Indian weddings, without a doubt, are a grand affair. Known for its magnificent celebrations, designer clothes and sumptuous foods, an Indian wedding takes months of preparation and hard work. While the clothes and food get a lot of attention, invitation cards often fly under the radar. However, that should not be the case.

An invitation card is kind of one of the most important aspects in a wedding. It serves more than just a piece of paper that makes your guests aware of the details of the marriage. Especially in Indian traditions, it is considered to be the starting step of a wedding and therefore has to be all the more special and memorable. Wedding Invitation cards are a medium to express gratitude and belonging to a person.

All this just adds to the pressure on the bride and groom to hunt for the perfect wedding invitation card. But once you start doing that, you feel so overwhelmed with the number of options available. Additionally, when looking to design Indian wedding invitation cards online, you can get confused as to what exactly should be a part of the invitation card. But do not fret anymore as we are there to help you.

We have curated a list of most important tips you must remember when looking for an Indian wedding invitation template:

Choose an Appealing Wedding Card Style

​This is a no-brainer. One of the first and most important tips you must remember is to choose a wedding card style that is appealing and attractive. Now, there are a myriad of designs, colour combinations available out there. You also have the opportunity of experimenting with the different typographies and checking which one perfectly matches the aesthetic of the card. Ask yourself questions such as do you see yourself and your partner as a modern or a classic couple? Which are the major factors you want your invitation card to feature.

Add Visual Elements Related to the Wedding Theme

The specialty of Indian weddings is that every culture here has its own traditions and rituals. Ensure that you add visual elements or designs that resonate your culture. It is important that you first decide what the theme of your wedding is and then choose a wedding card that matches the theme. In fact, it is recommended that the wedding card designer is aware of the wedding theme and he/she designs the invitation card in accordance with that.

Ensure Details of the Wedding are Clearly Mentioned

​While adding all the graphics and visual elements is very important, it is also crucial that you ensure that the details of the wedding such as the names of the bride and groom, the venue, the time, dress code etc. is clearly mentioned.

Invitation Line

This is another important part of a wedding invitation card. The invitation line basically “invites” your guests to the ceremonies. Here, you have the liberty of getting as creative as possible or keeping as simple as you can, completely depending on your personal preference.

We hope that this blog has helped you understand what are the aspects you must consider while choosing an online Indian wedding card maker. There are several tools for creating Indian wedding invitation cards online for free. Carefully evaluate them and choose your favourite option.

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Rahul Shevde

Rahul Shevde

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