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World Nutella Day

On 5th February, we celebrate Nutella, the popular spread made by Ferrero. World Nutella Day is the day to get the sweet treat made out of chocolate and hazelnuts and try out different recipes. The history of Nutella goes back to the Italian city of Piedmont in the 1800s where it is said that hazelnuts were added to a paste made out of chocolate when cocoa was scarce.

Pastry Maker Pietro Ferrero, who founded the Ferrero company, was quite successful with the sweet paste he produced, but it would take until 1964 that the jars filled with delicious spread would be called Nutella. Food blogger Sara Rosso introduced World Nutella Day in 2007.

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Make a Fun World Nutella Day Design

Craft designs to honor the international celebration of Nutella. Create your own recipes or social media visuals. Make your waffles, brownies, muffins, and cakes look even more mouth-watering with a personalized design.

Here’s how to make your recipes look the tastiest:

Step 1: Search the Design Wizard library for World Nutella Day templates, hazelnut icons, and chocolate images. Save your favorites to have them ready to go in the Favorites menu.

Step 2: Customize your recipe to add your personal style. Adjust the text to get the ingredients and instructions on your design.

Step 3: Save and download your recipe. Or select the option to share it directly to your social media, so your friends can try it out.

How to Celebrate World Nutella Day

Have a Nutella party and treat your family, friends, and yourself to pancakes, banana bread, or cake all of the chocolate and hazelnut variety. Try something new! If you haven’t made muffins or cupcakes yet, explore your baking skills and give it a go. It doesn’t need to be perfect the first time around.