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Easy to Use Tier List Maker

Whether you’re creating a tier list for your favorite Street Fighter characters, NFL teams, or some other popular video game elements, our tier list maker allows you to create fun and professional looking tier lists in minutes. Make a statement and share with friends and fellow gamers; design a custom tier list that shows off your interests and style.

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A Tier List Maker That Will Spark Their Interests

For whatever category, rank those role players accordingly and keep track of where you stand. With our ready to go templates, your tier list will definitely be one you’re proud to share. Presenting a list maker that guides you every step of the way, Design Wizard’s graphic experts have taken care of the hard part. Now you get to see what your imagination is capable of creating.

How to Create a Tier List Using Our Templates?

Tier lists are supposed to be fun and also informative. Enabling you to rank everything from players to teams to fighting styles, a tier list is a great way to bond with your friends and maintain that competitive edge. A Super Smash Bros. fan? We have a tier list template perfect for that!

Our designers definitely had some fun with these templates. With a variety of styles and themes to accommodate any type of competitive video game theme, you’re probably going to find that there are multiple tier list designs to suit your needs.

That’s the great thing about your Design Wizard tier list creator/maker, you have the ability to customize virtually all aspects. Swap out graphics with your own. Or you can also choose from our library of images and icons. You might even decide to add a specific logo to further personalize your tier list.

You don’t have to stop at just adding graphics or a logo. You can play around with your tier list colors. Make one tier different than another as far as which colors you choose. You can also resize any of the templates, adjust font styles, even amp up the background of your tier list.

A tier list is for sharing after all. You can post it to your social media accounts, download and email it to a friend. You might even decide to print the list that you created using Design Wizard’s list maker and keep it on hand for your own reference.

Want to Design a List for an NFL or NBA Game?

We have a variety of templates that can be customized for really any list need that you have. If you’re a sports enthusiast, then perhaps you want to create a list that features NBA or NFL teams ranked according to tier. No problem. We have a template for that!