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National Children's Dental Health Month

National Children's Dental Health Month in February promotes oral health care for happy smiles all around America. Millions of children brush their teeth every day and this month is about developing healthy habits. The annual program incorporates awareness campaigns around the country.

Learning about correct oral hygiene and the importance of regular cleanings are crucial for growing into an adult with a healthy white smile. Regular visits to the dentist also take the fear out of the equation and lay the groundwork for the habit of checkups that prevent chronic diseases.

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Show Your Passion for Dental Care with A Personalized Design

National Children's Dental Health Month is a great opportunity to create posters and flyers for educational programs and to make oral care more fun for kids with a visually appealing set of instructions. List dental health habits or the steps of a good dental health routine. Be sure to include icons of a happy cartoon tooth or images of smiling children.

Here's how to get crafty in Design Wizard:

Step 1: Browse our treasure trove of dental care images and National Children's Dental Health Month templates.

Step 2:  Change the text and list your instructions in a fun way. Add bright colors and images of happy people brushing their teeth. 

Step 3: Save and download your poster or flyer. That's it! Just print it and have it ready for the kids.

A Celebration of Healthy Teeth

Every year the American Dental Association provides posters and activity sheets on their website that are free to download. Use them to get inspired and create your own celebration of healthy teeth and gums. Here are a couple of common tips that you can use and teach to the kids: