Business and Facebook Posts

The growth in social media in recent years has spawned many success stories of businesses that were built entirely off the back of a single post on Facebook. Hence, why more and more people are looking for Facebook post ideas for business.

In the early days, savvy marketers figured out what to post on Facebook and engage with their audience. Whether fun Facebook posts, educational, or entertaining, the platform really made customers feel closer to businesses, helping them find amazing deals and really leveled the playing field for businesses big and small.

But then as Facebook grew (and more importantly, floated on the stock exchange), they realized what a powerful platform they had created, deciding that if businesses wanted to continue to use Facebook to generate new customers, they would have to be willing to pay to play.

And so businesses that had built up huge followings and had highly engaged audiences, went from being able to put up a Facebook post that flooded Newsfeeds across the world, to being severely throttled by Facebook (Unless they wanted to spend money to get their post in front of people).

The days of organic reach on Facebook are all but gone, but they’re not dead yet and with the right post and a great idea, you can still drive a ton of business to your door with a Facebook post.

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But how do I know what to post on my Facebook business page?

So you are thinking about what to post on a Facebook business page. But how do you know what the right thing to post is? Truthfully you don’t, and that is why you are here. That is also why we’ve put together a list of 101 Facebook Post Ideas and you can use all of them. Our list of Facebook post ideas for business can help can make the decision of what things to post on Facebook achieve much easier. But first, let’s chat about a couple of important things.

Facebook Engagement Posts

The Facebook like button is a powerful tool that can increase the visibility of your business immensely. Hence why trying to come up with Facebook posts ideas for likes is incredibly popular these days. 

One thing that Facebook values most is Engagement. And this is the key to being successful when it comes to your Facebook posts in this day and age. If you can create a post that instantly gets engagement, then it’s possible that Facebook won’t throttle it that hard. This means you could end up appearing on more people’s newsfeeds, like you used to back in the day.

So when you’re reviewing our huge list of business Facebook Post Ideas, try and think about what you can do to turn our ideas into your engagement. This in turn will shape Facebook page content ideas for your page.

Interactive Facebook Posts: The Key To Winning

You’ve just learned that Facebook posts with high engagement get more organic reach. I say “you’ve just learned”, it’s probably come as no surprise. If you’re willing to pay to play, they also cost a lot less and have a further reach when you boost your posts into ads, meaning your Facebook Ads are cheaper when they have more interaction.

So what is the best way to get more engagement?

Create interactive Facebook Posts.

When going through our list of ideas and your creative Facebook post idea juices are flowing, try to ask yourself this question:

How can I encourage my followers to interact with my posts? Maybe they need to like and share the post to win something? Maybe you ask them a question that encourages them to answer. Only you can answer that question, but Facebook Posts that encourage interaction will send your posts organic reach through the roof.

The Definitive List Of Facebook Posts

Are you struggling to get your business noticed on Facebook?

Need some business post ideas?

Well then, this list is perfect for you! Facebook business post ideas are hard to come up with yourself, but easy to replicate once you are given some inspiration.

We have compiled a huge collection of 101 Facebook post ideas that are guaranteed to take your social media marketing to the next level.

These Facebook post ideas are split into three categories, based on the inbound marketing sales funnel.

Types of Facebook posts for businesses

Depending on the goal of your content, your Facebook content ideas should be chosen wisely. Different posts and content can be better for different goals and achievements. This can be best understood through looking at the three parts of the marketing funnel, 

These arere top of the funnel (TOFU), middle of the funnel (MOFU), and bottom of the funnel content (BOFU).

Hand-drawn illustration of rocket and stars with the caption Take Facebook To New Heights - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

Depending on the goal of your content, your Facebook content ideas should be chosen wisely. Different posts and content can be better for different goals and achievements. This can be best understood through looking at the three parts of the marketing funnel, 

These arere top of the funnel (TOFU), middle of the funnel (MOFU), and bottom of the funnel content (BOFU).

TOFU Post Ideas For Facebook:

1. First Facebook Post Ideas

If you are completely new to the game, start here.

Posting your first Facebook post is exciting. How do you want to portray yourself? What do you want to say? Should you try to be funny?

This obviously depends massively on your type of business and your brand. For some, a photo of the team and the caption ‘First Facebook Post’ seems to cut it. But, we recommend something with a little more substance if you can. First impressions are important.

Text and some form of media, either a photo or video is a must. Provide your audience with something remarkable. When I say remarkable, I simply mean remarkable. Something that they might make a remark about to a family or friend.

Face-to-camera intro and team introduction

Grab your phone and do a face-to-camera introduction while you walk around the office. If you see a colleague, spin the phone around and introduce them briefly. (Obviously give a heads up to your team beforehand… or, if you want to make it truly authentic, say nothing at all and catch them off guard. It could make for some entertaining content)

You could also go on Facebook live to introduce your company or team, or hold some sort of fun Facebook Live session. It could be 5 minutes long, or an hour long depending on what you are doing.

Whatever it is you choose for yourBe creative – think outside the box. Be different. Every comment, “like,” and share you receive is another opportunity to reach a new audience and supercharge your brand’s social word-of-mouth.

2. Branded posts with your logo and colors

Build your brand identity by displaying your logo and signature colors on your posts.

If your colors are purple, for example, don’t be afraid to pepper your posts with some cool images of any purple products that you might have.

Use a logo that will help you stand out from the crowd. You want something that looks professional and doesn’t cost a lot of money.

3. Post a snippet from one of your blog posts

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Blog posts are one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website and raise awareness about the products or services you sell.

They provide content that lasts and can be shared repeatedly. If you have a particularly large blog post, you’ll have endless opportunities to pull interesting snippets from different parts of it.

Try to make sure your blog posts contain lots of value, so a reader doesn’t need to look at any other blog posts to get all the information they need.

Pro tip: If you have hundreds of blog posts published on your blog, it means you’ll need to manually create thousands of snippets to post on Facebook. It’s exhausting work that luckily can be automated.

Consider using Missingletter to help you. It’s an A.I. social media scheduler that scans your blog posts and creates shareable snippets that you only need to approve and schedule.

a) Content Splintering

Using snippets from a blog post is a form of content splintering, which can help make the most out of the content you create. Use a tool like Grammarly to check for typos before you hit publish. Trying this with videos, podcasts, or an other form of content could be a great Facebook post idea.

4. Promote your Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter accounts

Not all social media channels will suit your business, so pick and choose the ones that are best for you.

If you have products that are easy on the eye, Instagram could be the perfect fit. Sync your Facebook account with your Instagram account so you can post on both platforms at the same time.

If a post on a particular social media channel did really well, you should feature it on your other platforms too.

5. Change your profile picture/cover photo

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Changing your profile picture and cover photo regularly is a good way of keeping your Facebook page up-to-date.

It’s best to remain consistent, as you want customers to be familiar with your brand identity.

Your profile picture should never stray too far from the brand logo, but your cover photo leaves plenty of room to experiment.

You could include things like your latest offers, product pictures or behind-the-scenes content.

6. Quote of famous businessman + reactions

Famous businessmen are people that potential customers will be likely to listen to.

If they’re looking for some sage advice on how to make some extra cash, there are few better sources than a business guru.

Ideally, you could find a quote from a business in your field, but if not, any quote that has the potential to inspire and motivate can work too.

Bring further attention to your post with reactions to the quote. This serves to back up its authority, adds some important information and creates a debate that will raise awareness.

7. Share photos and videos of industry events

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Let people know that your company is up there among the very best by showing off photos and videos from industry events.

This gives the impression that you’re in the know and have an authority on the product or service that you provide.

You also get the opportunity to build valuable relationships with other companies, prompting them to share some of your content online, thus further promoting your business. To make sharing simple, install social media share buttons on your website.

8. Create a post that contains a call-to-action

Facebook marketing post ideas that market a product are service, can get sales. An effective call-to-action is crucial, so choose your words carefully. Done well, Facebook posts with call-to-actions can be one of the best methods for getting instant interaction and engagement.

They can be phrases like, ‘sign up now’, ‘find out more’ and ‘get it while stocks last’. These call-to-actions create a sense of urgency that almost demands a response. Make sure the copy accompanying the post is on point, to create it catchy facebook posts that get clicks.

With that in mind, a Facebook post that uses one of your call-to-actions can be an effective marketing tool. Find a customizable Facebook post template that you can place your call-to-action on and then edit it to match your company colors.

9. Tease upcoming sales/offers

Limited time 50% sale on red background - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

Build excitement among your Facebook audience by teasing upcoming sales or special offers.

If someone in your Facebook audience sees a post that advertizes an offer on something that they need, then there’s a chance they will pursue that offer.

Although even if they weren’t looking for that particular product, seeing your offer might convince them to buy from you.

10. Behind-the-Scenes shots of your business

These can be really fun Facebook post to add to your calendar. Customers can relate to you more if they know who you are. Behind-the-scenes posts are a fantastic way of showing that you’re a fun company to work for and that your work culture is very people-oriented.

Think about it, if two companies are selling the same product for around the same price, a customer will more than likely decide to purchase from the company that looks like a better brand.

You could showcase lots of different behind-the-scenes activities; such as work parties, day trips and office makeovers.

11. An expert tip (about your product or not)

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Share your knowledge with an expert tip that can help give potential customers an insight on your product or even any industry-related subject.

By doing this you can highlight the ways in which you can help your customers and also your mastery of the products that you provide.

Your Facebook audience wants to engage with a post that they can get some value out of, which is why an expert tip can be so effective.

12. Tell Stories

Who doesn’t love a good story? Sharing an interesting anecdote with your audience can be a welcome break from the onslaught of promotional material that they might face online.

It could be a story about one of your employees, a co-worker, a product or a customer success story. Ensure the story progresses in a logical manner, from the initial situation, to the problem, then to the solution and finally to the outcome.

A story that’s funny or interesting is far more likely to draw attention than a story that just speaks about how great your company is, for example.

13. Post about trending topics or news in your niche

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Keep your eyes on the news and trending topics to see how you could tie them in with your social media content.

If you manage to strike the nail on the head with your post, there’s always that chance that you could go viral.

Trending topics are definitely things that people will be looking out for online, so if you are featuring them on your page, people will likely engage with them.

14. Daily activities of your business

Informing your audience about the daily activities of your business is a fantastic way to let them know exactly what you do.

Sometimes it can be confusing for customers to understand exactly what product a company sells or what services they provide.

Highlighting your daily activities is a way of showing how you operate, step-by-step. It’s also perfect for establishing a strong set of company values.

15. Create a fan challenge

Gift voucher - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

Inviting people to participate in a Facebook fan challenge is a superb way to drive engagement.

This Facebook Post Idea actively encourages your audience to get involved by giving them a target to hit.

A reward for completing the challenge, like a voucher, can really get people enthusiastic about seeing it through and ensures that they get lots of value from the challenge.

16. Share Company Selfies

Show off your fun side with some company selfies that highlight the togetherness of your organization.

If you are seen to have a strong bond with each other, it will only encourage a customer to forge a meaningful relationship with you.

Customers want to see a business that’s vibrant and exciting, not somewhere that’s dull and cold. That’s why sharing selfies is the ideal opportunity to give off the right impression. It can be a fun Facebook post for the company and the audience to enjoy!

17. Short video clips

Press play button - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

A bite-size video clip is easy to make and can be really effective at drawing attention towards your brand.

Short videos are great for using on Facebook, where most of your audience will be unwilling to digest content that’s too long.

Take inspiration from the huge amount of video clips that other brands have used in their promotional material if you can’t think of any ideas.

Use this opportunity to talk about an offer, to display your logo or to show your sense of humor.

18. Recreate a famous photo

Iconic imagery will instantly capture the eye on a Facebook newsfeed. That’s why putting your spin on a famous photo can be highly amusing.

Imagine scrolling down through lots of uninteresting posts and then seeing a picture that you think you recognize, but also realizing it looks quite different.

That’s the beauty of recreating a famous photo! It encourages people to dwell on your post so that they can figure out the differences.

19. Share your startup story

Top 20 Startup Stories - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

Whether you’re a recently established business or have been around for years, a story describing your inception can be very interesting to share.

An audience will always appreciate an insider look at how it all started. It makes them feel more informed and helps them relate to you.

If what you have to say is unique or unusual, your startup story could get even more views and shares.

20. Recycle Popular Posts

Don’t let your best content have only one day in the sun! If it’s been successful before, chances are it will be successful again.

If you have blog posts or articles in your arsenal, you can pull extracts from them whenever you need to post something.

Even if it’s just an old picture you posted the year before, once it’s still relevant, don’t be afraid to post it again.

This is one of the simpler Facebook post ideas, but it’s certainly up there with the most effective.

21. Run a themed series of posts

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Pick a theme and base a series of posts on it. It could be multiple videos or pictures spaced out over a number of days or week that document a specific topic, product or offer.

You could also use hashtags to tie the posts together and make them easier to find. Keep the theme consistent throughout and make sure that each post is related to the other.

Themed posts have the potential to be very memorable and can leave a long lasting impression on your audience if done correctly.

22. Create a poll

Sometimes when you browse social media, you might find yourself voting in polls you weren’t even searching for, just so you can have your opinion heard!

Wanting people to listen to our opinion is only human nature, so if you create a poll, chances are that people will vote in it.

It also gives you a chance to listen to what your audience has to say. In addition, you could allow them to add their own option to the poll.

Responding to the answer that got the most votes is a good way of keeping on top of what your customers want from you.

23. Post something seasonal

The word Explore on the background of fallen autumn leaves - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

Embrace the changing weather by posting something related to the different seasons of the year.

This can work particularly well if you have products that are tailored to each season. For example, if you sell products like sunglasses, then post about it regularly during the summer.

Avail of the opportunity to advertize seasonal holiday deals with these posts. If it’s Winter, post often about Christmas, as people will be looking for presents to buy for their loved ones.

24. Inspiring quotes from an unexpected source

Sometimes the most inspiring words come from the most unlikely places. For example, a 5-year-old child could utter something of immense wisdom that some adults might not have thought of.

Look for people within your company that might have something valuable to share with an online audience. They don’t have to be a complete expert on their subject either.

You could also supplement the quote with a backstory about your employee or an experience they went through which resulted in such inspiration.

25. Favorite business books

Сircuit board - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

Emphasize your industry knowledge by compiling a list of your favorite business books.

Not only will this show your audience that you know what you’re talking about, but it also promotes the authors of the books, who in turn might promote your business.

If you are able to include excerpts from these books, your customers will get extra value from your page in the form of business information that they didn’t have previously.

26. Your work space

Add a personal touch to your post by giving the public an insider’s view of your workspace.

Dress it up with unique and quirky props that add some personality to your business. Sharing your workspace gives people a closer look at what you get upto on a daily basis.

Include items that will get your audience talking, but remember to make sure that your desk doesn’t look very messy!

27. Include your tagline in your posts

A photo of the cityscape with the caption The Next Big Thing The Latest Technology News And Information on Startups - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

Lots of companies have super-catchy taglines that help establish their brand identity and make them more memorable. This can really help when trying to create catchy facebook posts for businesses.

Including a distinct tagline in your Facebook posts can get your audience to sit up and take notice.

If you repeatedly create posts that feature your tagline, it will stick with your audience and they will come to recognize you by it.

28. Feature your latest how-to guide

How-to-guides are a fantastic way to explain to your customers exactly how to use your products and services.

Use images to make your how-to-guide more eye-catching and try to be comprehensive but not overly-detailed. If you make it too complicated then it will only confuse people.

Highlight how your product can benefit a potential customer and if it’s easy to use, make sure you show that.

29. Share content from charities and causes

Advertising for a fundraising evening to raise awareness for breast cancer - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

Avoid being promotional or flippant at all costs if you decide to go down this route.

Sharing content from charities and causes should be taken seriously, as you don’t want to look like you’re only trying to make money from it.

Pick a charity or cause that you’re genuinely passionate about and show people that you don’t only have a commercial side. Your Facebook audience will appreciate that you are willing to give support to those who need it most.

30. Guilty pleasure

The classic guilty pleasure. Despite so many people having them, not many are willing to share them.

Well maybe it’s time for you to buck the trend! Finding out someone’s guilty pleasure, even if you don’t know who they are, can be an intriguing experience.

If someone finds out that they have the same guilty pleasure as you, then they might be inclined to engage with the page it was posted on. In this case, your company’s page.

31. Bird’s-eye view

Beach and the title Hello Summer - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

Grab an aerial view of your premises and show it off in a completely new light.

bird’s eye photo not only looks really good, but gives people a better idea of your location. If you have a really modern company campus, why not show it off!

For further exposure, you could make a video showing how you prepared for your bird’s-eye photoshoot. For example, if you used a drone you could show how you set it up and guided it to the right place to take the photo.

If you don’t have the resources, you could do a bird’s-eye view photo on a smaller scale. Technically, looking down on something from a higher position can qualify as a bird’s-eye view, so something like a photo from the window of your top floor could be an option.

32. Create a funny meme/post related to something that’s trending

If you think you have a sense of humor, don’t be afraid to flaunt it for the world to see!

Keep an eye on trending topics and make a funny meme or post about it. Memes have the potential to capture your audience’s attention and go viral. If you’re trying to appeal to a younger audience, the meme can be an especially powerful tool.

Make sure to ask other people in the office what they think of the post, because if it’s not funny or too controversial, it could really backfire!

33. A post that elicits positive emotions

Quote: You're only as deep as your last inspirational quote on a black-and-white forest background - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

Nobody wants to log into their Facebook account and be bombarded with negativity! That’s why your page should be as positive as possible.

There are so many positive things that you could post about, from an employee getting a promotion to a photo of a cute animal (puppies always go down well).

You might be thinking, how is a cute animal relevant to my business? The answer is, it probably isn’t.

However, if you can keep the post on-brand in some way, these types of posts have a track record of getting engagement.

34. Review a product you use

Take on the perspective of a customer by reviewing a product that you use.

Make sure that you don’t choose one of your own products, because then you’ll come across as being biased!

Choosing something that your customers are familiar with, but doesn’t come into your niche, is the best option to go with.

While negative reviews can attract attention, a positive review might result in a new business connection.

After all, you wouldn’t want another company to negatively review your products.

35. Target specific segments of your audience

Quote: Work Hard When You Don't Have the Ball with a football field in the background - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

Specific segments of your audience that you can tailor certain posts for could be, for example, people born in June or people who own a cat.

People are far more likely to engage with one of your Facebook posts if it ties into something in their own life.

If you know exactly who your target market is, your fan segmentation will be a lot easier to do. For example, if you are targeting Dads, you could split them up into groups like new fathers, fathers born in December and fathers that work from home.

36. A find-the-product post

The premise of this Facebook post idea is to encourage people to visit your website.

Describe one of the products on your website and then ask your audience to go and find it. Provide an incentive, like a free trial, to persuade them to follow through with it.

By doing this, you are providing your audience with a clear call-to-action that can result in increased website traffic.

37. Share fill-in-the-blank questions

Call center team and a caption We Are Here to Help - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

Fun post ideas for Facebook posts that really engage users are fantastic. However, if the post falls flat, you run the risk of looking like someone who cracked a joke and nobody laughed.

Fill-in-the-blank questions are fantastic for getting engagement, and if you can come up with a good fill in the blank idea, it shouldn’t be too hard to get a few responses. A blank space is always just asking to be filled in.

The great thing about a fill-in-the-blank question is that they take so little effort to create and equally as little effort to answer.

If you manage to think of a question that taps into what your customers are thinking, you can expect to get lots of comments.

You could do one about your latest products, something random, an industry-related subject or a seasonal topic.

38. Team photo collage

Display your team in lots of different scenarios with a team photo collage.

Showcase the vibrancy of your work culture by using images that resonate with someone who views them.

Your audience will be more likely to engage if they see a photo of a place they visited or a hobby they enjoy.

A team photo collage can also provide some color to your Facebook page, showing your audience the company from a different perspective.

39. Have an account takeover

Invest in your future; real estate company ad - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

To keep your Facebook page fresh, it’s worth considering letting someone else take the reigns.

Someone with experience in your industry would be great for the role or even someone with a large social media presence.

Allowing a company or an influencer to take over your page can strengthen your relationship with them and increase exposure.

To build relationships with social media influencers, you could give them free samples of your products in exchange for support on social media.

As a Facebook post idea, you could announc the take over to your audience, and introduce in a fun and exciting way.

40. Nature near you

Bring attention to the glorious natural surroundings of your office by posting some stunning outdoor photos. You never know what beautiful photo opportunities you could find on your doorstep.

You could even go one step further and donate to environmental causes in your local area and then post about it on Facebook.

Customers will appreciate that your business is prepared to give something back to the community it operates in.

41. Favorite spot in the office

A hand-drawn illustration of a workplace on a blue background and a caption Home away from home - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

We all have one of these. That little spot in the office where we’d just love to move our desk to.

Whether it’s beside the biggest window in the building or heltered away in a snug corners, sharing the spot on Facebook can add a really personal touch to your posts.

You could describe in detail what makes that spot your favorite place in the office and offer your audience a chance to respond with comments.

Just make sure that you don’t choose the canteen or the bathroom as your favorite spots!

42. Share a story about some awesome customer service you received

Put yourself in a customer’s shoes by recounting a story about some awesome customer service you received.

Tell them about a problem you had, what was done to rectify that problem and how you felt afterwards.

Then go on to echo how your own company is also doing its best to provide world class customer service.

Subtly highlight the similarities between the great customer service you received and the customer service you provide.

43. Ask Questions

Creative ideas ad - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

Take an insightful approach to a topical question and share it with your audience. If questions seem to work well for you and your audience, it sets you up nicely with an opportunity to create tons of engagement. The more questions you can come up with, the more Facebook posts ideas you have.

Your audience will be encouraged to answer this question by commenting on your post and sharing it with their friends. The better the question, the more engagement it will get.

A controversial question can be great for sparking debate, but it depends whether you are willing to go down that route when marketing your company.

If you get the wrong kind of reactions, your brand could be negatively affected.

44. Make Predictions

Underline your understanding of your industry by making a prediction. You could predict the next biggest trends or some important changes that might take place.

This can be a bold move, because if you get it wrong it can look like you don’t know what you’re talking about.

However, if you get it right, customers will be impressed by how in-sync you are with your industry. Try and make predictions that you genuinely feel will come good, rather than simply speculating.

45. Share other people’s content

Indie pop music festival ad - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

Sometimes value can be found in Facebook posts that you haven’t created yourself.

Not only can you provide even more interesting and diverse content, but you can build relationships with customers and other companies by sharing what they post.

If they see you sharing their content, there is a chance that they’ll return the favor.

Always remember though that your own Facebook posts should be the priority! Posting too much of other people’s stuff can have a negative effect on your own post.

46. Recommend pages to like on Facebook

By caring about a customer’s interests you can show them that you care about them as a person too.

Use your Facebook posts as an opportunity to recommend pages for them to like. If you have any business partners you could recommend those pages, but you also don’t want to come across as too promotional.

Try finding pages that are related to what your brand does but that don’t try to sell any products. The page should be genuinely interesting or informative, and provide some measurable value for your customer.

47. Ask others to write captions for your Facebook photos

Inbound marketing - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

Post an interesting photo to your feed and invite your Facebook audience to caption it.

This can be an effective way to generate engagement by prompting people to make comments on the post.

Posts such as these often get a huge amount of engagement on Facebook as they are easy to interact with and allow people to express their creative sides.

Use the opportunity to create a competition and award a prize to whoever came up with the best caption.

48. Thank people for making a positive comment on your post

Social listening is one of the most important parts of making a successful impression on Facebook. Customers want to know that they are being heard and they want their problems dealt with quickly and effectively.

They also want to be appreciated. By thanking them for commenting you are showing the human side of your business and showing them that you care.

Be aware though, that if you are constantly sending out the same thank you messages, they will lose their value very quickly. To mix it up, try commenting encouraging words or provide people with advice.

MOFU Ideas for what to post on Facebook:

49. Share a photo of what your product/service has done for someone.

Personal profile pic collage with the caption - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

A Facebook Product post is always going to be valuable id you can generate some nice and engagement around it.

Show your customers how attractive your product or service is by sharing a photo that shows what someone has achieved by using it.

If customers see other people’s lives being improved by using a product or service, they are far more likely to trust your brand.

Use this as an opportunity to show off any unique features your product might have that separates it from your competitors’ versions.

50. Share a video from your YouTube channel.

Sharing a video from one of your other social media channels, such as YouTube, can be a fantastic way to promote all your platforms at once.

Use the content you already have on YouTube to complement your posts on Facebook with videos that cover topics such as your products, your business and your employees.

If the YouTube video is an engaging one, a viewer can be encouraged to subscribe to your channel and look at other videos.

51. A product highlight video.

Six Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video blog cover - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

Let your audience check out some of your best products with a product highlight video.

It’s important that you know what your best products are before you feature them in this video, as it will be the standard that you’re judged by.

Set out a plan for what the function of your product video is going to be before you make it. Do you want to focus on explaining your products’ features or building brand awareness?

Ideally you’d fit everything into one video, but in this instance, narrowing things down is the best way to go.

52. A customer case study with an image highlighting a result

Take the opportunity to find out exactly how your product helped existing customers and then display the value of your product through a customer case study.

This information can then be used to positively impact new customers and assure them that buying your product would be a good decision.

Clearly show people how your product or service got someone from A to B with the least amount of fuss. Choose the most relevant problems that your customers face and tackle them in the case study.

53. Something funny that happened recently and/or how your product or service saved the day

Definition of depresso with three coffee cups - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

Telling people about how your product or service saved the day doesn’t have to be a dramatic story that’s full of fast-paced action, it can be something far more simple.

In fact, providing a solution to an everyday problem can be even more effective.

Everyone enjoys a fun Facebook post. Use an example of something funny rather than staying too serious. Having a humorous side can help give your brand a positive reputation among your Facebook audience.

You want the viewer to feel something when they see your post, and just being aware of the human side of your business and real-world problems helps immensely in this regard.

54. New Hires

Got a few new faces on the block? Plaster them across your Facebook newsfeed!

Show off the new talent in your office with a positive post that will highlight how attractive your company is to work for, and therefore how attractive your company is to buy from!

Share with people what your new addition will be doing to improve their customer experiences and what role they will play in moving your business forward.

55. An award you have been nominated for or won

Excellence Award template featuring three flasks with yellow liquid - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

There are few better ways to enhance your company’s reputation than an award.

This can be an effective way to showcase your brand’s reputation among industry experts and peers. It highlights that you are among the very best in your niche.

An award can be a huge booster in the effort to converting leads. It serves as a powerful tool that shows your customers just how good you are at what you do.

You could create a custom cover photo and include text that announces that you’ve won the award.

56. Share your success – a bid/tender you’ve won or a project you’ve completed

Sharing the success of your company can highlight why you are the right choice when someone is choosing to buy a product or use a service in your niche.

A great way to do this is showcasing a bid/tender you’ve won or a project that you’ve completed. Talk through the process of what you did to achieve the right results.

Expand on what your plans are now that you’ve won the bid or completed your project and make sure to show how those plans can benefit customers.

Winning a bid or tender shows that your company is capable of coming up with reliable solutions to a recognized problem.

57. Preview one of your new products

Quote: See What's in Your Future with a person using a VR headset in the background - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

Bring a brand new product that’s about to go on the market to your Facebook audience’s attention.

A product preview is fantastic for building excitement among your audience about what lies in store for them.

Emphasize how this product is going to make a noticeable change to the lives of your customers and what the merits of purchasing it will be

58. Share a stat or a piece of information from a white paper or survey you wrote

A stat that highlights the success of your business can be a fantastic way of drawing the customers in.

When you show off that you have done something impressive or helped people out, it instantly makes your audience think, “wait a second, this company might have something that I need.”

Turn this stat into a picture post and use a bold font to display it clearly to anyone who views it.

59. Advanced how-tos

Money Tips for Students - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

Go into detail about how to use your product with an advanced how-to. This gives you a chance to talk about the finer details of your product that a regular how-to might not cover and shows the effort that went into its design.

This post can be presented in the form of an article or a video. Both formats can be highly effective methods of advertizing your product.

An article goes into great depth about your product through words, while a video gives an insightful visual display.

60. Post an infographic

Infographics are eye-catching by nature, so if you have a really good one, there’s an even better chance that people will engage with it.

They can be used to display a wide variety of information in a colorful and creative format, such as stats, timelines and comparisons.

Creating an infographic that’s original and contains everything that your audience is looking for is important. It’s also crucial that an infographic isn’t too complicated or it will most certainly put off casual Facebook browsers.

61. Open positions

Company recruitment ad We Need You! - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

Advertizing job vacancies in your company will number 1, let jobseekers know that you have an open position and number 2, raise awareness about your growing business.

Sometimes people don’t hear about certain companies until they start their job search. That’s why placing an ad about a position on social media can result in increased visibility.

Posts about open positions are especially good at generating shares and comments from friends and family members of people who are searching for a job in your industry.

62. Highlight a work in progress

Give customers a sneak peek at an upcoming product by posting about a work in progress.

You don’t need to give too much away, trade secrets and all that jazz, but do share content that’s worthwhile.

For example, you could do a sneak peek video featuring glimpses of the upcoming product or a snippet from a blog post that discusses the product’s specs.

63. Go live during a product webinar

Live Webinar 4 Ways To Use Web & Mobile For Your Business - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

Facebook Live can be a great tool for marketing your products when used correctly.

Making sure your video quality is good before you go live is a must. Otherwise your video won’t be very appealing for viewers and they won’t stay tuned in.

Live video enables you to give real-time demonstrations of what your product does and you can answer customer questions directly.

Encourage your viewers to tell their friends about the live webinar and to share it after it has finished.

64. Share the success of partners and integrators

Part of building a successful business involves building strong relationships with partners and integrators.

A post that shows how you were involved in their success is great for your reputation. If you can help a business become more successful, you can make help make a difference in your customers’ lives too.

If you can forge a reliable connection with a reputable business, they will more than likely be willing to partake in the promotion of your company too.

65. Do an AMA (Ask Me Anything) post and continue answering questions for 2-3 days

Customer service ad featuring a smiling woman - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

You can get great benefit out of this Facebook post idea by stretching it out over a number of days. This kind of post invites people to comment with different questions about your product or service.

Your audience will be provided with important details about upcoming or existing products and will have a platform to address any issues or queries they might have.

What makes ‘ask me anything’ sessions so fun and interesting is that there are so many questions an audience could potentially ask you, which is why they are also so popular.

The only catch is that when you say ‘ask me anything’, be prepared for absolutely anything!

66. Styled Product Photos

Put some effort into your product photos by going for a more stylized option.

While it can be difficult to create that high-quality image that displays your product perfectly, the effort is worth it.

You could hire a professional photographer to take the pictures or you could take them yourself if you are experienced with a camera.

Study up on some photo techniques that will help make the product stand out.

67. Use negative headlines to show a positive outcome

The Ugly Truth About New Technology - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

An example of this type of Facebook post could be things like ‘how not to suck at Facebook Marketing’ or ‘the 8 most common Facebook fails and how to avoid them.’

This post highlights how your business can identify a problem and then go about fixing it. It also shows your authority on Facebook and your experience with the platform.

This is content that’s educational and very shareable, prompting engagement from your Facebook audience.

68. Post a comparison post about your product’s features

If you feel that you have a product that trumps your competitors, don’t be afraid to share it with your Facebook audience.

You could post a price comparison or you could do an in-depth post about the impressive features of your product and contrast them with your rival’s product.

Avoid being snide or smug in your tone when creating this post, because making a factual observation is far more effective than being arrogant.

69. Short answers to FAQs about your product

Customer service company ad - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

FAQs are essential for any business that aspires to have great customer service.

While you will probably already have FAQs listed on your company website, posting them on your Facebook page increases their visibility to customers.

This means that customers won’t be wasting their time looking for answers and won’t be need to contact you as often.

70. Run a competition asking people to share their stories about how your product or service made a difference

This can be a highly effective Facebook post idea. First of all, there’s a competition involved. If the prize is an attractive one, people are bound to enter it and engage with your post.

Entering the competition means customers will be sharing their stories about how your product or service made a difference to them, so this post is really a double win for you.

You’ll have lots of comments on your post, but not only that, the comments will be about how your company made a positive impact.

71. Your Values

A smiling cartoon illustration of a slice of pizza on a red background and the caption You Are A Pizza My Heart - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

Sticking to your values is really important when developing your brand identity. Values that your customers can identify with will help build trust and forge relationships.

Knowing that a company has your best interests at heart can be a huge incentive to buy from them.

Post about employee accomplishments and how they upheld your values.

These values don’t have to be overly-complicated, they can be simple like being trustworthy, caring and hardworking.

72. Share a quote from a customer review

Keep a very close eye on your customer reviews and turn a great quote into a Facebook post.

Lots of people will look to customer reviews for guidance when deciding to buy a product. If they see positive reviews they are far more likely to purchase it.

That’s why showing a quote from a customer who’s waxing lyrical about your product can only serve to boost your sales.

Don’t just say ‘look at us, we got a great review’, make the quote stand out and show a picture of the customer in question. Finally, thank the customer for giving you a positive review.

73. Reveal a personal passion that drove you to create your business

Inspirational quote: Getting Strong Doesn't Start In The Gym It Starts In Your Head, with a black-and-white picture of a man in the background - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

This post is perfect for a business owner or CEO to reach out to the company’s target market.

Revealing a personal passion or motivating factor that inspired you to start your business can provide a closer look at the man behind the suit.

If it’s something that you’re truly passionate about, chances are that you’ll find it easy to talk about. Your passion will come through in the words that you write and will make your post more shareable and likeable.

74. Promote an upcoming e-course or interview

If you have new e-courses or an interview with an industry figure coming up, use your Facebook posts to promote it.

Educational resources like e-courses are fantastic ways to drive traffic to your website. Interviews are also superb for creating interesting and thought-provoking content that has the potential to generate lots of likes, comments and shares.

Tell your audience exactly what to expect from the e-course and how it will benefit them. Know exactly who your e-course is aimed at before you promote it, because it might only suit certain people. Trying to target everyone can result in zero success.

75. Talk about your mistakes and failures

Travel insurance ad: Live And Learn on the background of a globe and children - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

You may be thinking, “why would I talk about our mistakes and failures?”, but there is method to this madness.

This can be used as an opportunity to address a problem that you’ve had in the past and say what’ve you’ve done to correct it. Customers will appreciate your efforts to make amends and improvements.

That said, it’s crucial that you don’t exaggerate a problem for the sake of it.

There’s no need to attract unwanted attention towards something that wasn’t that big of an issue in the first place.

76. Quick tips

There’s detailed tips and advice, and then there’s quick tips. Both have the potential to be very valuable to a customer.

Quick tips don’t take up a lot of time to read, but that doesn’t mean they can’t contain lots of value. They should be easily digestible and to the point, identifying a problem and coming up with a solution.

The problem these tips solve should also not be too complex, as the solution may then need to be more detailed.

77. How do you wrap up your week?

Share with your Facebook audience how you go about wrapping up your week.

You could use a picture with some nice visuals to show each step that you take or you could upload a video.

Include steps like updating your to-do list, replying to important emails and wrapping up an important task.

This can be a very informative Facebook post idea if done right. Customers can become more knowledgeable about how the business operates and could also pick up tips to help them wrap up their own work week.

78. Disclose a big challenge and how you overcame it

Your business might be full of hard-working and dedicated individuals, but you must make sure that your customers know that.

Let them know about a big challenge that you faced and describe how you overcame that challenge.

Post about how the way you approached the challenge and emphasize the team’s dedication to completing their task.

79. A piece from your portfolio

Quarter Financial Reports presentation cover - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

Posting a piece from your business portfolio gives potential customers an overview of who you are and what you do.

You could list one of the company’s accomplishments and show how you are striving to continue along the same trajectory. Post a photo to make it clear exactly what it was that you achieved.

Another option is to mention some affiliated businesses in the post. Inform your customers by outlining what your position and role is within that group.

80. Customer interview

Post a customer interview on your page that describes in detail how your product benefitted them.

If the customer is particularly passionate about your product, speaking about it will come naturally to them and it will make for a great interview.

The best kind of promotion really is done by a satisfied customer. They are a human voice that can be related to and trusted.

BOFU Facebook Post Ideas to help you get more customers:

81. Create a customer group

Leadership club ad featuring 5 characters in costumes on the red background - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

Get all your customers in one place with a custom-made Facebook group.

This group allows you to address any questions that a customer might have in a space where everyone can see the answers.

The great thing about a Facebook group is it gives you a direct line to communicate with customers. You won’t be spamming them either since they’ve willingly joined the group.

82. Offer advice about your product

Ensure that your customers know the ins and outs of your product by offering them advice on how to use it.

You could post about safety guidelines or you could write about 5 unique ways to use your product, for example.

This product advice should go into more detail than tips and can be posted as an article or blog post.

83. Ask your customers to share photos of your product in use

An advertisement for a luxury spa shows a woman wearing a beauty mask with cucumber slices covering her eyes - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

Another way to get more people to become interested in your product is to share photos of people using it.

If you can get across the message that they are happy with the product, this will help convince others that the product can have a positive impact on their life too.

It also gets current customers involved in your Facebook posts, encouraging them to continue purchasing your products.

84. Tell customer stories

In many situations, a customer is going to be more likely to listen to the words of a fellow customer than those of a business.

If you have a customer whose satisfied with your product and is willing to speak about it publicly, then you’re onto a winner. Try and make your story less formal than a testimonial and bring some background into it.

This shows people that your product is reliable and can make a positive impact on someone’s life. Customer stories can make for very interesting reads as blog posts or articles.

85. Cross-promote with someone else in your niche

Science journal cover - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

An effective way to market your product can be cross-promotion with another company.

Partner up with another reputable company and mention them in your Facebook posts. If you already have affiliated businesses, get in touch with them about launching a new campaign.

Post offers that will encourage customers to buy from both you and your partner. If your partner follows the same strategy, this can help grow the audience of both companies and generate more leads.

86. Post testimonials

Testimonials are terrific for instilling brand loyalty in your customer base. These testimonials should be short, to the point and most importantly, be a genuine customer opinion.

Try and choose a testimonial that appeals to the customer emotionally or appeals to the customer with reason and logic.

Add a face to the testimonial to make it more authentic and appealing. If you have a customer that volunteers to give a testimonial then that’s brilliant, but most of the time you will have to search for one.

Try looking for a customer that regularly purchases from you and has left good reviews in the past.

87. Post asking your audience to vote on the most reliable company in your niche.

Mid-Week Marketing Mash Up ad featuring a person looking through contacts on their phone - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

This is another high risk-high reward Facebook post idea that gauges the level of trust that your customers have in your company and products.

If you score high in the vote, you can show that your customers value what you do very highly, but if you score low, it can paint a negative picture of your company.

If you’ve recently launched a product that’s gotten rave reviews, then this might be the ideal time to put a limb out and take the risk.

88. Host your own special events

Posting about an event on Facebook is a terrific way to increase the number of attendees. Select the ‘create event’ option and invite your customers or industry peers to come along.

Hosting special events centered around your product and then documenting them on your Facebook page will ensure your event continues to have an impact, even after it’s over.

Events allow you to promote your business in person, while simultaneously promoting it online.

89. Create a fan-only discount

discount for your loyal fans is a guaranteed way to boost customer loyalty.

Create an eye-catching image to get your fans’ attention and state what the discount is clearly.

This type of Facebook post is a surefire way to retain the customers that you already have and further increase their satisfaction. It also encourages others to join in so they can avail of the discounts too.

90. Offer giveaways to your Facebook fans (in order to get more)

If you feel like you’re in the position to, go one step further and give away content or products for free.

This could be carried out by giving free access to gated content like an e-book or an e-course.

Free products can really help to stimulate customer loyalty, just don’t give away something that has cost a lot of time and money to produce. It’s important that customers pay for the more highly-valued products that you provide.

If others see you making giveaways, they will want to join the party too, further increasing your number of fans.

91. Crowdsource content from your users

Company recruitment ad Wanted Creative Minds - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

This Facebook post idea is perfect for making your customers feel like part of the family. It involves them in the creation process of your content and makes them feel valued.

After all, the more ideas that are involved, the better your content will be. In addition, customers that are active in contributing ideas to your Facebook page are far more likely to purchase from you.

Ask fans what they want to see from the company and what content they want to see on your Facebook page. This allows you to tailor the content to exactly what they’re looking for.

You could even publish snippets of fan-submitted articles or blog posts about your product if you have built up a large enough fanbase.

92. Ask customers what their perception of your brand is.

An effective way to find out the difference between how you see your brand and how your brand is perceived by others is by simply asking your customers.

Try making a Facebook post with a picture and text that asks customers to start their replies along the lines of, “you should buy from (company name) because.”

The comments that you’ll get in return will give you lots of ready-made customer testimonials to use in other posts.

93. Create a myth-busting series about your niche or product

Inspirational quote: The Best Thing I Ever Did Was Believe In Me on the background with a basketball player with a ball - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

Sometimes misleading information about your niche or product can be spread online, so it’s important that you address any rumours that might be circulating.

Through a series of videos, an infographic or an article, you can share some key facts with your customers.

Inform them of factual information about your product and dispel any inaccurate assumptions.

94. Feature/Interview an employee

Don’t forget about the talent you have in your own office. Your employees might have a really good story about what it’s like to work for you.

You could share this story through a feature article or an interview. Both platforms give them the opportunity to wax lyrical about your company.

Not only is an employee feature beneficial when you’re looking for more employees, it also highlights how attractive your company is to your customers.

95. Share a special offer using a hashtag holiday

Christmas celebration ad - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

Take advantage of the holidays of the year by putting them in a hashtag on your post.

There are so many holidays these days, but it’s best to choose only the ones that give you the biggest chance to promote yourself.

If it’s a busy holiday, like Christmas or the 4th of July, you might have other promotional endeavors going on, so picking some of the lesser-celebrated holidays could work in your favor as a Facebook post idea.

Holidays that tie in with a product are ideal. A café could take advantage of #InternationalCoffeeDay#InternationalCoffeeDay on October 1st or a bookshop could tap into #WorldBookDay on April 23rd.

96. Customer service tips

Use your experience in customer service to help people with their own business.

By doing this you also highlight the strength of your own customer service and the steps that you are taking to make sure your customers’ needs are heard.

Explain in detail the steps that the business takes to ensure that all customers’ needs are met and outline how others can implement the same methods.

97. Share a ‘before and after’ photo of something you worked on

An image of a woman measuring her waist and the caption Live Healthy Lose Weight - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

Show your creative side by posting a ‘before and after’ photo that highlights a project you worked on.

This type of Facebook post idea is perfect for showing off your ingenuity and skill.

An example of this could be a post showing a product in its early stages contrasted with the finished article. The post should highlight all the changes that were made in the development process.

98. Ask customers for suggestions for a new product

Get customers involved in the design of a new product by listening to their suggestions.

Not only do you get to find out exactly what your customers want, you have the opportunity to get lots of engagement too.

Reply to some of your customers’ comments by praising their suggestions or addressing their concerns.

Do note however, that if you commit to incorporating a customer’s suggestion into your product, then you must follow through with it. Failing to do so could result in negative PR.

99. Post about a product webinar you’ll be running

An ad for a "Live Webinar" showing a person holding a cup of coffee in the background - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

Product webinars are a superb way of promoting what you have to offer customers.

Posting about an upcoming webinar on social media ensures that more people know when it’s happening and what it will be about. If you begin your webinar without promoting it, no one will attend!

Share a blog post or article related to the theme of your webinar to hint at what you’ll be covering. It’s important to consider what topics your audience is going to be interested in before you go ahead with the webinar.

Take time to do some research and find out what viewers would get the most value out of.

100. Develop your Facebook group into a knowledge-sharing community

 Let your customers know that you value their contribution by developing your Facebook group into a knowledge-sharing community.

In this group, customers can share their experiences and help each other out. This group should be solely a knowledge-sharing community, with any self-promotion strictly forbidden.

A community such as this is a fantastic opportunity for your customers to gain tangible value from your social media channel.

101. Create a Q&A thread in your customer-only group, listen and answer questions

Q&A channel cover - Amazing Facebook post ideas for businesses - Image

Facebook post ideas that interact with some of your most loyal customers, such as creating a Q&A thread in your customer-only group, is fantastic for engagement.

Since this group will consist of customers who have already purchased from you and engaged with you on Facebook, give them some added value by posting thorough and informative answers.

If you manage to create an environment where all of your customers feel that they can have their questions answered, then you’ll have gone a long way to retaining those customers long-term.

So there you have it…

We’ve gone through all 101 Facebook post ideas that have the potential to skyrocket your social media engagement.

When deciding what you’re going to implement into your strategy, take into account which posts suit you best and are most likely to benefit your business.

Be conscious of who your target market is and what kind of content they will be interested in seeing.

Then put into place a schedule that details when your posts are going to be put up. If you have a clear-cut plan of what Facebook post ideas you want to use, your strategy will be more likely to succeed. 

So what are you waiting for? Get posting!

Michael Cole

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