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Mother's Day Cards

Make it a Mother’s Day to remember

Mother’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to let one of the most important people in your life know how special they are. In that case, you’ll want to do something thoughtful for your mother. Show your love and appreciation for her with Design Wizard’s colourful range of Mother’s Day cards. Choose a card and customize it to include something that will put a big smile on your mother’s face.

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Let her know what she means to you

A mother spends her entire life caring for her children, often putting their needs before her own. The love a mother bears for her child is truly unique. Take the chance to return some of her love with a gift she will cherish.

Pick from Design Wizard’s fabulous selection of Mother’s Day card templates to brighten up her day. The designs emanate feelings of love and care, highlighting to your mother how much she means to you. You’ll see plenty of great puns as you scroll through the templates that are guaranteed to get her laughing.

Lots of bright colors are present, including every shade of pink you could wish for. Magenta, fuchsia, salmon, coral and flamingo pink are all featured on the designs, creating a sense of warmth that envelops the text.

When you deliver the newly printed card to your mother, the effort you have put in to do something nice for her will be remembered for a long time and will make for a wonderful Mother’s Day.

We also have designs to cover other special days in the calendar, including Diwali, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter.

Share your love with the world

If you decide to make a more public declaration of your love for your mother, you can transform your card template into a social media post. One click of the magic resize button and your template will be ready for a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter post.

Filters can give your design an added lift. You have the option to choose from sepia, grayscale, vintage, technicolor and polaroid.

You can save what you have made to your My Design’s section and download it afterwards You can also share it straight away or use Buffer to line up future posts.

How to design a Mother’s Day card in 4 simple steps

1. Select your Mother’s Day card template from over 17.000 ready-made templates.

2. Select one of more than 1.200.000 images or upload your own image.

3. Change the color and text of your own personal message using over 100 fresh fonts.

4. Share or download your own brand new Mother’s Day card.