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World Religion Day

Every year, on the third Sunday in January, World Religion Day is celebrated. It was established by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is in America in 1950 to promote more understanding between all the different belief systems and religions. 

There are over 4,000 recognized religions in the world including faith groups, tribes, cultures, and movements. The five major religions that are practiced by three-quarters of the global population are Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism.

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About the Founders of World Religion Day

The focus of this day is to find the commonalities between all major faiths of the world. The religious community of the Baha'i, who created World Religion Day believe that all spirituality for all religions in the world comes from one single god.

With their belief that all humans are born equal with the same rights and duties, the Baha'i emphasize that members of all religions can respect and learn from each other through common spiritual goals. They want to use the power of religion to bring people together rather than separate them.

Craft World Religion Day Graphics

To promote the unity of religions or interfaith events near you, get creative and design your very own World Religion Day visuals. If diversity of religion is something you want to get into, educate yourself on the topic first and then use our templates to get you inspired and craft posters, flyers, or social media posts. Here's how to get started in Design Wizard:

Step 1: Browse our vast library of templates and religious symbols or icons.  

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Step 3: Save and download your completed design. Print it or share it on social media to spread awareness about World Religion Day.

Focus on Interfaith Understanding

Creating mutual understanding between religious beliefs and communities can be hard but the annual event of World Religion Day promotes the oneness of religion. Core principles are often very similar between countless religions.

The history of humanity shows both division and many times where groups of people came together despite their differences. Instead of becoming a taboo subject awareness of religions and understanding can become a unifying power for a better future.