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Cheese Lover's Day

Cheese Lover's Day is the perfect excuse for all the cheese connoisseurs out there to eat their favorite food all day and show off trivia knowledge about the tasty milky product. With over 1,400 varieties of cheese spread across the global marketplace, there is a lot to discover.

Nobody quite knows where Cheese Lover's Day comes from but it's highly likely that the idea came up during a gathering of friends over a cheese board and wine. If you also belong to the group of people who appreciate a good cheesy flavor and cheesy dishes, get ready for having the time of your life on this day.

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Celebrating All Types of Cheese on Cheese Lover's Day

If you're a true cheese lover, your head might already be exploding with ideas about how to celebrate Cheese Lover's Day. Making a cheese board with your favorite cheeses, eating cheese fondue, or making your favorite cheese recipes. 

Invite your friends to make it worth your while to serve a great variety of cheeses like mozzarella cheese, blue cheese, and an assortment of soft cheeses. Some cheese connoisseurs might even go for a cheese lover's date night to stimulate more than their palette and engage in interesting conversation over cheese and wine. 

Craft Your National Cheese Lover's Day Design

If you're a cheese fan, why not pour your passion into art and design a Cheese Lover's Day party invitation? Celebrate this special day with delicious-looking designs:

Step 1: Search the Design Wizard library for cheese-related templates, icons, and images. Save your favorites to have them ready to go in the Favourites menu.

Step 2: Customize your invitation to add your personal style. Add images or icons of cheese pieces, a cheese plate, or any other cheese options. You can also adjust the text to stick your favorite cheese puns on your invitation.

Step 3: Save and download your invitation. Or select the option to share it directly to your social media feed to let your friends know that they're all invited.

How is Cheese Made?

Cheese snobs might be getting a cheese-making kit to make their own. Here's a general overview of how cheese is made. The first step is to let milk sour and separate the solid part or curds from the liquid or whey. Salt the curds and let them age.

Depending on what type of cheese it should become bacteria, enzymes, fungi, herbs, and spices are added by cheesemakers. This is added over time to produce different flavors. The type of milk, temperature, and moisture in the space cheese is made also determine taste, color, and texture.