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Australia Day

On 26th January millions of Australians celebrate their national holiday. It commemorates the arrival of British settlers at Sydney Cove. The founding date is based on the day Captain Arthur Phillip guided a fleet of 11 British ships to the penal colony of New South Wales. The ships carried British convicts that Captain Phillip was commissioned to use for establishing agricultural work camps in the British colony.

As a former British settlement, Australia has a lot of colonial history. Recently, Australia Day has become controversial, as it also marks the start of dispossessing indigenous people of their land and the exploitation by white colonists. Aboriginal History is now more prominent in the public eye and a process of healing has started with the emergence of Survival Day.

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A Day of Celebration for the People of Australia

Australian citizens not only fly their flag and sing the national anthem on their national holiday as you would expect in other countries. Citizenship ceremonies where the current Prime Minister and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship Secretary hand out citizenship certificates has become an annual event.

Celebrations with community barbecues, sports competitions, festivals, and fireworks are held all over the continent in major cities. Boat races are held in Sydney Harbor and Adelaide is the location of the "Australia Day in the City" parade that is followed by a concert and fireworks in Elder Park. Outdoor concerts are particularly popular on the official holiday of the sovereign nation.