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National Clean Your Desk Day

Right at the beginning of the new year, it's time to celebrate National Clean Your Desk Day. Celebrated on the second Monday in January, it's the perfect date for getting organized and new beginnings. Start the new year with a tidy desk and a clear head and reap the benefits of a functional workspace in the upcoming busy months.

This is your chance to develop better habits and make those New Year's resolutions work by giving yourself a  tidy space to work in. Getting rid of clutter also helps reduce workplace stress. So what are you waiting for?  Get designing and get inspired to create your own beautiful and organized workspace.

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How to Celebrate National Clean Your Desk Day

To start the new year with a clean slate, get your cleaning supplies ready to tidy up your messy desk. Start by clearing your cluttered desk of things you don't need. Check piles of paper and business cards for relevance, chuck out non-working pens and tidy paper clips, and other small items that should go into drawers rather than take up desk space. Once you get rid of the things you don't need, wipe the surfaces and dust precious hardware like desk phones or computer monitors.

Sounds boring? Then try to make it fun with a playlist of your favorite motivational songs or clean while listening to a spine-tingling audiobook. Are you working in an open-plan office?  Get your colleagues involved and make getting organized as fun as possible. Turn it into a competition and offer prizes for the fastest person, the tidiest desk, or the most creative workspace.

Get Creative for National Clean Your Desk Day

Even though getting organized might not seem to be the best thing to combat the holiday blues at first, seeking out a creative way to turn your workspace into a hub of inspiration and be fun and spark your imagination. After all, your desk is the space you spend the majority of your working life at. National Clean Your Desk Day gives you the opportunity to clear away the old to make room for the new.

Visuals can help with motivation and focus and that's why we've got some designs ready to help you master being organized. Here's how you can personalize banners, flyers, or posters to make them your own:

Step 1: Browse our library of National Clean Your Desk Day templates. Choose from a variety of designs and explore all your options to customize your design.

Step 2: In Design Wizard, you can change colors and fonts, or change the background. Whatever gets you motivated to get organized, visualize it in your design. 

Step 3: Save and download your final poster, banner, or flyer to share with colleagues, friends, and family. And that's how easy it is. No previous graphic design experience is required with our user-friendly interface.

Why Celebrate National Clean Your Desk Day Special?

Dismissing a clean desk and continuing to work on a cluttered desk means ignoring all the health benefits that a tidy environment entails. It's beneficial for your mental health, as it reduces stress and increases productivity by giving you the feeling that you're in control and staying on top of everything. A regularly cleaned desk also keeps germs at bay helping you to keep healthy.