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National Draw a Dinosaur Day

On 30th January it's National Draw A Dinosaur Day. It was created by the National Geographic Society to encourage children and adults alike to draw dinosaurs. Whether old or young, many people are fascinated by the extinct animals that lived during the Mesozoic Era and their fossils.

The movie Jurassic Park has contributed to the popularity of the dangerous animal. Although the movie depicts them as scary creatures, it has done nothing to dim the enthusiasm for dinosaurs. So dust off your irresistible dinosaur jokes and impressions of dinosaurs for a roaring-good time on National Draw a Dinosaur Day.

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Craft a Fun Design with Prehistoric Creatures

Whether you prefer herbivore dinosaurs to carnivores or are more interested in the species of the aquatic dinosaur, you can include them all in a fun design. Create a personalized invitation for your dinosaur party or create a design for the kids to color in. Here's how:

Step 1: Scroll through our National Draw a Dinosaur Day templates and choose your favorite design.

Step 2: Adjust the text, icons, and images. Add details about your party and change font styles and line spacing. Or change the image from a colored to a black and white dinosaur.

Step 3: Save and download your final design. And that's it! It's ready to print.

How to Have Fun on National Draw a Dinosaur Day

Get a piece of paper and start drawing dinosaurs with the kids. Spruce up your home with your new dinosaur sketches. Then go visit a museum of Earth Sciences or watch a documentary about dinosaurs to learn about prehistoric animal behavior.

Heading back home for lunch after a great morning at the museum? Get your dinosaur sandwich cutters and make them fun for the kids. Or have a look at dinosaur-themed baking inspiration online and give dinosaur cookies or a cake a try. Then invite friends and family for dino party time!