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National Pie Day

National Pie Day is a day of celebration for all pie lovers out there. Among the many delicious desserts that exist in the world, the pie holds a special place in the hearts of Americans. Now's definitely not the time to go on a diet!

23rd January is the day to go and get yourself a delicious slice of your favorite pie from pie shops around the country. Choose from dessert pies like honey pie or apple pie, or savory pies like meat pies. Enjoy buttery crusts, golden crusts, and the flakiest crusts you can find.

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A History of Pies

The first celebration of pies was held in 1970 when the holiday was created by Charlie Papazian, who has the impressive credentials of being a nuclear engineer, brewer, teacher, and author. The pie itself is much older than its holiday of course. It's one of the oldest dishes dating back to ancient Rome.

Baking styles changed over the centuries and across the world. Meat pies first appeared in England in the 12th century. The sometimes strange origins of pie fillings gave rise to horror stories like the famous penny dreadful about Sweeney Todd that was later turned into a Broadway musical by Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler.

Create Customized National Pie Day Designs

Gather a bunch of pie recipes and share your favorite recipes on social media with an eye-catching design leading up to the scrumptious holiday. Host a pie-eating contest or pie party and craft your invitations in Design Wizard. 

Help yourself to a generous slice of pie and get designing:

Step 1: Search for National Pie Day templates and select your mouth-watering favorite.

Step 2:  Change colors and text easily with the help of the design tools in the Design Wizard dashboard. Add your own style with pie icons and appetizing food images from our image library.

Step 3: Save and download your invitation or visual for social media. And you're ready to get back to baking.

Try New Flavors on this Food Holiday

It's a desire for comfort food that usually triggers a craving for pies. After all, a slice of pie that warms your belly can be a great way to calm your worries. That's something that works for the entire year, not just during the annual celebration of the delicious pastry dish.