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Big Energy Saving Week

Time to look out for planet Earth and conserve energy during Big Energy Saving Week! Usually scheduled for January, this national awareness campaign is a collaboration between Citizens Advice, the Energy Saving Trust, and the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in the UK.

It's designed to raise public awareness of how to make homes more energy-efficient and get the best deal with providers. Information in the form of booklets and social media campaigns should help people learn more about any financial support they're entitled to and cut fuel bills.

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A National Campaign to Combat Energy-Related Issues

The main goal of the Big Energy Saving Week is to get people informed about becoming more energy efficient. Citizens Advice sets out to clarify any confusing messages that fuel suppliers sometimes provide.

Impartial advice is available from UK's Energy Saving Trust via the Simple Energy Advice website and phone. Read up on or talk through fuel costs and energy usage to get specialist energy-saving advice.

Create Designs to Promote Renewable Energy

Looking for sustainable ways to live has become increasingly important with the effects of global warming becoming a daily reality. Renewable energy is a big part of that, as the energy market is rapidly changing. If energy efficiency and becoming more eco-friendly are important to you, why not start by promoting sustainability goals and what everyone can do to contribute?

Here's how you can design great visuals to increase awareness of energy consumption: 

Step 1: Scroll through our treasure trove of eco-friendly-themed templates. Find a design you like and open it up.

Step 2: Personalize your poster or social media post. Adjust colors and add images. Change the text to your tips on how to reduce heating costs and your carbon footprint.

Step 3: Save and download your poster. Or select the option to share your social media post to a selected channel directly from Design Wizard.

Save Money on Energy Bills Every Day

There are many small actions you can start to take every day to reduce your energy costs and your impact on the environment. Instead of leaving your appliances on standby, turn them off. Buy energy-efficient appliances or use the eco mode.

Don't leave windows open for too long. Just get some fresh air for a few minutes and close them again. Rather than buying the usual light bulbs, choose one of the energy-saving types.