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Barber Shop Logo

Make sure you’re a cut above the rest with our easy to edit barber logos

If you want to own a successful barber shop, there’s a few things that you may need to chop. A logo that isn’t attracting your customers’ attention could be one of those things. To guarantee a shortcut to success, check out Design Wizard’s sleek selection of barber shop logos. Our Barber logo's will help your barber shop stand out from the crowd and help you create a strong brand for your business.

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Style your brand with a barber logo that stands out from the crowd

Designing a great barber shop logo is like getting a haircut; you want it to look as nice as possible and to be finished in the shortest possible time. Our easy-to-use app makes both of these things possible. All it takes is a few minutes to personalize these barber shop logo templates, by including your own text, images and color scheme.

These barber shop logo templates contain lots of barber-related imagery, such as scissors, shaving razors and barber poles. The design is straightforward and to the point, allowing these logos to be displayed anywhere you want to use them. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in the business for years, a new logo can give you that extra boost that your branding might need.

You can be a really talented barber, but if you can’t back that up with a great brand then you might struggle to get customers. Most people will keep going to the same barber shop to get their hair cut, so if you manage to make a great first impression, then it’s likely that they’ll return to you. And that first impression includes everything from the cut to the barber logo on your loyalty card.

Get a fresh look with our cool Barber Shop Logo's

To promote your brand on social media, use our magic resize button to make your barber shop logo template the exact size it needs to be for posting on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

The custom color palette lets you add any color you want to the design. Use the dropper to find the exact shade you need and then save it for using again.

You can include shapes in your barber shop logo to make borders and text boxes. Both solid and outline forms of rectangles, circles and triangles are available. Just click on the Shapes button to get started.

For more logos that will give your business a boost, check out our beauty logo, fashion logo, spa logo and restaurant logo templates.

How to make a Barber Shop Logo in 4 simple steps

1. Select your Barber Shop Logo template from over 17.000 ready-made templates.

2. Select one of more than 1.200.000 images or upload your own image.

3. Change the color and text of your own branded message using over 100 fresh fonts.

4. Share or download your own brand new Barber Shop Logo.