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ID Card Designs: The Easy Way

Design Wizard’s ID card tool gives you the chance to create custom photo ID cards for whatever occasion or event. From ID badges to ID cards that look like an actual driver's license, you can explore our many templates and start creating!

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How to Create a Custom Identification Card

Identification badges and cards come in handy for a variety of events. Conferences and trade show ID badges make mingling and getting to know people so much easier. Not to mention, for security purposes, organizations use ID cards all the time when it comes to building access and overall, increased awareness. Security is so important--this is one easy way to help reinforce that.

First off, choose your card template. There are a wide array of options. What theme works best for you? Do you want it to resemble a driver's license? Think about your brand if applicable, your event, your campus colors even. We have a template to suit just about any need.

You will then upload your photo, company logo if you choose, along with any images you want to go on your card design.

You can adjust all aspects of the professionally created ID card. You can also adjust your photo in terms of brightness and size for example. The ID card sizes as represented in the templates are all standard, so you don’t have to worry about tweaking anything in terms of ratio.

Add your text; you can even include information such as your office address, basically any credentials you want to incorporate. Again, you might want to think in terms of security. That is the truly great thing about a custom ID—what you envision, you can easily go ahead design.

Download your new name badge or ID card and then print. You have the option to print inexpensively from your home computer just as you would any document. Or if it is a larger event and you need numerous cards/badges, you might send it to a professional printing service.

Make Your Badge Reflect Your Brand

Our ID card maker is about more than just creating cards in the style of a driver's license; numerous companies use ID templates to add an extra layer of branding. By using your logo on your card design, some sort of company insignia or another relevant feature, even playing with the color palette and the format in general, you can create a badge that can be another important piece of collateral for your business.

Schools and campuses have also found our ID maker to be a tremendous benefit to their organization. Think about it, during school events students are scattered about, but with a unique, professional-looking badge, you generate that sense of cohesiveness. And again, in terms of security, you can’t go wrong with supplying students with identification cards.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get amazing results or purchase expensive software. Our team of professionals has built up a library of spectacular ID templates...from driver's license style to more standard badges.

Using our easy to navigate tools, you literally just drag and drop the elements you want to see on your finished product. Done in minutes!

Belonging to a group, having a membership and consequently, being a cardholder does go a long way to generating an increased sense of awareness among group members. There is an enhanced feeling of belonging and you foster that group identity. 

Some groups have a little fun with their IDs and design them in the style of driver's licenses or similar identification documents. Easy to fit in a wallet, these cards really do add to your organization's overall identity.