep your parody short and to the point. If your video runs too long, viewers that are unfamiliar with your channel may be put off watching.

Comedy Sketch Video

Making people laugh is a surefire way to boost your subscribers. However, that’s easier said than done.

Comedy is subjective, so what makes one person roll around the floor in stitches, might fail to even raise a smile for others.

Play to your strengths and create a sketch that you feel confident performing. Be yourself and let your sense of humor shine through to create your unique content for YouTube. You never know, there might be plenty of kindred spirits out there who will love your approach.

Analysis of Scenes

Did a scene in the latest episode of your favorite TV show come as a surprise? If so, why not give an in-depth analysis of what happened and discuss what it means for the overall series.

You could do the same for a recently released movie or a revered classic. Sometimes people miss things on first viewing and you can be the one that fills in the gaps for them.

A popular type of YouTube video is an analysis of a trailer, where each frame of the trailer is analyzed in detail for clues about what’s going to happen in the upcoming series or movie.

Favorite Characters

Make a list of your favorite movie or TV characters and share that list with your YouTube subscribers.

Count down from a certain number until you get to your favorite character and explain why you like them the most.

You could also completely flip these YouTube ideas on their head and instead do a list of characters you dislike the most.

Celebrity Gossip Videos

The world’s fascination with celebrity culture isn’t going to end anytime soon, so there is ample material to make celebrity gossip videos on YouTube.

You could release regular videos that discuss the latest celebrity gossip and talk about your reaction to it.

Provide your viewers with a unique and humorous take on the gossip to make your videos more memorable.

Season Recap

As a new TV series is about to be released, fans will be looking to recap on the previous season to make sure they remember it correctly.

A TV series will often create its own recap video, but a fan-made version can still get lots of views.

Hone in on certain events that occurred in the last season and examine what impact they may have in the new episodes.

Favorite Movies

Everyone’s taste in movies is different; so two people’s lists of favorite movies will rarely be the same.

There are lots of different ways this type of content can be presented like ‘favorite movies from the 80s’, ‘favorite childhood movies’, or ‘favorite sci-fi movies’.

Make your YouTube video visually appealing by displaying iconic imagery from each movie that you speak about.

Reaction to Plot Twists

The infamous ‘Red Wedding’ in Game of Thrones was a shocking scene for fans of the show and many reactions to it went viral on YouTube.

If you capture your friend or family’s first reaction to some unexpected moments in the TV show they’re watching, you might have a great video on your hands.

The more dramatic their reaction, the better your video will be. Just try to make sure they don’t damage anything in the process!

Favorite TV Shows

Other YouTube videos in the same vein as a favorite movie video is the favorite TV shows video.

Encourage your viewers to share their views and talk about their own favorite TV shows in the comments section of the video.

Come up with varying list titles and explain to your subscribers why you like each TV show so much.

Actor Bio

Profile your favorite actor in a dedicated video that pays tribute to their career and achievements.

Talk about the influence that the actor had on you and which of their films you enjoyed watching the most.

Focus on certain scenes that resonate with you and ask your audience for their thoughts.

Film Trivia

A film doesn’t have to be amazing to produce interesting trivia; The Room being a prime example. Tommy Wiseau’s legendary movie, often regarded as the worst of all time, has gained a massive cult following.

Talk about both good and bad movies that generated extraordinary or shocking trivia behind the scenes.

There is often plenty of great trivia on sites like IMDB that you can use to help make your video.

Recreate Famous Scenes

Get your camera out and start recreating some of cinema’s most famous scenes. You might only have a small fraction of the original budget, but that’s all part of the appeal.

Make your own costumes and get your friends to play different characters. These videos often turn into parodies very quickly, so don’t take things too seriously. A funny version of a movie scene is probably more likely to get views, as it offers a different perspective that points out shortcomings or ridiculous elements. 

If there’s anything you particularly like about a genre or that has always bugged you about it, recreate it in a video. Your unique and witty take on genres like true crime, spaghetti westerns, or romantic comedies can be your way to make people laugh and your channel popular with subscribers.

Favorite Quotes

Share a YouTube video that showcases your favorite movie quotes and outline why you chose each one.

The quotes you include could be a mixture of inspirational, motivational, funny, and poignant or even just quotes you like for no particular reason.

YouTube ideas like favorite quotes videos are easy to create. To get you started, Design Wizard has a great selection of inspirational quotes templates that you can use in your video.

Film Technology

If film technology is your passion, there are lots of different content ideas for YouTube that you can make use of.

You could show off some of the tech that you have at home and how you use it to make your own films. For example, you could take a look at cameras, mics, or video editing software.

Another option is to explore how certain movies or TV shows were made. Let your subscribers know how certain special effects were created or highlight what lighting was used.


Custom animations are a cool way to tell a story. Designing an animation based on something topical or humorous is great for engaging with viewers. 

Animations could be used as promotional material for your business or event just as easily as they could be used to inform people about important issues.

If you’re a skilled animator or illustrator, this is one of our YouTube video ideas that may be very beneficial for you to put into practice. If you want to get into animation and see if it works for your business, see if it’s for you by experimenting with an online animation tool.

Upcoming Releases

Tap into the hype about upcoming releases by creating a YouTube video where you make some predictions about them.

Do some research about what can be expected from the new movie or TV show and then offer your unique viewpoint on it.

YouTube users who are looking forward to watching it will be enthusiastic about regularly tuning in to your channel to see if you have any new information for them.

Sports and Fitness Content for YouTube

Live Events

Covering live events can be a great way to attract viewers who aren’t attending, but want to keep updated with what’s happening.

While you’ll likely be prohibited from broadcasting footage of the event, you can film discussions with fans, halftime thoughts, or your game day experience.

After the event has concluded, you could create a vlog to document how you felt about it. A passionate and authentic video has a better chance of resonating with fans.

Sports News

Update viewers with the latest sports news. It could be news about sports in general or you could focus on a niche area that you feel you have a certain level of expertise in.

While large news outlets will usually get the majority of scoops, you can still provide your own take on breaking news.

Keep an eye out for stories on Twitter and Instagram, which may come directly from athletes themselves.

Trick Shots or Skills

Whether your sport of choice is basketball or pool, impressive trick shots can quickly go viral.

If you think you have what it takes, set up a shot that would be difficult for most people to achieve and start recording.

Even if you’re very talented, this YouTube video idea may take a while to get right. Instead of doing trick shots, you could simply show off some of the skills you can perform.

Yoga and Mindfulness

If you practice mindfulness and yoga every day, consider taking your subscribers with you on your journey. Tell them what it means to you and how you incorporate both in your everyday life.

There will be viewers out there, who are looking for guidance. They’ll be interested in how others tap into mindfulness to improve their lives and how they can apply your techniques to their own daily life.

As you learn more about yoga and meditation, upload sequences that helped you or create guided meditations for your subscribers.

Workout Advice

Everyone has searched online for workout advice at some point in their lives, but they may not have found the answers they were looking for.

That’s where your workout advice video comes in. Share with your subscribers what has worked for you in the gym and show them how they can implement it into their training.

There are so many workout videos on YouTube, but if you target a specific audience, you can tailor your content for them.

Diet Plan

Just like a workout, certain diets may not work for everyone. However, maybe you have a diet plan up your sleeve that you feel is worth sharing.

Split your diet plan into separate videos and introduce it to your subscribers step by step in the form of a playlist.

Tell your viewers when you eat certain meals, divulge how to prepare them, and highlight their nutritional value.

Motivational Video

Unleash your inner motivational speaker and get your subscribers in the mood to start exercising.

Share some of your favorite motivational quotes or write out a script that you believe can have the desired impact.

You might find the prospect of motivating a bunch of casual YouTube viewers daunting, but if your video is presented well, it makes it a lot easier to engage with your target audience.

Match Analysis

After the big game is over, get onto YouTube, and share your thoughts on what went down.

Did your team achieve a stunning victory against all odds or did they suffer an embarrassing defeat?

Win, lose or draw; game analysis videos can provide fans with up-to-date, relevant content that is both informative and entertaining.

Discuss Transfers or Drafts

Transfers or drafts are always hot topics for your YouTube channel; especially in soccer, football, basketball, baseball, and ice hockey.

Speculation is intense around the draft period, as fans look on in anticipation to see what players will sign for their team.

You can attract these fans to your channel by covering how their team is getting on in the draft or transfer window.

Use Alternative Workout Equipment

A good YouTube video idea can be to create content for YouTube users who want to work out, but don’t want to pay for a gym membership.

Find alternative workout equipment that can sub in for gym weights, such as bags of food, logs, water bottles, paint cans, and books.

Not only do your videos provide people with a new way of getting in shape, but they are also intriguing to casual viewers who may be curious to see what your workouts involve.

Keeping Fit on a Budget

Man counting coins on a table - YouTube Video Ideas About Home Fitness - Image

While you’ll rarely be able to get in some intense cardio at work, you can still do some level of exercise.

You can show your audience the correct way to stretch their legs under their desks and stretch their back while sitting down.

Unless you’re on a lunch break, this idea may be best to film at home! Gather together all of the equipment that you’ll need.

Before and After Video

There are few better ways of proving that a workout has been successful than a before and after the video.

Showing your own before and after success story will give your YouTube channel a great deal of credibility.

Your viewers will quickly realize that you know what you’re talking about and can help them reach their weight loss goals.

Supplements You’re Using

Man balancing two protein products on his arm - Ideas on how to make supplement promotional videos on YouTube - Image

For a beginner, finding the right supplements can be a pain. There are so many options out there that it can be hard to discover the best ones.

Create a video that shows what supplements you’ve been using alongside your own workout routine.

Discuss the desired effect of each supplement, its protein content, and how you felt it benefited you.

Best Fitness Apps

Research the best fitness apps available and share your findings with your YouTube subscribers.

See what apps are best for tracking your runs, logging your gym sessions, or keeping track of your calorie intake.

Add some variety to your list by uncovering some new fitness apps that might not be that well known.

Fitness Myths

Boost your reputation by debunking some fitness myths and showing viewers more efficient methods instead.

This type of YouTube video can prove to be both entertaining and highly educational for your viewers.

Ask your viewers about their experience of using the methods you’ve spoken about and encourage them to share their stories.

Music YouTube Video Ideas

Song Cover

Impressive song covers can quickly become very popular. Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, and 5 Seconds of Summer all got their break performing covers on YouTube.

If you can manage to build a fanbase on YouTube, it could potentially provide you with a springboard to a career in music.

You could do an acoustic version of a popular song or even put a completely new twist on one with your own remix.

Perform Original Songs

Notebook, a pencil and a cup on a desk - Ideas on how to grow your YouTube audience as a songwriter and performer - Image

If you are blessed with the ability to write your own songs, record yourself singing them, and share your video on YouTube.

If you can play an instrument too, all the better. Make a playlist of all of your original songs so that they get picked up easier in YouTube searches.

Share your videos on social media to let all your friends and followers know about the new song that you’ve written.

Music Lessons

If you can play an instrument, one of these ideas for YouTube videos that are easy to put into practice is providing music lessons.

Guitar lessons are the most searched music lessons on YouTube, but there is also a demand for many other types of lessons.

A common format for these types of videos is to break the song into sections and work through them step by step. Afterward, the entire song can be played to show what the finished version should sound like.

Highlight Song Similarities

Sheet music - Highlight song similarities as an endless source of new content for your YouTube channel - Image

Many great songs can inadvertently sound very like another. Whether it’s an identical chord progression or similar lyrics, a video where you highlight these similarities can make for interesting content.

If you look at older songs, you might find that some of the beats have been used again in newer recordings.

You could also highlight a sampling of older music that your viewers may not be aware of. For example, Drake’s hit song ‘One Dance’ samples the song ‘Do You Mind (Crazy Cousinz remix)’ by British artist Kyla.

Upload Your Unique Mix

If you’re dabbling in a bit of DJ work in your free time, this YouTube video idea is perfect for you. Upload your remixes to YouTube, so you always have them at hand to show off to anyone interested.

If you’re not a DJ and just like to play with music for fun, you can store your mixes on your YouTube channel for the world to enjoy. Chill and lofi mixes are widely popular to listen to while working, studying, or relaxing. 

The music is at the core of this video idea but an appealing background design that shows in search results on YouTube might make the difference between a user clicking through to your video or scrolling past.

Experiment with Unique Instruments

Expose your YouTube audience to some unique instruments from around the globe and experiment with them in your music.

Covering famous songs using these unique instruments could yield some very entertaining results.

Some examples of uncommon instruments include a theremin, hydromorphone, stylophone, glass harmonica, and a didgeridoo.

Explore Local Music

Not every talented musician gets the attention that they deserve, but you can do your bit to change that.

Attend gigs in your local area and feature artists that a wider audience wouldn’t be familiar with.

Interview them after their gig and upload some clips to YouTube. If they have their own YouTube channel, you could do some cross-promotion with them.

Discuss Your Musical Influences

You probably find it easy to wax lyrical about the musicians that inspired you to start playing music, so why not make a video about it.

Share a story about how a particular song or performance encouraged you to take up the guitar, the bass, or the drums.

Ask your viewers to tell you their musical influences in the comments section to keep the discussion going.

Predict Next Year’s Ones to Watch

Every year, a new breed of musical talent takes the world by storm. Use your musical knowledge to predict who’s going to shine this time around.

Watch out for popular new genres and music trends that could end up shaping how the new year unfolds.

Creating YouTube videos like these gives music fans an easy way to discover new music.

Cover a Musical Event

Many of these topics for your YouTube channel are lots of fun to do, but none more so than covering a musical event.

Travel to a festival and start reviewing live performances, interviewing attendees, and sampling different stalls.

You could make a compilation of the funniest moments from your interviews with attendees or create a festival highlights video.

Create Your Own List of YouTube Content Ideas

Now that you have seen the variety of ideas for YouTube videos out there, it’s time to put a few of your own video ideas down on paper. Start by thinking about your objective. What do you want to get from uploading a video in the first place? Then think about what type of video content would best achieve this objective.

A Final Note on Video Ideas

So there you have it, the 102 best YouTube video ideas. Now that you’ve read through them, it’s time to start picking your favorites and putting them into practice.

Getting noticed on YouTube is not something that will happen overnight. You have to work hard on creating original, interesting content and promoting your channel to the right audience. Even if you do everything right, there’s still no guarantee that your channel will be a huge success, but you’ll have the groundwork in place to make it a possibility.

To make your videos stand out that little bit more, check out our video text animator tool, where you can add text to your videos in minutes.

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