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Your Go-To YouTube Logo Maker.

Design your way to the top of the page with a YouTube logo maker.

Every marketer needs an easy-to-use YouTube logo maker. Put your brand front and centre on your YouTube channel and convert your viewers into customers. Start with a blank canvas or use one of our professionally designed logo templates. Each template has been carefully created to suit a wide range of business needs.

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Everybody can be logo creator!

YouTube logo maker templates are super easy and fun to customise. Just choose the one that closely represents your company and you’re already halfway there! Keep the spotlight on your logo with a solid colour background. Your YouTube logo should be the standout element of your design.

If you do want to add some personality, patterns or shapes can give your design depth. Keep them simple in order to keep your viewers focused on your logo. 

Replace the template image with any from our huge library of images and icons. Play around with some options! As you browse the image libraries, just click the heart on the images you love and they will be stored in your favorites folder. You can then easily replace one for another until you nail the perfect combination.

From gaming to food, photos to videos, our media libraries are packed full of premium content.

On Design Wizard’s Pro plan you can upload your own images and use them in your YouTube logo design. The whole process is so easy, within minutes you can call yourself a logo creator. 

The true art of every logo lies in the font. So make sure to pick a font style that speaks volumes about your brand! 

If your business is young and energetic you should have a very different font to a company that is more formal. The general consensus is not to use any more than two styles of font in a logo, but remember even changing the weight can give the same font a different feel. 

There is one golden rule that every logo maker must abide - the font needs to be legible. 

You might love the swirly shape of the text but if your YouTube channel subscribers can’t read it, there is no point! 

If your brand font is already decided you can upload it and add to your design template. 

Bring your business to your YouTube channel

The best part about our YouTube logo maker is that it is so much more than that. You can resize from YouTube cover to any other social media dimension. Instantly switch from promoting your YouTube channel to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram - we have all social platforms covered. 

If there’s a specific size you need that you can’t find in our size guide then you can add your own. Click on Custom Size to choose the range you need - in inches or pixels - and the canvas will magically transform. Save time and money by re-purposing your design to update all your channel’s. 

So with this YouTube logo maker, marketing just got easy. 

Download or share your YouTube logo by shooting it straight to a platform or copying the embed code and post directly to YouTube.