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Valentine's Day Ecards for That Special Someone

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Have you designed your special someone the perfect Valentine's Day ecard yet? We're talking about the person or people in your life who you love. Why not create Valentine’s Day ecards online and really show the people you care about that they matter in your life. Make ecards even Hallmark would be envious of!

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Design Wizard’s Valentine's Day Card Creator

Easy to use and filled with tons of choices, our Valentine’s card creator lets you make ecards that the one you love is sure to cherish. With templates galore, even Hallmark worthy ones, you have the ability to choose any type of Valentine's Day card you want to create. Then all you need to do is start personalizing that valentines day card! Add a photo or two, special messages of new love, quote love song lyrics, get creative when it comes to showing your true love how much they mean! 

Our ecard tools aren't just for Valentine's Day. You can make ecards for any occasion: a birthday, new baby, a new pet, anniversary, whatever the happy event, we have ecard templates that are perfect! It's time to bring out your inner Hallmark ecard designer!

Creating Valentine’s Day Cards Online – Step by Step

February 14th is a day filled with love, true romance, a heartfelt song, and happy moments, when a personal ecard goes a long way toward showing the love of your life how much they mean to you on Valentine's Day. Pick the perfect template for the one you love and start designing. The type of ecard you create is totally up to you—with a little help from our team of designers. Hallmark has nothing on us...

We have a library full of Valentine's ecards as well as printable type cards if you so choose. Which template reminds you of your Valentine's Day love? Which ecard reflects how you feel? Whether it’s fun and flirty or you're talking a more heartfelt card which opens up your heart, your ecard is sure to make the one you love smile. Some from-the-heart Valentine's Day gifts can't hurt either! 

We’ve created some amazing ecard templates for you to work with. Now all you need to do is add your own Hallmark-worthy touch. Change up the color of the ecard. You can add background images. You might want to rearrange how the Valentine's Day ecard is laid out. Unleash your creativity here. You can create any type of ecard you want. We are talking about true love after all.

You want your Valentine's Day card to be super special--along with any Valentine's Day gifts of course. The only way to truly do that is to make ecards that are personal. Adding a photo of the two of you can elevate your card and really help express the love. You might even get lyrics from your special song. What do you want to say about your life together? What type of photo captures the spirit of your love? This ecard is your chance to say how you really feel and show how true your love is.

Valentine's Day only comes around once a year, make this one memorable. Make your Valentine's Day photo ecard something that Hallmark would envy. And then send it to the person or people you love, those who you couldn’t imagine spending another Valentine's Day without, those you can't imagine your life without. Download the ecard design, open a new tab and you and then save any of the ecards you create.

Messages for Your Valentine 

Sometimes people get stuck and aren’t sure what their Valentine's Day ecard should say. Below are a few example messages you might include with your Valentine's Day ecards…

Wishing a happy day to my true Valentine, you are my whole life!

You take my breath away, love

I love our life together...always

Can’t wait to celebrate Valentine's Day with you tonight, my pet

So glad this is our first Valentine's Day together. I can't wait to spend my life with you!