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International Hot and Spicy Food Day

Nobody knows who introduced this celebration of spicy food to an international community of foodies, but lovers of chilies, cayenne pepper, ginger, curry, and other mouth-watering spices are more than happy to dedicate a whole day to their favorites.

Celebrated on 16th January, this is the time to cook your signature taste buds tickling dish and watch your friends breathe fire. Get inspired by the spicy cuisines of India, Mexico, Thailand, and many other countries that have made hot food their own.

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Share Your Culinary Explorations

Explore how much heat you, your friends, and your family can take by hosting a contest. See who can stomach most of those spicy chicken wings or get everyone to bring their own spicy dish for everyone to try. This is the perfect opportunity to share your culinary adventures with the rest of the world on social media. All the Insta foodies out there are sure to give you a like.

But don't spend the day cooking and eating. Educate yourself on health benefits, the hottest pepper, or learn more about traditional food items that go into the spiciest dishes in the world. However you choose to celebrate, this international holiday is sure to leave you with a warm feeling.

Create Designs for International Hot & Spicy Food Day

Explore our templates and images featuring fiery foods. Pass on your own spicy recipes and adorn them with chili peppers and hot food items. Here's how to get your designs ready:

Step 1: Scroll through our template library or start with a blank canvas to add your own images. 

Step 2: Adjust the text and colors. Add icons of hot peppers and flames to make your recipe more attractive to extreme eaters.

Step 3: Save and download your Design Wizard project. And that's it! No design experience is required to create your customized design to send via email, post on social media, or print.

More Things to Try and Do

Have you already tried all the spicy cuisines from around the world? On International Hot & Spicy Food Day, don't just go to your favorite Thai place. Go to a restaurant that serves spicy food you haven't tried yet. What about Indian, Korean, or Malaysian dishes? Bring your friends and make it an experience!

The Benefits of Hot and Spicy Food

Spicy food has many health benefits and is popular in hot climates because of its antibacterial effects. It's said to kick-start your metabolism to burn more calories, be an effective relief of pain, and can help with inflammation in the gut. As everything to do with health, you need to find the right balance here to have a positive rather than a negative effect.