YouTube channel names are an important part of building a foundation for future success on the platform. If you have a good channel name, it will be easier for viewers to find you through Google and YouTube. Additionally, they will remember who you are and recommend you to their friends. 

However, as you sit down and start trying to come up with name ideas, you may find it is not as easy as you thought it might be. Perhaps some names are taken, or maybe you are just hitting a block that’s preventing you from coming up with that killer channel name. Don’t worry! Follow this guide to coming up with quality YouTube channel name ideas for your channel.

The Best Name for Your YouTube Channel?

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While the name may only seem like a small cog in a large machine, it should be considered carefully and not overlooked. Your channel icon, art, content, and of course, channel name, will decide your success or failure. Once you have all the pieces in place, upload videos, and promote your content across multiple platforms, be it Facebook or Instagram, to achieve the greatest reach for your YouTube channel. Our tips will guide you on how to create the best name for your YouTube channel.

YouTube Channel Name Ideas for Inspiration

Don’t forget that YouTube is technically a social media channel. Therefore the channel owner should treat it the same as any other social media channel they may have. Keeping your branding consistent throughout your niche is very important for brand recognition. You may want to think of your domain name also. If you can line them both up, that could be very beneficial for you. If you are a business, matching your YouTube channel name. with your business name, and your domain name could help you get traction easily.

Below, we have curated examples of the most popular channel names for YouTube in trending categories. Look closely at the names they have used. These may help you decide on your own channel name.

Gaming Channel Name Ideas

Gaming videos rank as some of the most popular pieces of content on the platform. Therefore, it will require creative thinking when creating gaming channel names for YouTube. Be prepared for not being able to avail of your chosen name first. It may be taken, as YouTube has over 40 million active gaming channels. Don’t choose the first name that comes into your mind either. Think about it carefully. These 10 examples of gaming YouTube channel names will act as inspiration for your decision-making.

Food & Drink Channel Name Ideas

our new channel name should feature a hint of what type of food or drink content your viewers can expect. Feature the name of the cuisine you will be working with or what type of drinks you will be tasting. Including keywords like ‘food’ is an important aspect of creating these types of channel names. Don’t forget to create appetizing YouTube channel art to accompany your new name.

Fashion & Beauty Channel Name Ideas

Fashion and Beauty related content has consistently been popular on YouTube, as creators have an increased length of time to discuss their thoughts and share their work. Take a peek at these channels’ content and see why their name choices make sense. Make sure to capitalize what you want or need to. Your letter choices and how you capitalize them or don’t should be all well thought out, deliberate choices. These are just some YouTube name ideas to get you started, but make sure to search for keywords on YouTube to see what is available.

Graphic Design Channel Name Ideas

Graphic Design channel names can be varied in their structure. Some creators may be personal accounts, giving helpful tips. On the flip side, there may be larger business accounts that share a wider range of tutorials. Once you gather your information, you just need a great channel name. Here are some YouTube channel name ideas to get you started.

Health & Fitness Channel Name Ideas

COVID-19 has revolutionized this content, forcing classes to take place on all social media platforms. Remember that not only physical health is important, so is mental health. If you have tips or experiences you’d like to share, begin with a distinct channel name. You can create a one-minute YouTube intro video, and add it to your main page to let your viewers know what they can expect. For this type of channel, your layout is very important. Create playlists and sections within your channel for different series of videos, with distinct names.

Photography Channel Name Ideas

Get creative with photography terms and camera settings to create a clever YouTube channel name. You don’t need to overfill your name with information, as there is a description field on your channel. There, you can add a short paragraph introducing your channel and its content. These names should act as an incentive to begin searching and brainstorming. You can edit your channel name through YouTube studio. However, completely changing a name may affect your channel’s views as it will not be searchable anymore. Here are some of the best YouTube channel names for Photography.

Music Channel Name Ideas

Music always dominates YouTube searches. Your music YouTube channel name really depends on what content you will be creating. If this is your music channel where you will share original songs, music videos, etc, it will need to be your name. The top artists have their own name as the channel name. Keep it simple so you can be remembered. The name should be similar to your name on platforms like apple music and spotify. The new YouTube music platform means that an engaging name that can be shared is even more important. If your content is catered towards reactions or reviews, you can be more creative. 

Sports Channel Name Ideas

This year, watching sports has become a pinnacle on the YouTube platform. Various Olympics events were streamed online this year, with easy accessibility worldwide on mobile devices. No television channels were needed, which will continue. This shows YouTubes’ value in culture, and how streaming is changing the game. New compilation accounts are set up each day to cover the vast sporting landscape. These Sports YouTube name ideas are just a start. If you are unsure of the names, their content may still inspire your channel’s direction.

Travel Channel Name Ideas

Travel is a category that made creators get even more creative in the past year. Popular videos focused on hometowns, nature hikes, as there were restrictions in place. Now that travel is back, creators are getting out the map again. The names below are great inspirations for a YouTube channel. These examples feature solo, couple, and even family channels. Pay attention to the buzzwords they have included in their names, hoping to entice viewers. For the majority, you can tell if the channel features one or multiple creators.

Business Channel Name Ideas

Business channels typically feature more informative and complex content than other categories mentioned. A smaller niche may be targeted with these channels. However, don’t make it hard for yourself with a complex name. Keep it simple like these examples below. Make sure to create a catchy slogan to accompany your name. Many of these YouTube names feature catchy alliteration, encompassing the same letters at the beginning of words. You can display this on a visually stunning YouTube banner, that will be found on your channel homepage.

Technology Channel Name Ideas

In the majority of these channels, ‘tech’ is a central feature of the name. You could follow suit and form an engaging channel name, or try something completely different. It is worth noting that technology-based channels depend on their viewer’s trust, and the first step is a straightforward name. You also don’t need to create a completely unique channel name, there is no need for reinvention. Focus on a name that is engaging for viewers and will make them want to watch your content or share it.

Home Interior & Gardening Name Ideas

If you are providing simple DIY tips, make sure to add that to your channel name. It will help future subscribers know what they are signing up for. This applies to gardening ideas. Feature those important words in your YouTube channel name. It is crucial that the content matches your chosen name in this category. Make sure your name is consistent with all of your social media channels and get those shares. Look through our examples of great names for a YouTube channel.

Experiment With a Youtube Name Generator

Besides the methods mentioned above to choose a YouTube channel name, you can also use some channel name generators recommended by Filmora. It shares some good YouTube name generators as well as how to request customized YouTube channel URLs. By using this method, you are guaranteed brilliant YouTube channel name ideas.

Best Practices for Choosing a YouTube Channel Name

Choosing a name might not be as easy as it seems though. There are so many options, so how will you know if you’ve picked the right one?

To help you make your decision, we’ve created a step-by-step guide that shows you exactly how to come up with some great YouTube channel name ideas.

1. Know the Image You Want to Portray on YouTube

YouTube channel names often reflect that of the person or brand on the other end. While not the case for all YouTube Channel Names, you will notice how many try to encompass their overall mission or objective. This can be a great place to start when thinking of new Youtube channel names. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not when you choose your channel name. It’s a lot easier to create content for a channel that’s genuine. So if you’re setting up a gaming channel, choose an appropriate channel name, and so on. You may not be the channel owner, in which case you should figure out what they want in detail, before setting up the account. Good YouTube channel names will have taken these points into consideration and so should you when creating one.

Branding Your YouTube Account

Personal branding is a huge part of establishing your channel on YouTube. Some people may opt for their real name or at least some variation of their real name. However, it’s crucial you take into consideration branding, or as discussed above, your mission, objective, or niche.

People may not know who you are, but they may recognize your business name or organization, or perhaps your gamer username. That’s why it’s essential that you, the channel owner, portray an image that feels natural and gives your audience an opportunity to relate to you, as well as recognize you.

Your identity should be present in everything related to your channel, whether that’s your content, your channel art, or your profile picture. YouTube channel names can be a significant part of this with some careful planning.

2. Stay Consistent With Your Niche on YouTube

The name you choose should also be reflective of the niche that you base your channel on. If you’ve only started a new channel, it can be tough to compete with some of the bigger channels that cover a wide variety of topics. That’s why you should try to be specific and become the best at creating content for the subject you’ve chosen. Choose a name that viewers will easily recognize and remember. If it’s related to your niche, then it will ensure that recognition levels are higher. Use your business name, or some variation of it if it’s a YouTube account for business.


Many top YouTubers don’t have channel names that relate to their niche, but a relevant channel name makes it a lot easier for people to find you. While you may get enough exposure to grow your channel with a random name, it’s best to start with something that’s more to the point.

3. Get a Feel For Your Target Audience

Your target audience could be a very important factor in your channel name choice. Look at other channels in the niche you’ve chosen and read through the comments of their videos. Find out what your audience likes and what they don’t like. A clear picture of your audience’s interests will help you come up with a name that they will support and respond to. It should be shareable and not contain any words that might be offensive. You want to attract viewers, not drive them away! Good YouTube channel names should match the channel art, which is created to target a certain audience also. Make sure that the two perfectly align.

4. Keep Your Channel Name Short

A YouTube channel name. or username, can have up to 60 characters, but ideally, you want to get nowhere near that! Long channel names are unnecessary and can be confusing for your viewers. They can also be hard to spell or replicate while searching. A short, concise username for your channel can also give you the appearance of having more authority on a topic. Ideally, if you are running a business or setting up a channel for business, your business name would create cohesion across all platforms. If your channel is doing well, it may even rank on Google, so keeping your username name short will make that look much better. This is key for the best YouTube channel names.

Which YouTube Channel Names Would You Prefer?

A Viewer would be more likely to visit the channel if your name was:

Channelfitness2020, over Channelingyourfitnessforhealth2020?


‘gamingreviews2020′ over ‘thebestnewgamingreviewsoftheyearin2020′?

5. Make Your Channel Name Memorable

Just like a boring video title, a generic name will not live long in the memory of a viewer, especially when there’s so much competition vying for their attention on YouTube. Using punchy, attention-grabbing words can make for an entertaining, catchy name. Remember, if your YouTube channel becomes successful, this will be the name that everyone knows you by. It will be attached to your videos, your playlists, and your thumbnails. You don’t want a bad name dragging you down. Add creative writing tools like abbreviations, word plays, sibilance, alliteration, and puns to increase memorability.

How to Edit Your YouTube Channel Name

Step 1: Log into Your YouTube Account

Go to and click the ‘Sign in’ button on the top right corner. Enter your email address and password.

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Source: YouTube

Step 2: Click Your Channel Icon to Enter YouTube Studio

Once you are signed in, your channel icon should appear where the sign-in button was. Click your icon, and from the drop-down menu select ‘YouTube Studio’.

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Source: YouTube

Step 3: Find the Basic Info Tab Within Your Channel

From the left tab, click the ninth option ‘Customisation’. A new screen will then be visible detailing information on your channel, as seen below. Click ‘Basic info’.

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Source: YouTube

Step 4: Use the Pencil Icon to Make Changes

How you set up your YouTube account is important in this step. If it is a brand account with its own email, click the pencil icon to make your changes. If you have previously signed up with your Gmail account, you will change your name across all those channels. To switch these accounts, you can use the channel switcher feature in the YouTube studio.

Image of the YouTube channel name edit button - YouTube channel names: Fresh inspirational ideas - Image

Source: YouTube

Step 5: Click Publish to Save Your New Channel Name

Once you are happy with your channel name changes, click the blue ‘Publish’ button. Your changed name will then be visible across your channel and to your subscribers.

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Source: YouTube

How to Make it on YouTube

Once you’ve chosen a good YouTube channel name, you can start creating content that will attract subscribers and viewers. Making it on YouTube is no easy feat. Even if you have the best YouTube channel name in the world, your content is what will make the difference. This is something only you can do. Perfect it over time. Find out what your audience likes, and churn out excellent content.

If you are completely new to YouTube, check out our blog on how to become a YouTuber. This will provide tips on what you need to do to grow your channel. If you’re starting out you now have clear steps to create a new Youtube channel name.

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