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9 Customizable Halloween Flyers

Having a big bash this Halloween season? Who doesn’t love a spooky or whimsical-themed event? Now, the question is…How do you get the guests to come? This is where creating original and intriguing flyers can make all the difference. People love a good flyer. And more importantly, they generally love to check out the Halloween party associated with those flyers.

Design Wizard makes it incredibly easy to design and edit a Halloween flyer that is sure to attract tons of party goers as you then eat, drink and dance the night away! Staring with an easy to edit template, you have all the tools at your disposal to create a stunning end result—even if you are new to graphic design. Trust us, no previous graphic experience is needed.

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Select A Template That You Like

We’ve done the hard work for you. Our design professionals have created a template for just about every occasion—we especially had some fun with this particular October holiday. With spooky characters, horror inspired backgrounds and even a funny-themed template or two, we’ve got all aspects of this festive holiday season covered. You just pick the template that appeals the most to you.

Step 1: Choose a flyer template to edit. The first step is easy. Just scroll through our extensive library of Halloween flyers and find a template that speaks to you. Whether your party is for business or just for fun, we’ve created a wide range of templates, all super easy to edit. For business parties, we have more serious (but still fun) designs. For late-night Halloween bashes, let your hair down and make your template fabulous.

Step 2: Start to edit/Customize your flyer template. The great thing about Design Wizard’s tools is that you can customize and/or edit just about any template we offer. And when talking about holiday-inspired parties, this is hugely important. After all, you want to integrate your own spirited flare into the design, right? You can adjust and edit fonts, backgrounds, images, color palettes—anything goes as far as your template is concerned. Just remember to have some fun with the overall design.

Step 3: Personalize your chosen template. Flyers can be exciting—especially if it’s for a festive announcement. Flyers though can also be more serious in nature. A business post announcing a holiday event needs to blend the spirit of the occasion with the professional demeanor of a business setting. We have the ideal template for you. You just need to edit, customize and personalize. Upload photos from parties past, add your business logo; whatever you want to upload to your template, your dashboard enables you to do so.

Step 4: Save, Post, Share, or Print your template. The possibilities when it comes to your finished flyers and/or flyer design are endless. You can of course have the flyers printed and distribute them to friends, colleagues and family. You might also post your flyer on social media; your Facebook friends would love to see it. Turn your project into your social media covers! You could also turn your flyer into cards for celebrating the season. Or, how about if you collect your friends' email addresses and send out your artwork that way? See what your friends and family think of your inspired project. You can even print a poster from your template. Sky's the limit!

See What Flyers You Can Create for Your Business

It may not be a business bash per se, maybe you just want to help people get into the spirit of the season. Pick a template that expresses how fun the holiday can really be and edit it—business doesn’t have to be all boring after all. Choose a design that appeals to you and then edit accordingly. If you come up with a great idea, you might even turn it into cards to give out at your place of business. Anything can be done with a holiday-themed template—you are only limited by your imagination.