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Sudan Independence Day

Sudan Independence Day is celebrated on 1st January in memory of the independence gained from Egypt and Britain in 1956. By area, Sudan is the third-largest country on the continent of Africa. 

Surrounded by the Red Sea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, South Sudan, the Central African Republic, Chad, Libya, and Egypt, Sudan boasts vast plains and plateaus. The Nile river as the main body of water runs through the east-central part of the country while the western area is covered in sand dunes that turn into a rock desert in the northern area.

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The History Behind Sudan’s Independence Day

The first settlers that came to Sudan were Muslim Arabs who entered the lands in the 14th century. They were also the ones who gave the country its name, calling it “bilad al-sudan” which translates to “land of the blacks”. In 1820, the Ottoman Empire conquered Sudan. The Ottoman-Egyptian administration was later overthrown by a revolt led by Mahdi Muhammad Ahmad.

The Caliphate of Omdurman was born but short-lived and ended when the British Army took over the country in 1898. Sudan was ruled by Britain and Egypt until the Egyptians abandoned their claims of sovereignty in 1952. A free vote was held to determine whether the Sudanese people wanted independence, which was finally recognized in 1956.