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Online Vision Board

So what exactly is an online vision board and why create one? A vision board, or any board of this nature, can go by a number of names. Some call it moodboard. Some call it an idea board. Whatever you wish to call it, a vision board is a collection of that which inspires you. From quotes that mean something to you, to colors and graphics that lift your mood, to photos that speak to your dreams and goals, your board should be a collection of, well, you.

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Create a Vision Board to Express Who You Are - Share Your Feelings!

When it comes to sharing feelings, some people may need a bit of help in that department. With Design Wizard’s moodboard/vision board creator you can generate an online vision board that perfectly represents your ideas, beliefs, feelings, and goals. And creating this moodboard could not be easier. We’ve done the hard part—now you just customize your design and make something truly personal.

Step 1: Scroll through our vision board templates. We have amassed a library of vision board templates for you to peruse and choose! Whether you want your moodboard to reflect a mood and vibe that is more fun and outrageous, or you want to keep things serious, we have the ideal design for you.

Step 2: Customize your vision board template. Now is where you start to have some real fun. Maybe you find the perfect vision board template—but it’s not quite there. Start tweaking your design. You can rearrange the moodboard design. Change out the colors. Adjust the background. Our dashboard puts you in control of your overall design.

Step 3: Personalize your online vision board template. Want to make your moodboard really stand out? You can add those personal touches that will make your design a true hit. Whether you add photos that reflect your mood and ideas or personalized graphics, have some fun with it. Don’t be afraid to spread those creative wings!

Step 4: Download and save your finished moodboard design. And that is all there is to it. Once saved, you can share your vision board anywhere and with whomever you like. Post it on social media—wouldn’t your Facebook friends get a kick out of it! If you have a website you want to share your vision board on, go ahead. You name the channel and your vision board will work perfectly there.

Moodboard/Vision Boards for Business

Beyond just expressing personal thoughts and moods, an online vision board is a great tool for any business to use. For example, many businesses will utilize an online vision board to pitch to investors, to promote a new product, or to showcase some upcoming events. The versatility of these types of boards really do make them a fantastic business resource. And then of course, you have the creativity factor. Rather than just a boring old pitch deck, now you have an online visual that will really make someone stand up and take notice.

Visions Boards Are Ideal for Designers

A vision board is a must-use for any interior decorator or designer. Think about how it will appeal to your clients. They want to redo a room, but they are stuck for ideas. You can show them using a custom moodboard how exactly the overall look and feel of their new space will play out. From color palette to accessories and flooring, you can include numerous room components on your vision board and help them to “see’ what their space will be like when all is said and done.